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The Terrifying Time Paradox! (恐怖のタイムパラドックス! Kyōfu no Taimu Paradokkusu!) is the eighth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying the eighth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as its "episode 8.5".


At Nitoh's tent in 2018, Nitoh is still wondering how he could get his hands on Wizard and Beast Ridewatches. Geiz then appeared and explained that he gave Nitoh two blank Ridewatches after Geiz defeats Another Wizard in 2012, or rather, he will be travelling back in time to 2012 to give the Blank Watches to Nitoh. Although after all of Geiz explanations, Nitoh still has no idea and told Geiz to shut up. Annoyed, Geiz states that the time paradox could be scary as it could destroy the world/turn one of them into monsters. Nitoh then proceeds to tell two of his motto's:

This time, Geiz had absolutely no idea about Nitoh mottos, so Nitoh decided to transform into Beast and proceeds to defeat Geiz in first person point of view. After Geiz's defeat, Nitoh asks Geiz if he had a Monster inside of him for Chimera, Nitoh also jokingly exclaims to spread mayonnaise to Geiz's monster and eat it. When Geiz asks why Nitoh ever thought of that, Nitoh states that Geiz is a Gate. Geiz angrily exclaims that he's not a Gate, but Gates as he is finally knocked out, with Nitoh, solemnly mourns him as the screen fades to black.

Nitoh then narrates that he learned lesson more valuable than the time paradox effect, which is to greet each other properly, lest they want to meet the same end as Geiz. The latter reawakens since he is fed up with Nitoh's half-baked life lessons. Nitoh was surprised to see the Gate still alive, and Geiz once again mentions that he's Gates. Geiz realizes that he has been through this before and thinks back to when Woz was explaining Geiz's name as being derived from the word "Gates". He then tells viewers to rewatch episode 1.5 before fainting again, as Nitoh quickly readies his mayonnaise bottles, seemingly about to consume this "Gate".



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  • When Nitoh transformed into Beast, His Beast Driver is still on buckle mode.


  • Kosuke's second motto is actually words which Haruto said to him.
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