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The Super Rider (閃電騎士大戰地獄軍團 Shan Tien Ch'i Shih Ta Chan Ti Yü Chün T'uan, lit. "The Lightning Riders VS. Hell Army") was the third and last Super Riders film, produced by Tong Hsing Company Limited in 1976. It is based on the two Kamen Rider Series movies produced during the original Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider vs. Shocker and Kamen Rider vs. Hell Ambassador.


  • Shocker is renamed Satan Organization (撒旦組織) in this film.
  • The adaptation character of Kazuya Taki is portrayed by Jiro Chiba via source material.
  • Due to the variety of source material used in this film, as well as new scenes filmed for the movie, Super Riders 1 and 2's suits change along the course of this film:
    • Super Rider 1 first uses the Sakurajima #1 suit, then the New 1 suit, followed by a variation of the New 1 suit with an orange scarf.
    • Super Rider 2 first uses the old #2 suit, then the New 2 suit, followed by a variation of the New 2 suit with an orange scarf.

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