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The Sabbath begins

The Sabbath commences.

For the Fangire from Kamen Rider Kiva, see Six Pillars Sabbath.

The Sabbath (サバト Sabato) was a ritual performed by the Wiseman on the day of a solar eclipse. The ritual involved the gathering of many Gates, humans with magical potential, which were forced into deep despair and sacrificed, giving birth to the Phantoms. These Phantoms seek out to increase their number through placing more Gates in despair to create more of their own kind so the Wiseman can perform the Sabbath once more. The Ringed Wizard

One of the Gates who was sacrificed was Haruto Soma, but he survived thanks to the promise he made as a child to his parents, when they were on their deathbed after a car accident, to keep hope alive in his heart. Dragon's Cry He was able to keep his inner Phantom, Dragon, from tearing him apart from the inside through sheer willpower, Haruto was one of the very few to have survived the ritual and emerged with the ability to perform magic. In the aftermath of the ritual, Haruto was attacked by a Phantom but was saved by White Wizard, who entrusted Koyomi, who was thought to be another survivor from the ritual but lost her memories, to the youth while giving him the Wizardriver to fight the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard. I Want to Be a Wizard

Several months later, Wiseman reveals that in order to execute Sabbath on a non-solar eclipse day, he must gather vast amounts of mana which are emitted by Phantoms. Also, The Sabbath's true purpose was not in creating more Phantoms but rather the action itself causes the creation of more Phantoms as a side effect. The Stolen Hope

The Second Sabbath

Fueki commencing the Second Sabbath.

After Wiseman's identity was revealed to be Sou Fueki, aka White Wizard, he continues to kidnap more wizards, even Haruto and Koyomi in order to recreate the Sabbath. As stated earlier, however, the purpose of the Sabbath is not creating Phantoms, it is for Fueki to fully revive his daughter Koyomi, who died of an unknown illness before the first Sabbath, through the Philosopher's Stone. Through the birth of Phantoms, large amounts of magic are released, Fueki then feeds this magic into his daughter in the hopes of reviving her. Therefore, due to the failure of the first Sabbath, Fueki recalculated his research and planned a second, much larger Sabbath, one that would use everyone in Tokyo. Then Sora finds out that would turn all potential Gates into Phantoms while also killing everyone else, so he tells Kosuke to stop Fueki. Kosuke arrived where White Wizard is and fought him, however, he is too powerful for Beast. As Beast is about to be finished, he steals White Wizard's Hamel Cane, which he stabs the Beast Driver freeing Beast Chimera. Beast Chimera flies over Tokyo, consuming the mana which stops the Sabbath.

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