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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of murder and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Rider Dies! (ライダー死す! Raidā Shisu!) is the forty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider Black. This episode features the death of Kohtaro Minami.


With a limited time before the end of the Creation King, Kohtaro and Shadow Moon are forced to finally have their ultimate showdown, where only one will be victorious.


Shadow Moon directly challenges Kamen Rider Black to battle, threatening to blot out the sun over Tokyo until Black appears to fight.

The Gorgom Shonen-Tai fight Darom and the Bat Mutant, but are overwhelmed. Kohtaro arrives to help them, but once he changes Shadow Moon appears and renews his challenge to fight. Rather than giving him the battle he wants, Black calls for Battle Hopper and rides away. Later he sees the wounds the young warriors have gained and realizes he has no choice but to fight his friend.

Kohtaro rides out to meet Shadow Moon and their duel begins. Black has the upper hand until the Creation King causes Shadow Moon to revert to Nobuhiko. Black is hopeful that he's finally saved his friend without having to kill him, but Shadow Moon launches a devastating sneak attack while Black's guard is lowered. They continue to fight but Black begins to lose until Shadow Moon deals a death blow with his Satan Saber. The Creation King tells him to rip out Black's Kingstone, but as Kohtaro reverts to his human form, Shadow Moon hesitates and calls out Kohtaro's name for the first time. As Darom and the Creation King press him to obtain the Kingstone, Shadow Moon declares that he wouldn't need the Kingstone and teleports away, refuting the Creation King's accusation that he had regained his human heart.

Kyoko and Katsumi run to Black's side, but with his last breath he tells them to leave Japan for their safety. Then an earthquake causes Black's body to fall off of a cliff and into the ocean.


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