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The Return of the Professor (プロフェッサーの帰還 Purofessā no Kikan) is the thirty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. This marks the return of Ryoma Sengoku, since his actor was physically doing other activities weeks ago.


Mitsuzane seems to be hallucinating, claiming he can see Takatora even though he knows he defeated him. Elsewhere, Ryoma returns to Zawame City, and Kouta believes he may now be an ally against Mitsuzane and the Over Lords.


Arriving where the Kureshima brothers fought, Kouta was too late to stop them and also horrified to find Takatora's damaged Sengoku Driver and Melon Lockseed, seeing that Mitsuzane had defeated his brother. However, he was unaware that someone was watching him. Meanwhile in the tower, Mitsuzane felt proud that he finally surpassed his brother, however he started to have hallucinations of Takatora as the illusion started to taunt the youth, having Redyue noticing something strange about Mitsuzane. Returning to the garage, Ryoma appears and mocks Takatora's defeat, making Kouta livid. Kouta then transformed into Gaim and fought the scientist. Outnumbered by Knuckle and Baron Lemon Energy Arms, Ryoma decides to help them. In the garage, Ryoma informs them that they can enter the tower by entering one of the pathways that he used before. After Ryoma leaves, Yoko suspects that the scientist couldn't be trusted seeing that he abandoned her during the beginning of the Inves Invasion. Later that day, Kaito, Mai, and Kouta were planning about their goals in the future if the invasion ends, however Kouta doesn't know about his plans in the future. In the Helhiem forest, Rosyuo was amazed by her work of reviving the queen, but Redyue was furious about him giving the Forbidden Fruit to Kouta. The King told the Over Lord that humans are not their enemy as the species would head to extinction. On the next day, Mitsuzane found Mai and Peko while shopping for food, as he threatened her to follow him while Peko was brutally injured by Shinmugurun. Kouta and Kaito arrive where Peko was as he inform them about Mitsuzane kidnapping Mai, causing Kouta stormed off to find Mitsuzane. Managing to find Mitsuzane, he ordered Shinmugurun to take Mai somewhere as he deals with Kouta. Before Zangetsu Shin could finish off Gaim, Takatora's illusion appears and still taunts Mitsuzane before Baron attacks him. While fighting, Gaim hesitated a bit, still believing that Mitsuzane is still their friend, before Baron blocks Zangetsu Shin's attack. Assuming Kiwami Arms, Gaim and Baron were about finish off Mitsuzane, however the attacks doesn't effect him as Zangetsu Shin would finish them off, even Takatora's illusion appeared in front of him. Mitsuzane would let them retreat as Kaito told Kouta that Mitsuzane is no longer the person that they knew before because, unlike Kouta, he had abandoned all his fears and hesitations and Kouta has no hope in defeating him unless he does the same.


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Kamen Rider Gaim Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp!, The Return of the Professor, The Do-or-Die Tower Break-In Strategy! and Awakening the Over Lord. [1]

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