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The Protector of Dreams (夢の守り人 Yume no Mamoribito) is the eighth episode of Kamen Rider 555.


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The Owl Orphenoch retreats from Faiz. Keitaro tries to get Kazuhiko to see his mother, but he refuses until he can prove to her that he is serious about music. Yuka tries to talk to Kaido but he is accused of killing another student. Mari blames Takumi for her poor performance at the salon and leaves. Takumi goes after her and gets her to come back. The next day she gets the job despite taking slightly longer than usual. Yuka catches Kazuhiko's teacher sabotaging his bike as he did with Kaido's. The Scarab Beetle Orphenoch stalks Mari but Takumi stops him. Kaido plays his guitar for Yuka as Takumi fights the Orphenoch. Kiba fights the professor as Auto Vajin joins Faiz by attacking both him and the Orphenoch. Faiz destroys the Orphenoch anyway as does Kiba with the Owl Orphenoch. Kaido destroys his guitar...


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Faiz Volume 2

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 2, DVD cover

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: Original, Trio × Trio, The Power of Dreams and The Protector of Dreams.

81hrVn26QEL SL1466

Kamen Rider 555 Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 17 episodes.

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