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The Power of Three is the seventeenth episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Kit, Len, and Chris vow to stick together as Kamen Riders because a team is always strongest together. Xaviax recruits Danny and Albert Cho to be his new corrupt Riders Axe and Spear. JTC agrees to meet Maya's friends, but only on his own terms.


Sting fights with Strike but needs to be rescued by Kit and Len. Chris considers quitting but reconsiders after a lesson in teamwork by Len. Len decides they need to go speak to Maya about JTC. Michelle Walsh shows up still trying to get information out of Maya. Kit visits his father while Chris gets a letter from his doctor saying that his condition is getting worse. Xaviax recruits the Cho Brothers to be his new Kamen Riders. JTC meets with Maya and agrees to meet the others. Following a training session, the Riders go to meet JTC and watch as he is abducted. After transforming and splitting up, Chris again fights Strike and has to be rescued by Kit and Len. Xaviax introduces JTC to Axe and Spear.


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  • Just like its predecessor episode, there is no Japanese Footage used.
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