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The Mysterious Empty Train (謎の無人電車 Nazo no Mujin Densha) is the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider Ryuki. This episode establishes the main plot for entire series, as well as Ren's revelation about his past.


Shinji pursues Ren after he loses his memory while Yui returns to her brother's university in an attempt to locate his whereabouts. In the meantime, Reiko is investigating the mysterious disappearances of several passengers on a train.


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Guest Cast

Advent Cards


Seal Vent Card

  • Cards used:
    • Ryuki:
      • Sword Vent, Strike Vent, Final Vent
    • Professor Ejima:
      • Seal
  • Weapons/Powers summoned:
    • Ryuki:
      • Drag Saber, Drag Claw, Dragon Rider Kick
  • Advent Card appeared before episode's preview:
    • Seal


Digital Releases

Ryuki DVD Vol 3

Kamen Rider Ryuki Volume 3, DVD cover

  • The DVD Release of Kamen Rider Ryuki Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.
    81XUhWhfbcL SL1474

    Kamen Rider Ryuki Box 1, Blu-ray cover

  • The Blu-ray Release of Kamen Rider Ryuki Volume 1 features episodes 1-17.[1]

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