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The Missile-Carrying Gecko Inhumanoid! (ミサイルを背負ったヤモリ怪人! Misairu o Seotta Yamori Kaijin!) is the sixteenth episode of Kamen Rider V3.


Rider Scout Saburo and his father save a hapless fisherman, whom witnessed mutant Missile-Gecko in action. V3 fights off Missile-Gecko, but meanwhile, Destron snatches Saburo and his father. When Saburo discovers Destron's plot to destroy the petroleum complex, will he be able to contact Rider Scout HQ? Can V3 save Japan from plunging into total chaos?


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Digital Releases

  • The DVD Release of Kamen Rider V3 Volume 3 features episodes 13-18.[1]
  • The complete Kamen Rider V3 series was released in a boxset by Hawaii's Generation Kikaida, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[2]
  • The Blu-ray Release of Kamen Rider V3 Volume 1 features episodes 1-18.


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