This article is about a/an pair of villains in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

The Man and Woman are the main villains of Kamen Rider Hibiki, introduced in the second half.


The man(Youkan no otoko)

The woman(Youkan no onna)

Throughout the series, the Oni encounter pairs of Homunculi servants that safeguard Makamou and gather food for it until it is old enough to hunt. These Douji and Hime pairs are revealed to be clones created by a couple known as "The Man and Woman who Live in the Western-Style House". Their existence is rarely known to most members of Takeshi, but they rarely are involved in the actual fighting.

While their origins are unknown, they are hinted to be humans from ancient times who achieved a means of immortality and have knowledge of using Shikigami. The first series of clones that Man created in the image of himself and his wife, though imperfect, are easy to control as they see them as puppets.


While the Man is a youth dressed in a brown kimono and is seen wearing glasses, the Woman resembles a young girl in a white kimono and carries a parasol.


During most of the series, having blended into human society without any problem and because of it, the Man is able to conduct experiments to make Makamou even stronger to not only defeat the Oni, but destroy humanity. When Orochi occurred, the Man and Woman halted their actions and enlisted the Oni to help them, making their way to the marker of the sacred land to halt the Orochi.

This did not settle with their newest creations, Super Douji and Hime as they started to rebel, though the Man allowed them to escape after a display of power as he knew they are on the verge of death with the Woman expressing some pity towards their perfect clones. A year after Orochi is stopped, the Man and Woman resurface and created Satori to abduct Hitomi for use in an experiment to create more stable clones. At the end of the series, they are revealed to be the clones of the "Real Man and Woman", who still need them to carry on their work.


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