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The Legend of Hero Alain: Chapter 1 (アラン英雄伝 アラン英雄伝第一章 Aran Eiyū-den Daiisshō) is the first episode of the Blu-ray miniseries The Legend of Hero Alain. It was released as part of the Kamen Rider Ghost Blu-ray Collection 1 on April 13, 2016.


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Continuity And Placement

Chapter 1 takes place in 1950 (65 years before Ghost), 1960 (55 years before Ghost), 2005 (10 years before Ghost) and 2015. As for 2015, this chapter occurs over the course from episodes 1 to 12.




  • Despite the miniseries supposed to be connected to the series, it was shown in this miniseries that Alain first learned about takoyaki from Saionji some time before Kanon's resurrection. However, in the series itself, Alain clearly didn't learn about takoyaki until he saw Kanon eating one in Episode 18.


  • Takeru only appears in flashbacks of previous episodes.

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