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Murderous Ant Queen, Archimedes (殺人女王蟻アリキメデス Satsujin Joōari Arikimedesu) is the thirty-fifth episode of the original Kamen Rider series.


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Shocker cyborg Arikimedes successfully hatches from an ant's egg. Oberst Zol decides to test her power by sending her to a bank, where she kills two guards and destroys a vault with her red formic acid.

Kazuya Taki intercepts unusual radio waves and decides to investigate. Followed by Kamen Rider 2, he arrives at a mansion, the source of the radio waves. There, Shocker grunts are installing a Death Ray Device to protect the building from intruders. 

Taki and Hayato capture Shocker goons and put on their uniforms, which lets them pass the Death Ray Device unharmed. Inside the building, they find a hatching room where large eggs are exposed to radio waves. Hayato takes an egg, triggering the alarm system. After escaping, Taki runs into a woman who turns out to be Arikimedes in human form. He escapes with the stolen egg while Hayato falls underground in Arikimedes nest.

The Ant Queen orders her killer ants to eat Hayato, but he transforms into Kamen Rider 2 and jumps out of the nest and fights her. Arikimedes spreads Kamen Rider 2 with her red acid; unable to fight, he jumps in the water to flee.

Taki and Hayato take the egg to the Tachibana Racing Club, where MariYuri and Goro watch over it. After some time, the egg starts giving off a bad odour and changing colour. Soon after, the Racing Club is attacked by Arikimedes and her killer ants. They try lighting the egg on fire but it has no effect. Kamen Rider 2 flees with the egg and fights the Ant Queen. During the fight, some acid falls on the egg, melting it, and in some river water. Kamen Rider 2 shoots Arikimedes in the acid water with a Rider Kick, where she is dissolved. 

With Arikimedes' death, all the eggs and killer ants are destroyed.


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Digital Releases

  • Kamen Rider DVD Volume 6 features episodes 32-37.[1]
  • Kamen Rider Blu-ray Volume 2 features episodes 27-52.[2]


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