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The Kamen Rider Rings (仮面ライダーの指輪 Kamen Raidā no Yubiwa) is the fifty-second episode of Kamen Rider Wizard and the first part of the series' epilogue. Kamen Rider Gaim makes his debut appearance in this episode.


After Gremlin's defeat, Haruto is lost in the World of Kaijin, a parallel world where it is inhabited by monsters created by an entity called Amadum who wants to steal the powers of the Kamen Riders for himself. Using the Legend Rider Rings, he will summon 13 Heisei Kamen Riders.


A band of Kaijin are locating a chest containing the Rider Rings, only for them to be stolen by two children. Meanwhile on his new journey after Gremlin's destruction, Haruto hears the cries of children from a giant Magic Stone and is sucked in. He soon awakens and finds himself in an alternate world where all of the Kaijin ever defeated by Kamen Riders end up in. He manages to run into the children as well as the elder versions of the Doughnut Shop Hungry's Mananger and Worker and younger versions of Rinko and Shunpei. Furthermore, civilians around them begin transforming into kaijin to capture the children under the order of Amadum, the ruler of the world. The children escape using the Kamen Rider Rings of Double, Fourze, Faiz, and Kabuto; while Kamen Riders OOO and Decade are the children's getaway drivers. Before departing, Kamen Rider Decade questions Haruto if this is the World of Wizard, only for Haruto to refute the claim. Later, Haruto passes by an alternate version of the Omokagedō, where the world's Shigeru explains to him that the children are beginning to transform into kaijin. While watching over the children, he learns that the little girl's name is Koyomi. Suddenly, Amadum summons Haruto and explains that he needs the Rider Rings to prevent the kaijin spilling into a new world. He also meets Nitoh, who came to this world prior to losing Beast Chimera, in Amadum's lair as well. On their way back, Haruto notices a mirage of Koyomi, then looks at this new ring and asking Koyomi if that is her wish.

Returning with Nitoh to the Omokagedō, Haruto learns that the children are gone, but not before they trapped Shigeru, Shunpei, and Rinko in the Mirror World using the Ryuki Rider Ring. Using the Clear Ring, Haruto enters the Mirror World where Kamen Rider Ryuki tells him that the children need to be protected just before releasing everyone from the Mirror World. However, before leaving, Shigeru explains to Haruto that the children were destined to become monsters, but they believe that in leaving their world they hope they can remain human. The children escape only to run into Amadum's followers. Haruto and Nitoh get to them in time, but are brushed aside. Nitoh expresses that it is not part of Amadum's bargain, so both Haruto and Nitoh transform to fight.

First appearance of Kamen Rider Gaim

The boy uses a Wizardriver to summon Kamen Riders Hibiki, Kiva, Den-O, Agito, Blade and Kuuga to save themselves, but also fight off Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast, as they realize that Haruto and Nitoh are also trying to stop them. The children then use the rings in an attempt to escape the world, calling out to someone on Earth to save them. Suddenly, a young man turns around and is beckoned by the cries. A portal opens and something crashes out from it, which reveals to be a new Kamen Rider who singlehandedly destroys Amadum's followers. Wizard asks the new Kamen Rider who he is and the young man proclaims that he is called Gaim.

Continuity and Placement


Wizard and other 13 Heisei Riders.


Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto Soma
Kamen Rider Beast Kosuke Nitoh
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi
Kamen Rider OOO
Eiji Hino
Kamen Rider Double
Philip & Shotaro Hidari
Kamen Rider Decade
Tsukasa Kadoya
Kamen Rider Kiva Wataru Kurenai
Kamen Rider Den-O Momotaros
Kamen Rider Kabuto Soji Tendo
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hitoshi Hidaka
Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi Inui
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Shinji Kido
Kamen Rider Agito Shoichi Tsugami
Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke Godai

And Introducing Gaim

Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba


Appearing in Flashbacks

Wizard MonsterInvasion Episode52.jpg

Beast's Flashback
Amadum's Recollection


Guest Cast

Suit Actors

  • Kamen Rider Wizard: Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji)
  • Kamen Rider Beast: TBA

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Wizard Ring

  • Rings Used:
    • Wizard
      • Transformation: Flame, Water, Land
      • Magic: Connect, Clear
    • Style Used:
      • Flame Style, Water Style, Land Style
    • Beast
      • Transformation: Beast
      • Magic: Hyper, Buffa, Chameleo
    • Mantle Used:
      • Beast Hyper, Buffa Mantle, Chameleo Mantle
    • Legend Rider Rings
      • Double, Fourze, Faiz, Kabuto, Decade, OOO, Ryuki, Hibiki, Kiva, Den-O, Kuuga, Agito, Blade


Rider Card

  • Cards Used:
    • Kamen Ride: Decade (summon)

Gaia Memories

  • Memory Used:
    • Soul - Cyclone, Heat
    • Body - Joker, Metal
  • Half Changes
    • CycloneJoker, HeatMetal

Core Medals

  • Medals Used:
    • Head - Taka
    • Arms - Tora
    • Legs - Bata
  • Combo Used:
    • Tatoba Combo


Other Form Changes

  • Faiz: Axel Form


  • Viewership: 5.3%
  • When Faiz changes into Axel Form, he didn't place the Axel Mission Memory on the Faiz Phone, instead he pressed the button on the Faiz Axel Watch. Also the Axel Mission Memory is not placed on the Faiz Axel Watch.
  • Ironically, Faiz in Axel Form, who usually moves at the speed of sound, was able to match the Worms despite their ability to move at the speed of light.
    • This inconsistency was previously done in Kamen Rider Decade when Decade used the Form Ride: Faiz Axel card's power to battle TheBee while they were in Clock Up. However, fans have later dismissed this as a Decade-enhanced version of Faiz Axel's power, while this is an actual error where the writers and production crew didn't pay attention to the source material. However, the Kabuto series itself features many instances of things like bullets or falling objects moving too fast when seen from Clock Up-using Riders' perspective for the Riders to truly be moving at light speed. By this point, it's generally accepted that Clock Up's "light speed" abilties were overstated.
  • In the Mirror World, the screen is actually reversed as seen on Ryuki's V Buckle.

Background information

Super Hero Time

14 Heisei Riders

All of the main official Heisei Riders, from Kuuga to Wizard, previously appeared together in the video game Kamen Rider Battride War.

Decade's Return

As with every gathering of Kamen Riders, getting every past actor back to reprise their roles would be extremely difficult if not impossible. However, as revealed in a Tweet by writer Sho Aikawa explaining the circumstances behind the return of Masahiro Inoue as Tsukasa Kadoya (Kamen Rider Decade), it all started with a 'near impossible request' to at least invite back one senior Rider. But the producer stated that if it wasn't the original Kuuga (Joe Odagiri) or Fourze (Sota Fukushi), it would be meaningless. It was at this point the suggestion “Or it could be Decade.” was made, and so, much effort was put by the production team into the schedule and budget to bring him in. [1]


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Makoto Okunaka (as Koyomi Fueki), Kaba-chan, and Ryo Tayano according to the official Wizard site via Toei website.
  • HarutoKosuke, and Kouta are the only Riders to appear untransformed while Tsukasa and Momotaros, who remain transformed throughout, are the only other Riders to be voiced by their original actors (with the voices of the other Riders being supplied by soundalikes).  
  • All of the rings in the box appear in a spiral, with Kuuga in the center (the first of the Heisei era) and moving further outwards out to the most recent, Fourze.
  • The Riders summoned in groups by the kids follow a pattern:
    • Double & Fourze: Riders with similar personalities.
    • Faiz & Kabuto: Riders with high speed abilities.
    • Decade & OOO: Traveling Riders.
    • Ryuki is the only Rider who is summoned on his own, speaking directly to Haruto. Both Ryuki and Wizard are primarily red and fight with the power of dragon monsters.
    • Hibiki, Den-O, & Kiva: Demon-themed Riders.
    • Kuuga, Agito, & Blade: Ancient-powered Riders (also overlaps with the above).
  • During his on screen apperances, the villain Amadum wore costumes of past movie exclusive villains. (Shiro from Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown and Gara from Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals).
  • The effect of the past monsters transforming to their human form as seen here is identical to that of the Phantoms.
  • Final appearance of Wizard's Water & Land Styles, as well as Beast's Chameleo & Buffa Mantles and Hyper form.
  • Of the monster races in the world within the Magic Stone, Gurongi, Mirror Monsters, and Imagin are noted by Shunpei, while Amadum mentions Mirror Monsters, Makamou, Dopants, and Yummy.
  • With the exception of Kamen Rider Ryuki (who was adapted as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight), this is the first appearance of the entire Heisei Riders from 2000-2011 in North America (including Kamen Rider Gaim) when this episode aired on March 24, 2018.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kamen Rider Wizard Volume 13 features episodes 50-53: The Important Thing is..., The Last Hope, The Kamen Rider Rings and Neverending Story.


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