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The Invasion of Leawood is the thirty-seventh aired but fortieth and final produced episode of Saban's Masked Rider.


Count Dregon issues an ultimatum to Leawood: Masked Rider must surrender or his newest Insectivore, Bruticon, will destroy the city. Dex must team up with the Masked Rider Warriors to save the city from this new menace.


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  • In production order, this episode was the final episode of Masked Rider. In airing order, it was not.
  • The Showa Era Riders appeared in this episode, but Saban did indeed plan to remove them and replace them with the Power Rangers. This was changed due to low budget.[Citation needed]
  • This episode is infamous for the phrase "I AM AMAZON!" which sparked a minor internet meme among the tokusatsu fandom years after its broadcast, especially due to the fact that the names were announced out of order, so it was Skyrider who dramatically declared himself to be Amazon.


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