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Icon-kabuto.png This article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Kabuto.

The Hellish Brothers (地獄の兄弟, Jigōku no Kyōdai) is the thirty-fifth episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto. It is the debut of Daigo Tachikawa briefly as Kamen Rider Drake and of Kamen Rider PunchHopper.


A mysterious man called Daigo Tachikawa tells Soji to stop collecting the Zecters. He says the riders are there to combat Worms that aren't native to Earth. Daigo becomes Kamen Rider Drake later on to save a mother and her child in front of Arata. After being told to chase Daigo, Shun is nearly killed when Sou saves him and "sends him to hell", allowing him to become Kamen Rider PunchHopper.


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Kabuto Volume 9, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Kabuto Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: The Sprouting Adjutant, Breaking Super Evolution, The Hellish Brothers and Red Shoes' Recklessness.

Kamen Rider Kabuto Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 17 episodes.