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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and murder. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Final Weapon: Evol (最終兵器エボル Saishū Heiki Eboru) is the thirty-third episode of Kamen Rider Build. It features the debut of the Evol-Driver and Kamen Rider Evol. It also features the revelation of Soichi Isurugi's true identity, the death of Taizan Himuro and also Gentoku Himuro's defection from Namba.


Touto’s Prime Minister, Taizan Himuro was kidnapped by Rogue! Why? The answer is revealed through Soichi who is possessed by Evolto: “Prepare the Evol Driver in exchange for Taizan Himuro’s life.” But just what is the Evol Driver? Sento was confused as well until he finds plans for the design of this Ultimate Driver contained within the research data belonging to his father, Shinobu Katsuragi…


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Guest Casts

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Bottle used:
    • Build
      • Biotic: FullFull RabbitTank (Rabbit Mode)
      • Abiotic: FullFull RabbitTank (Tank Mode), Magnet (in Fullbottle Buster)
      • Other: Hazard Trigger
    • Cross-Z
    • Rogue
      • Biotic: Crocodile Crack, Phoenix (in Sclash Driver)
      • Abiotic: N/A
    • Blood Stalk
      • Biotic: Cobra
      • Abiotic: N/A
  • Form used:
    • Build
      • RabbitRabbit Form, TankTank Form
    • Cross-Z
      • Cross-Z Magma


  • Jelly used:
    • Grease
      • Robot


  • Bottle used:
    • Evol
      • Biotic: Cobra
      • Abiotic: Rider
  • Form used:
    • Evol
      • Cobra Form (Phase 1)


Build 33 CS
  • Closing Screen Evolbottles:
    • Kamen Rider: Evol
    • Evolbottles:
      • Biotic: Cobra
      • Abiotic: Rider System
  • Count at episode end
    • Bottles in Build's possession:
      • Biotic: Rabbit, Taka, Panda, Kaizoku, Unicorn, Rose, Tora, Kujira, Shika, Kirin, Penguin, Obake, Sai
      • Abiotic: Tank, Gatling, Rocket, Densya, Smapho, Keshigomu, Televi, UFO, Jet, Pyramid, Senpuki, Sukebo, Magnet, Dryer
      • Other: RabbitTank Sparkling, FullFull RabbitTank
    • Bottles in Cross-Z's possession:
    • Bottles in Grease's possession:
      • Biotic: Wolf, Kuma, Kuwagata, Fukurou
      • Abiotic: Robot, Helicopter, Castle
    • Bottles in Rogue's possession: Bat, Crocodile Crack, Phoenix
    • Bottles in Evol's Possession:
      • Biotic: Cobra, Same, Hachi
      • Abiotic: Bike, Sensuikan, Pyramid
    • Jellies in Grease's possession: Robot
    • Gears in Engine Bro's's possession: Gear Engine
    • Gears in Remocon Bro's's possession: Gear Remocon
    • Evolbottles in Evol's possession:
      • Biotic: Cobra
      • Abiotic: Rider
    • Bottles in Pandora Box:
      • Biotic: Gorilla, Ninjya, Harinezumi, Lion, Octopus, Turtle, Kabutomushi, Dog, Santa Claus, Spider
      • Abiotic: Diamond, Comic, Syoubousya, Soujiki, Light, Watch, Camera, Mic, Cake, Reizoko
  • Kazumi remains transformed throughout the episode.
  • This is the first episode where the Build Driver says, "Build Up!" when inserting the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle as previous episodes since its debut did not announce it. This also happens in the final episode as well.
  • This is the only episode where Evolto/Soichi Isurugi transforms into both Blood Stalk and Kamen Rider Evol.
  • Shinobu Katsuragi's research about the Evol-Driver and Evolto is written in English.
    • This indirectly reveals that Sento and Sawa can read English.


  • Gentoku recovers from the killswitch attack and gets up to transform. But the cap to activate Crocodile Crack Fullbottle's "Danger" was slid the wrong way.

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