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Icon-revice.png This article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Revice.

The Devil is Just a Bad Guy!? (悪魔はあくまで悪いやつ!?, Akuma wa Akumade Warui Yatsu!?) is the second episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features the debuts of the Eagle Vistamp along with Revi and Vice's Eagle Genome, as well as the Revice Rex and Revice Eagle Remix forms.


In order to protect his family, Ikki Igarashi transformed into Kamen Rider Revi by contracting with the devil within his body, Vice. However, he insists that he must protect the bath house while his mother is absent while she is in the hospital, and is reluctant to sign an exclusive contract with Fenix to fight the Deadmans as a Kamen Rider. His younger brother, Daiji, who was selected as the messenger of this agreement, was also tasked with delivering the Driver he was supposed to use to his brother. Meanwhile, a Deadman appears at the driving range. Revi transforms once again, emphasizing a desire to fight to protect others without making any sort of deals. Despite this however, Vice possesses an innate desire to consume humans and rampage to his heart's content.


In the aftermath of the inauguration ceremony, George Karizaki and Hiromi Kadota review the events that occurred, such as a civilian using the Revice Driver. Yujiro Wakabayashi enters the room and demotes Hiromi for his recent failures, before Daiji Igarashi arrives. Wakabayashi then asks Daiji to give the Revice Driver to Ikki and have him form a contract with Fenix.

At the Kakihashi Golfing range, caddie Ibata notices that Araki is off his game and attempts to give him advice, but Araki dismisses his attitude and fires him. Walking away, Ibata encounters Olteca who gives him a Vistamp to summon the Kamakiri Deadman. He returns to the driving range with the monster and attacks Araki.

Daiji returns home to ask his brother to sign the contract, but Ikki refuses, believing that it wasn't in his place to step away from Shiawase Yu. Genta Igarashi arrives to alert them of the attack that was happening at the golf course, which Ikki immediately grabs the Driver and rides a Vice-possessed bike to the course, with Daiji following by motorbike. With Daiji evacuating everyone, Ikki and Vice transform. However, Vice wanders off mid-battle, prompting Daiji to throw the new Eagle Vistamp to Revi for use. The transformation pulls Vice back in and they appear in Eagle Genome. Using Remix, the two defeat the Kamakiri Deadman and Ibata is released from his possession. However, Vice wanders off again and encourages Araki to submit to his inner demons before Ikki de-transforms and pulls Vice back in.

The Igarashis visit Yukimi, where she announces that she is about fully recovered. Ikki is unsure whenever he wanted to join Fenix, with his mother encouraging him to do what he feels is right, and leave the bathhouse to the rest of the family. Shortly, the Deadmans generals receive a visit from Araki, on Vice's encouragement.

Vice hints to Ikki that he encouraged Araki to go to the Deadmans, which enraged Ikki as what Vice did was endangering to people. Before Ikki could go any further, Daiji tells him that Araki has appeared with a Megalodon Deadman. Ikki gives up his Driver and goes off to the resort to confront the monster, vowing to never transform again if doing so would put innocent lives in danger. His speech forces Vice to swear to never eat humans again and officially forms a contract with Ikki. Getting the Driver back from Daiji, Revi and Vice go into battle while being assisted by Fenix soldiers. Afterwards, Daiji collects the Vistamp and the golfing duo reconcile, while Ikki is still hesitant in being all "buddy buddy" with Vice.


Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Stamp Used:
    • Revi
      • Rex, Eagle
  • Form Used:
    • Revi
      • Rex Genome, Eagle Genome
    • Vice
      • Rex Genome, Eagle Genome
    • Revice
      • Revice Rex, Revice Eagle


  • There is a brief moment in which Ikki just sits on the bike and blankly stares forward for no reason while Vice possesses his bike.


Revice EP 02 CS.png

  • Closing Screen
    • Kamen Riders: Revice
    • Vistamps: Eagle
  • Count at episode end
    • Vistamps in Revi's possession: Rex, Eagle
    • Proto Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Mammoth, Kamakiri, Megalodon
    • Proto Vistamps in Deadmans's possession: Giff Junior, Spider
  • This episode marks the first usage of the show's opening theme sequence, as it was absent in the pilot episode.
  • When Ikki was about to transform into Rex Genome for the first time, Vice is seen briefly doing the Kamen Rider 1 transformation pose.
  • Vice's Hundred Devil Rex Fists is a reference to the Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist from Fist of the North Star.
  • Vice briefly did Double's hand lifting pose while boasting his Eagle Genomes form.
  • Tying into the episode’s debut of Eagle Genomes is the theme of partners and teamwork, as Double needs both his halves to work as one in order to work effectively. Revi and Vice had to learn to work together to utilize the Remix modes properly as it is a two in one fusion much like Double.


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