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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Revice.
Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Demon Is Calling the Demon (悪魔が悪魔を呼んでいる, Akuma ga Akuma o Yonde Iru) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features the debut of Giffdemos.


One day as Sakura and Hana (as well as Tamaki and Hikaru) were out shopping happily, an emergency news report was suddenly broadcasted. The person in the broadcast was Fenix director Akaishi himself.

“The destruction of ordinary peace is imminent,” Akaishi declared, and that his entire plan will be revealed at a press conference. This causes tension between Sakura and the others, who enjoy this last day of peace.

On the other hand, Daiji bore witness to Akaishi’s superhuman abilities and works with Ikki and George to stop Akaishi before he can hold the press conference.

And Vail aims to kill the Igarashi family.


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Stamp Used:
    • Revi
      • Rex, Kamakiri, Thunder Gale
    • Live
      • Holy Wing
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra, Kujaku, Hashibiroko
  • Form Used:
    • Revi
      • Rex Genome, Kamakiri Genome
    • Vice
      • Rex Genome, Kamakiri Genome
    • Revice
      • Revice
    • Live
      • Holy Live
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra Genome
    • Lovekov
      • Kujaku Genome, Hashibiroko Genome
  • Remixes Used:
    • Revice
      • Kamakiri


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Revice EP 34 CS.png
  • Closing Screen
    • Kamen Riders: Revice
    • Vistamps: Thunder Gale
  • Count at episode end
    • Vistamps in Revi's possession: Rex, Eagle, Mammoth, Megalodon, Ptera, Lion, Kong, Kamakiri, Brachio, Neo Batta, Kangaroo, Barid Rex, Volcano, Rolling, Thunder Gale
    • Vistamps in Live's possession: Bat, Jackal, Holy Wing
    • Vistamps in Jeanne's possession: Cobra, Kujaku, Turtle, Hashibirokou
    • Vistamps in Demons' possession: Spider, Batta, Mogura, Condor, Scorpion, Anomalocaris, Kuwagata
    • Vistamps in Fenix's possession: White Leo, Quetzalcoatlus, Triceratops, Buffalo
    • Vistamps in unknown possession: Kabuto, Giff Junior
    • Proto Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Cheetah, Koala, Elephant, Shark, Rafflesia, Planarian, Sabertiger, Chameleon, Kajiki
    • Proto Vistamps in Weekend's possession: Queen Bee
    • Proto Vistamps in unknown possession: Wolf, Daiouika
  • This episode features a brief appearance of the Kuwagata Vistamp.
  • Starting at this episode, Hideo Akaishi's eye turn purple and he is surrounded by a dark aura in the opening.


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