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The CW4Kids Logo 2008

The CW4Kids was a Saturday morning cartoon block launched on May 24, 2008 by CBS, Time Warner and 4Kids Entertainment. This block was where Kamen Rider Dragon Knight premiered and aired on television.

Even though 4Kids TV was discontinued and became an online only service, this programming block continued to use The CW4Kids name, to reflect to the network it aired on. However, it was renamed Toonzai and then later dissolved as its parent company 4Kids went bankrupt from a series of lawsuits over anime licensing in 2012 .

New management, cancellation and the end of Saturday Morning

The website was redirected to MyVortexx and the block replaced by Saban's Vortexx programming block with some of the old block's syndicated programming mixed in with reruns of DC Animated shows, new anime and Saban licensed properties such as Power Rangers and Digimon. This only lasted 2 years until it was cancelled due to US FCC mandates for educational programming as well as rapidly declining ratings from television competing with on-demand internet video services like Netflix, thus killing the existence of the Saturday morning cartoon block concept for good after over 50 years of broadcasting on multiple networks. This made the Vortexx and the CW4Kids the final traditional Saturday morning cartoon blocks to ever air on television.

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