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The Beginning of N/Blood and Dreams (Nのはじまり/血と夢 Enu no Hajimari/Chi to Yume) is a short story released as a spin-off of the movie Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate.

Written by Riku Sanjo and published in Toei Hero Max, Vol. 34, tells the background story of NEVER and Maria's past as Daido's mother Miki Daido (大道 美樹 Daidō Miki).

It also introduces Foundation X's top agent Keith Anderson (キース・アンダーソン Kīsu Andāson), as well as the Ammonite Dopant (アンモナイト・ドーパント Anmonaito Dōpanto), the Trilobite Dopant (トリロバイト・ドーパント Torirobaito Dōpanto), and the Mammoth Dopant (マンモス・ドーパント Manmosu Dōpanto).


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