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That One! Jiro Okamoto: Final Blow Diet!! (どれだ!岡元次郎 必殺ダイエット!! Dore da! Okamoto Jirō Hissatsu Daietto!!?)) is the fifteenth episode of the webisode series, Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Super Spin-off.


Kenichi introduces Jiro Okamoto, a veteran of the suit acting world who made his debut way back in the 1980s as Kamen Rider Black. Kenichi also stated that he was absent for a while in Kamen Rider as a Rider suit actor before returning to portray villain Riders: Kamen Riders G4, Ryuga, Leangle, Odin, Caucasus, Nega Den-O, among others.

Narutaki states Jiro's appeal as a suit actor is his giant body allowing him to do fantastic action and his refined acting combine into something amazing.

The quiz line up begins and the Riders are: Caucasus, Ixa, Leangle, Ouja, Black.

While the others talk about dieting, Yuusuke chooses Black as his answer and he is correct. Okamoto shows off his posing as Black out of suit and Jiro notes that he will be reunited as RX with Tetsuo Kurata in the movie, rekindling a friendship that has lasted over 20 years.


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