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"Tetsuya Sawaki" (沢木 哲也 Sawaki Tetsuya) is the real Shoichi Tsugami (津上 翔一 Tsugami Shōichi) in Kamen Rider Agito, with the amnesic Tetsuya Sawaki accidentally getting his name.


Shouichi is a man resurrected by the Overlord due to his passive involvement in the death of the first Agito, Yukina Sawaki. In reality, he was romantically involved with Yukina and tried to stop her from committing suicide, but he ultimately allowed her to plummet to her death. Soon after, he also committed suicide as he could not stand the guilt over Yukina's death.

However, the now-grown up Overlord resurrected him and gave him some of his power, enabling him to accelerate the Agito seed evolution. However, he turned his back on the Overlord as he realized the world needs more people who can become Agito.

Shouichi eventually managed to redeem himself by saving Kana, before the Overlord granted him eternal rest to view mankind's future alongside him.

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