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"The time is ripe for my arrival. Let's go!"
―Slash's return to battle after repairing his Onjuuken Suzune[src]

"My blade's got a different rhythm! EXPLOSION!"
―Slash's exclamation under his alternate personality[src]

"Sound Swordsman! Kamen Rider Slash! (音の剣士!仮面ライダースラッシュ!, Oto no Kenshi! Kamen Raidā Surasshu!)"
―Slash's rollcall in Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png[src]

Tetsuo Daishinji (大秦寺 哲雄, Daishinji Tetsuo) is a mechanic and member of the Sword of Logos who transforms into Kamen Rider Slash (仮面ライダースラッシュ, Kamen Raidā Surasshu). Formerly affiliated with the Northern Base, he was briefly transferred to the Southern Base before joining Touma's team for good.



Tetsuo Daishinji was born into the elite Daishinji family of blacksmiths, where his ancestors had forged the manmade Seiken for the Sword of Logos. As a child, his grandfather said to him that whenever the future wielder of Kaenken Rekka appears, he will join him in his path to reclaim light.

In his adulthood, Daishinji become a Sword of Logos swordsman, while upholding his family's legacy as a blacksmith. Wielding his personal Seiken, Onjuuken Suzune, he became known as Kamen Rider Slash. However, he would become involved with the battle between the Sword of Logos and the Megid, which led Onjuuken Suzune to be damaged that day, forcing Slash to be inactive for fifteen years until that Seiken could function once more.

The Sound Swordsman

Tetsuo Daishinji remained in the Northern Base operating as the blacksmith, he reunited with Ryo Ogami when he came into the base with his son. Daishiji able to notice the condition of the Kamen Riders' Seiken and called out Touma Kamiyama for recklessly using three volumes with Kaenken Rekka during his previous fight. When Kaenken Rekka was sealed by Storious, Touma tricked him into revealing a forbidden book with Avalon's location as a means to restore Saber's power. Touma would eventually figure out that Daishinji is 'Slash' and the latter admitted it has been awhile since Sophia called him that

Daishinji continued awaiting for the time Onjuuken Suzune could repair itself. When Saber, Blades, and Espada were in peril because of the Ahiru Megids, he was determined that Onjuuken Suzune was finally ready and arrived to rescue the trio. Daishinji transformed into Kamen Rider Slash, finally able to participate in the battlefield once more as the reparation took a long time. While Daishinji became more active in the field as Slash, he was there to confirm that the current Calibur is actually Daichi Kamijo, the previous Saber.

Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin

When the Immortal Swordsman, Bahato, unleashes his destruction to the world using the Book of Ruin, Daishinji joined with the Northern Base swordsmen to battle in Wonder World. Kamen Rider Slash engaged the Shimi horde as Saber fought Falchion personally. Daishinji, intent to pass down the legacy to the next generation, wiped out the Shimi army with his fellow Swordsmen before Falchion was sealed away by Saber Emotional Dragon.

Final Showdown with Calibur

While Daishinji pressed on to fight his former teammate, it would eventually result in the loss of Kento Fukamiya, having been lost into the darkness as the battle with Calibur progressed. As Kamijo enacted to seize the Almighty Book, Slash fought with Buster, Kenzan, and Blades to hold off the Megid generals while Saber chased after Calibur. Daishinji and the rest of the Northern Base swordsmen would warmly welcome Touma back once he returned from the in the realm of the Almighty Book.

Sword of Logos Conspiracy

Following the defeat of Calibur and Sophia's disappearance, Reika Shindai appeared to the Northern Base swordsmen to accuse Touma had betrayed the Sword of Logos. While Touma defended himself that there's a true enemy within the guild, Daishinji was forced to fight his friend but is stopped by Kamen Rider Saikou's intervention that forced the Northern Base swordsmen to draw back. While everyone is transferred back to the Southern Base, Daishinji and Ogami remained skeptical whether Touma really did betray the guild.

Daishinji remained conflicted with fighting Touma, especially with his latest claims that the Megid are using human hosts to spawn more monsters. When Daishinji realized he was telling the truth after hearing the Ousama Megid's sound, he noticed the growing power of Kaenken Rekka. He dueled Touma once more to determine his conviction to save the world, and witnessing him accessing Kaenken Rekka's full power. This motivated Daishinji decided to leave the Sword of Logos and joining Touma's quest.

Now part of the same team, Daishinji began to act uncomfortably close to Yuri, seeking to inspect his physiology with of a human merging with a Seiken. Daishinji would also help Touma around the Southern Base as the former wanted to speak with Master Logos. Through a series of events, Touma was forcibly compelled under the influence of Primitive Dragon. After Ogami officially joined Touma and his team, he and Daishinji were down in two Northern Base where they are suddenly ambushed by Kamen Rider Sabela. However, when Saber Primitive Dragon attacked, Daishinji was surprised by the appearance of Kamen Rider Calibur, who revealed himself to be Kento.

Daishinji mourning the sealing of Onjuuken Suzune.

Kento had returned from the darkness as Kamen Rider Calibur, on the pursuit to seal the Seiken. In the process, Onjuuken Suzune was sealed much to Daishinji's despair. However, this did not stop Daishinji from being active with the Northern Base. Daishinji would continue to assist Touma as he is being compelled by the Primitive Dragon and was there to witness his evolution into Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon.

War against Master Logos

When Master Logos disabled the Northern Base defenses, the Megid and the Shindai siblings raid the base. Daishinji joined with Mei to protect the Seiken, only to be intercepted by Reika Shindai. When Luna made her return and had gone missing, Daishinji went out to search for her and is forced to surrender when he and Ogami were held hostage. While Touma managed to foil Master Logos' ritual to summon the Almighty Book, Daishinji regains his arsenal back in his hands. Onjuuken Suzune is returned to him, fully restored from its sealing and Daishinji remarking that he could hear the sword's sound again.

However, Master Logos is able to obtain a portion of the Almighty Book and transform into Kamen Rider Solomon, who proved to be a formidable adversary. Despite countless battles, Daishinji would bear witness to the creation of Haouken Xross Saber and Touma becoming Kamen Rider Xross Saber. After Xross Saber defeated Solomon for the first time, Daishinji congratulated him for his victory, with Touma granted a new power forged by the swordsmen's wishes to save the world.

Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png

Kamen Rider Slash's rollcall in Superhero Senki

One day, Touma was sent to the world of Kikai Sentai ZenkaigerIcon-crosswiki.png with Mei Sudo and Yuri as a result of Asmodeus' awakening. As a result of Shotaro Ishinomori's unsatisfaction, Daishinji was among the heroes who vanished. When Asmodeus raised more monsters, Touma and Shotaro arrived with their latest creations. Touma unveils Super Hero Senki, while Shotaro unveils Kamen Rider 1 and Himitsu Sentai GorengerIcon-crosswiki.png, allowing the Kamen Riders and Sentai Rangers to remanifest. Daishinji as Kamen Rider Slash joins his fellow swordsmen, the Kamen Riders, and the Super Sentai to battle Asmodeus's forces, emerging victorious in the ensuing battle.

Storious' Endgame

Though they were victorious against Master Logos, Storious began to enact his plan to destroy the world. Following Tassel's death, the destruction of World World began affecting Earth. Daishinji participated in minimizing the disaster, but Storious grew stronger after becoming Kamen Rider Storious, resurrecting the Four Sages in the process as his loyal followers.

As the final battle approaches, Kamen Rider Slash joins the swordsmen as they storm Storious' Tower of Destruction. Daishinji engaged of a Lord of Wise, while covering for Touma as he reached Storious' chamber. Although he fought with Ren in defeating it, the battle was too exhausting for Daishinji, causing him to pass out and it was only Yuri's healing ability that allowed him to stand up. As the world eventually disintegrated, Daishinji was among many lives that were affected by a wave of destruction. However, once Touma became the Guardian of Wonder World, Daishinji along with the populace resurrected in the restored Earth.

One Year Later

One year after the final battle, upon hearing word that the missing victims that were unaccounted for had suddenly returned, Daishinji joined up with most of Touma's friends as they reunited with their missing friend once more.

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Fenix's Kamen Riders and the Sword of Logos

As the demon Diablo emerged to threaten the Earth's future, this leading to Fenix's Kamen Riders and the Sword of Logos joining forces. They would also encounter time-displaced Shocker scientist Ryunosuke Momose, who sought to make amends with Hideo, his young son he left behind in 1971, who is now an adult man in 2021.

Kamen Rider Buster with Saikou

While Touma, Rintaro, Yuri, Vice, Daiji, and Sakura go to the future, Daishinji stayed behind in the present to battle Khufu Crisper in Egypt fighting on his own until everyone was able to return. He would be assisted by Kamen Rider Blades to defeat Khufu Crisper.

Kamen Rider Saber: Trio of Deep Sin

Eight years after saving the world, the multiple swordsmen within the Sword of Logos have begun to disappear, with Daishinji catching wind of a strange phenomenon. He goes to investigate the incident with Rintaro, to which a white Kamen Rider Falchion appears and makes Daishinji vanish, causing Rintaro to forget Daishinji's entire existence. However, he would be restored back to normal after Mamiya reset reality.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Slash in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Slash is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Slash Hanselnuts in Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Slash Hanselnuts to Gretel is a playable character in Battle spirits with other Kamen Riders.


Tetsuo comes off as a standoffish and blunt individual, though Rintaro reasons it is due to his bashful nature, indicated by his habit to try to avoid eye contact with others. He also dislikes being in the center of attention, to the point of covering his face with his hand whenever someone asks directly to him. He seems to have no qualms about speaking about how he feels about those around him though, such as when he tells Ryo that he is annoying right to his face - albeit the latter did not mind but rather take it in stride. On a more amusing note, Tetsuo happens to be a terrible liar. After the clash with Daichi is over, Tetsuo and Ryo are the only swordsmen who remains calm when Reika tells a lie to the group that Touma has betrayed them.

However, he shows a more level-headed attitude when on the battlefield, proving himself as a great swordsman and a Kamen Rider on his own. When using the Bremen no Rock Band Wonder Ride Book, his personality completely changes into a loud, happy-go-lucky energetic, party animal being based on a rockstar, who's constantly throwing sound-based puns and has tendencies of spouting english words.

As the mechanic for the Sword of Logos, Tetsuo is competent at his job and takes it very seriously. Oddly enough, Tetsuo tends to the equipment used by the Riders as if they have feelings, claiming that "Rekka" is "weeping" due to Touma's recklessness after using three Wonder Ride Books at once. This extends to when Kento sealed his Onjuuken, upon which he mourned. He is also "addicted" to Yuri because of how he "became one" with Kougouken Saikou. He also became curious after discovering Rekka's ability to separate human from a Megid, and displays fervent excitement at the capabilities of the ultimate sword, Haouken Xross Saber.


Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Hearing: Tetsuo possesses an enhanced sense of hearing as shown when he could easily hear one of the Ahiru Megids trying to sneak up on him. He can also hear the "cries" of the Seiken when they need repairing. This hearing also helps him to determine the heart of his opponent, even leading him trust to Touma's claim about humans being forcibly transformed into Megid, despite having reservations at the time.


  • Expert Engineer: To be added
  • Expert Swordsman: As a former member of the Sword of Logos, Tetsuo is a highly trained and experienced swordsman who displayed considerable skill in swordsmanship, demonstrating his mastery at using Onjuuken Suzune when fighting his enemies or opponents. Tetsuo has also mastered a parry style of fighting, using it to defeat Touma (before accessing Dragonic Knight) with ease. Even Yuri was amused with his skill.

Kamen Rider Slash

These forms are accessed by using Wonder Ride Books that are compatible with the Onjuuken Suzune.

Hanselnuts to Gretel

Hanselnuts to Gretel

"Hanselnuts to Gretel! Juuken Gekidan! Ju de go! Go! Ina! Ken de ikuzo! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Sword Mode[src]

"Hanselnuts to Gretel! Juuken Gekidan! Ken de ikuze! No! No! Ju de go! Go! Bang! Bang! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Gun Mode[src]

Rider Statistics[1]
  • Rider Height: 201.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 107.7 kg
Ability Parameters[1]
  • Punching Power: 10.7 t
  • Kicking Power: 20.6 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 15.9 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.1 seconds

Hanselnuts to Gretel (ヘンゼルナッツとグレーテル, Henzerunattsu to Gurēteru) is Slash's Hansel and Gretel-based primary form accessed by using the Hanselnuts to Gretel Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune.

In this form, Slash has higher punching and kicking power than most of the riders, excluding Buster and Calibur. His running and jumping power are lower though. He has the power to create rainbow music notes and music lines for offense and defense, which are strong enough to redirect the giant Kingexcalibur.

Hanselnuts to Gretel consists of the following parts:

  • Slash Helm Hanselnuts to Gretel (スラッシュヘルム ヘンゼルナッツとグレーテル, Surasshu Herumu Henzerunattsu to Gurēteru): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン, Sōdo Kuraun): The blade. It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being selected by a Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Slash and the Seiken, and adjusts the power balance between them and cancels transformation in an emergency. It is also a blade with a sharp edge, and can also be used in battle.
    • Rhythm Visor (リズムバイザー, Rizumu Baizā): The accoustic-style visor. By converting the sound and visualizing it, it becomes possible to see it accurately, even on the other side of the shield or invisible objects.
    • Hanselnuts Mask (ヘンゼルナッツマスク, Henzerunattsu Masuku): The faceplate. With the power of the story "Hanselnuts to Gretel", it forms a tough nut-like hard shell to protect the head.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ, Sōdo Rōbu): The bodysuit. It is an armor worn by those who have been selected as the Seiken Onjuuken Suzune. Put on at the same time the Seiken is activated, it gives Slash the power to fight, such as improved sword skills, strengthened physical abilities, and activating special abilities. As it is based on the form with the power of the Hanselnuts to Gretel Wonder Ride Book, various abilities can be added by reading the Wonder Ride Book.
  • Sonic Mail (ソニックメイル, Sonikku Meiru): The acoustic-altering armor. By adjusting the volume with the drop knob on the neck, you can use three types of functions properly. One of them, the acoustic barrier, can be protected by covering the head with a barrier generated by shaking the air, and can completely block outside sounds.
  • Fountain Bolero (ファウンテンボレロ, Faunten Borero): The chest and shoulder armor. It has the power of the story "Hanselnuts to Gretel", and one of the functions of the "Sonic Mail" is the transmission of acoustic signals to freely change the hardness of the armor. This makes it possible to respond to various attacks by properly using softness and hardness.
  • Cookie Divider (クッキーディバイダ, Kukkī Dibaida): The cookie-style shield on each shoulder. By combining the armor with the power of the story "Hansel Nuts and Gretel" with the acoustic barrier, which is one of the functions of the chest armor "Sonic Mail", thhe impact received is converted into sound and radiated. It also has the ability to memorize the characteristics of the attack at that time.
  • Ride Luche Arm (ライドルチェアーム, Raido Ruche Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power of the story "Hanselnuts to Gretel", and with its flexible armor and abundant energy supply, it enables battles with intense action.
  • Ride Clap Glo (ライドクラップグロー, Raido Kurappu Gurō, play on "Ride Clap Gloves"): The hands. Brings finger judgment to correspond to each form of the Seiken "Onjuuken Suzune". It also functions as an ability transmission road that connects the Seiken and the swordsman's armor "Sword Robe" to convey the power of the Seiken and the abilities of the read Wonder Ride Books.
  • Ride Luche Legs (ライドルチェレッグ, Raido Ruche Reggu): The legs.
  • Donuts Bands (ドーナッツバンド, Dōnattsu Bando): The donuts-style rings on the wrist and ankles. By attaching it to the left and right wrists and ankles, it improves the athletic ability of the user and enables a light and smooth action.
  • Ride Track Boots (ライドトラックブーツ, Raido Torakku Būtsu): The feet. The footsteps can be completely eliminated during reconnaissance activities. On the other hand, when the Special Move is activated, the destructive power of the kick is greatly increased by putting together a roaring sound.
  • Sword of Logos Buckle (ソードオブロゴスバックル, Sōdo Obu Rogosu Bakkuru): The buckle. In addition to deploying the "Sword Robe", it receives the power of the Wonder Ride Book from the Seiken to generate energy and control to allow Slash to carry out various abilities.
  • Sword of Logos Holders (ソードオブロゴスホルダー, Sōdo Obu Rogosu Horudā): Storage for extra Wonder Ride Books. Mounted on the sides of the Sword of Logos Buckle, it can hold two books; on the right and one on the left.

By scanning a Wonder Ride Book with Onjuuken Suzune, Slash can perform a finisher using its power.

  • Gun Play Mode:
    • Beat Lollipopper (ビート・ロリポッパー, Bīto Roripoppā): Slash fires a series of cyan energy blasts, with an image of Slash's mask appearing in front of Onjuuken Suzune's during each shot. The blasts then fly through rings of multicolored energy musical notes.
  • Sword Board Mode:
    • Snack Sound The Chopper (スナック・音・ザ・チョッパー, Sunakku On Za Choppā, Pun on "Snack On The Chopper"):
      • Hanselnuts to Gretel: Has three variations.
        • Slash charges Onjuuken Suzune with pink energy, before cutting the enemy. Snacks and assorted treats come out of the energy as he does this. A apparition of his face explodes on the enemy before they themselves explode.
        • Slash charges Onjuuken Suzune with pink energy, before cutting the enemy to produce a melted candy energy that sticks the enemy's lower body. Slash then walks in front of his enemy, delivers a downward cut to them. A apparition of his face explodes on the enemy before they themselves explode.
        • Slash leaps into the air, and drops down with a flying kicking attack.
      • Bremen no Rock Band: Slash charges the Onjuuken Suzune with energy music lines, before he launches multiple cuts at the enemy, leaves a sound wave upon impact.
  • Both Modes:
    • Beat Lollipopper/Snack Sound The Chopper (ビート・ロリポッパー/スナック・音・ザ・チョッパー, Bīto Roripoppā/Sunakku On Za Choppā): Slash performs this finisher with two copies of Onjuuken Suzune, one in Gun Play Mode and one in Sword Board Mode. First, Slash jumps into the air and his visor design appears in front of the barrel of the Onjuuken Suzune in Gun Play Mode before he fires a group of shots at the enemy. Slash then lands and delivers a pink energy slash with the Onjuuken Suzune in Sword Board Mode.
Appearances: Swordsmen Chronicles Episode 1, Saber Episodes 9-10, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 11-12, 14-16, 18-19, 21-22, 25-26, 36, 38, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 40-41, Sword of Logos Saga, 44-46, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage, Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Hansel Bremen

Hansel Bremen

"Bremen no Rock Band! Juuken Gekidan! Ken de ikuze! No! No! Ju de go! Go! Bang! Bang! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Gun Mode[src]

"Bremen no Rock Band! Juuken Gekidan! Ju de go! Go! Ina! Ken de ikuzo! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Sword Mode[src]

Rider Statistics[2]
  • Rider Height: 201.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 113.5 kg
Ability Parameters[2]
  • Punching Power: 13.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 23.4 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 21.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.2 seconds

Hansel Bremen (ヘンゼルブレーメン, Henzeru Burēmen) is Slash's Town Musicians of Bremen-based form accessed by using the Bremen no Rock Band Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune.

In this form, his stats are raised by a small margin. He is on par with Espada in jumping and running power, and his punching and kicking power are raised. He has the power to create rainbow music notes and music lines for attack and healing.

Hansel Bremen adds on the following parts:

  • Slash Helm Hansel Bremen (スラッシュヘルム ヘンゼルブレーメン, Surasshu Herumu Henzeru Burēmen): The helmet.
    • Bremen Ear (ブレーメンイヤー, Burēmen Iyā): The auditory device. With the power of the Bremen no Rock Band Wonder Ride Book, it brings a sense of pitch that distinguishes hundreds of sounds and selects the desired sound among the noise.
  • Bremen Bauld (ブレーメンボールド, Burēmen Bōrudo, Play on "Bremen Pauldron"): The left shoulder. The large-diameter speaker emits the music played by the gig arm. In that case, two methods can be taken: diffusion release, which has a wide range of effects, and directional release, which is directed to any direction or object.
  • Gig Arm (ギグアーム, Gigu Āmu): The left arm. It has the power of the story "Bremen no Rock Band", and with the life-threatening quartet, it is possible to play music that raises the fighting ability and fighting spirit of the user and induces abnormal conditions such as hypnosis.
  • Onjuuken Suzune finishers:
    • Gun Play Mode: Guns And Music (ガンズ・アンド・ミュージック, Ganzu Ando Myūjikku): Has three variations.
      • Slash charges the Onjuuken Suzune with energy music lines, before he fires a blast of Rainbow music notes and music lines that can dispel negative effects on enemies.
      • Slash fires a salvo of energy bullets that home in on the enemy.
      • Slash charges the Onjuuken Suzune while energy musical notes surround it. However, rather than fire at enemies in front of him, he suddenly points his weapon up and fires into the air, creating an energy construct of a musical staff with musical notes on it that forms a ring around a group of enemies. The musical notes then act as speakers that blast the targets with sound. Slash snaps his fingers, causing the sound to increase in intensity until the opponents explode.
    • Sword Board Mode: Iron Shout (アイアン・シャウト, Aian Shauto): Slash rapidly cuts at the enemy with Suzune, which is covered with rainbow music lines, causing the enemy to explode.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 9-10, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 25

These forms are accessed by using Wonder Ride Books that are not compatible with the Onjuuken Suzune.

Hansel Butasan

Hansel Butasan (Brick house)

Hansel Butasan (Straw house)

Hansel Butasan (Wooden house)

"Kobuta 3 Kyoudai! Juuken Gekidan! Ju de go! Go! Ina! Ken de ikuzo! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Sword Mode[src]

"Kobuta 3 Kyoudai! Juuken Gekidan! Ken de ikuze! No! No! Ju de go! Go! Bang! Bang! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Gun Mode[src]

Rider Statistics[3]
  • Rider Height: 201.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 115.0 kg
Ability Parameters[3]
  • Punching Power: 11.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 23.2 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 17.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.9 seconds

Hansel Butasan (ヘンゼルぶた3, Henzeru Butasan) is Slash's 3 Little Pigs-based form accessed by using the Kobuta 3 Kyoudai Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune.[4]

Hansel Butasan adds on the following parts:

  • Slash Helm Hansel Butasan (スラッシュヘルム ヘンゼルぶた, Surasshu Herumu Henzeru Butasan): The helmet.
  • Bros Arm (ブロスアーム, Burosu Āmu): The left arm. It possesses the "Steppig Wise" (ステッピッグワイズ, Suteppiggu Waizu) shield on the forearm can be enlarged to the size of a house. Furthermore, by changing to the three different properties of straw, wood and brick, it functions as a shield to protect multiple people at once.

This form has two unnamed finishers:

  • Slash makes two copies of himself, with a different arm shield.
  • Slash does a downward slash that sends a pile of bricks in pink energy.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 14-15

Hansel Ninja

Hansel Ninja

"Sarutobi Ninjaden! Juuken Gekidan! Ju de go! Go! Ina! Ken de ikuzo! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Sword Mode[src]

Hansel Ninja (ヘンゼル忍者, Henzeru Ninja) is Slash's Sarutobi Sasuke-based form accessed by using the Sarutobi Ninjaden Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune.[5]

This form is exclusive to the Rider Kick's Figure toyline.

Hansel Genbu

Hansel Genbu

"Genbu Shinwa! Juuken Gekidan! Ken de ikuze! No! No! Ju de go! Go! Bang! Bang! Onjuuken Suzune! Suzune Gakushou! Amai miwaku no juuken ga, okashina rhythm de beat wo kiri kizamu!"
―Transformation announcement in Gun Mode[src]

Hansel Genbu (ヘンゼル玄武, Henzeru Genbu)[5] is Slash's black tortoise-based form accessed by using the Genbu Shinwa Wonder Ride Book in the Onjuuken Suzune.

This form is exclusive to the Rider Kick's Figure toyline.





  • Touma Kamiyama's team
    • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber (II): Tetsuo helped Touma find a portal to reach Avalon, although at first he didn't want to. Due to Reika telling him that Touma will betray the Sword of Logos, Tetsuo turned against him. However, Tetsuo grows suspicious about Touma desperately trying to save a Megid, unknown that there's a human host inside of the said monster. Tetsuo eventually learned about Touma's circumstances and eventually dueled him to test his resolve, as he remembered his grandfather words to follow the user of Kaenken Rekka. After Touma won the duel, and witnessing the Human-based Megid firsthand, Tetsuo defected from the Sword of Logos to fight alongside Touma once again.
    • Mei Sudo: A new friend of his.
    • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: Once enemies when turning against Touma, Tetsuo returns to his side against his former compatriots. He is intrigued with Yuri due to him becoming a sword, as well as his ability to separate Megid from human host, which made him curious to learn more.
    • Sophia/Kamen Rider Calibur (IV): Tetsuo's mentor and mystic of the Sword of Logos. Sophia commonly calls him Slash.
    • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster (II): They are former companions of the Sword of Logos, they two were present 15 years ago in the invasion of the Megids, Tetsuo considers his actions annoying, expressing it openly. While having a bad view towards Ryo, they are shown to be surprisingly close and cooperate really well to understand Touma's distrust towards the Sword of Logos. Unfortunately, Ryo decided to stay in the organization after Tetsuo understood the worth of Touma. However, Ryo let Tetsuo to go with a smile. Ryo would eventually reunite with Tetsuo and Touma after defecting from Sword of Logos.
    • Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades (II): Once they were enemies after leaving the Sword of Logos, but restores their friendship, returning to Touma's side for good.
    • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): Fellow member of the Sword of Logos, who later returned as the new Calibur before himself & the others. Kento was also the one who sealed Onjuuken Suzune, much to Tetsuo's sadness. when Kento joins team, Tetsuo gladly accepts it.
    • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: Companion of the Southern Base. But after Tetsuo deemed the worth of Touma for utilizing the real power of Rekka, Tetsuo started to betray her. They later join Touma's team after being betrayed by Isaac.
    • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: One of his enemies. He and his sister invaded the Northern Base. They later join Touma's team after being betrayed by Isaac.
  • Kenshi Nagamine/Kamen Rider Blades (I): One of his deceased comrades killed by Zooous.
  • Kyoichiro Shinsen/Kamen Rider Espada (I): One of his deceased comrades killed by Desast.
  • Amane Kagami/Kamen Rider Kenzan (I): One of his deceased comrades killed by Desast.
  • Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan (II): After Tetsuo left the group he had no choice but to consider him an enemy.


Behind the Scenes


Tetsuo Daishinji is portrayed by Hiroaki Oka (岡 宏明, Oka Hiroaki). As Kamen Rider Slash, his suit actor is Hirotsugu Mori (森 博嗣, Mori Hirotsugu).


  • As with the naming scheme of all the Saber Riders, Slash is named after the word slash, representing the sound a sword makes when swung, also reflecting his sound-based theme.
    • With his element in name, his name could also be in reference to the musical artist Saul "Slash" Hudson, famously known as the guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses.
  • As with the surname scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Tetsuo's surname, Daishinji, contains a homophone of the kanji Shin () meaning "god" or "deity".

Concept Art

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