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"My soul is with the ZECT!"
―Yamato's last words.[src]

Tetsuki Yamato (大和 鉄騎 Yamato Tetsuki) was one of three Kabutech Riders of Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love.

With Ketaros Zecter, he was able to transform into Kamen Rider Ketaros (仮面ライダーケタロス Kamen Raidā Ketarosu, Masked Rider Ketaros).


Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love

A prominent and loyal member of ZECT, he is the user of the Ketaros Zecter. Yamato knows that anyone who has betrayed ZECT must be destroyed and is the given the mission to eliminate Neo-ZECT and follows Mishima's orders to create the Jacob's Ladder station. During the chase of Zect on Neo Zect organization, Arata came in the middle of the clash before the fighting started and told the groups to call the fight off so they won't harm each other and only focused on defeating Worm. Tetsuki Yamato, the leader of the Zect troops accepted Arata's favor and kneeled on Hidenari Oda, the leader of Neo Zect to have him and the rests of the Neo Zect to come back to Zect. Unfortunately, Hidenari stepped on Tetsuki and called him and the rests of the Zect members to be the pathetic dog and Hidenari Oda won't let himself alongside the rests of his groups to be like Zect. This lead to have Arata to be caught in the fight of Zect and Neo Zect with Tetsuki transformed into Ketaros and Hidenari transformed into Hercus. Daisuke Kazama also joined Neo Zect and transformed into Drake with Arata transformed into Gattack. The fight wasn't taking a long time as Soji Tendo/God Speed Love appeared and showed his strength as Kamen Rider Kabuto, beating both sides in ease and offered them his strength with a note that it would be expensive.

He later fights Kabuto at the station and they fight in outer space using Clock Up. After finding out that Kabuto's intention is to meet Kamen Rider Caucasus during their fight, they later fall off the station with Kabuto being saved by the Kabuto Extender while Ketaros dies, gloriously shouting "My soul is with ZECT!" upon re-entering Earth's atmosphere, even though Kabuto's offer to save him was rejected.

35th Masked Rider Anniversary File


Yamato is one of a group of five characters from Kabuto who appear hosting the 35th Masked Rider Anniversary File, a collection of five featurettes shown during episodes 23 through 27 of Kabuto, this segment acted as a look back to the Kamen Rider franchise and an early advertisement for the God Speed Love movie.

Kamen Rider Decade

Rider War

01.Rider War.png

Kamen Rider Ketaros appears with other Kamen Riders commanded by Wataru Kurenai, but all are murdered by Decade in episode 1 of Kamen Rider Decade in the dream of Natsumi Hikari. The dream concludes with Decade as the only Rider in the Rider War Rider War

The World of Kuuga

Rider War Drake Sasword Ketaros and Kuuga.jpg

Kamen Rider Ketaros with the other Riders appears when Natsumi remembers her dream of the Rider War, with the dream ending in shock of fists between Decade and Kuuga . The World of Kuuga

RX! Dai-Shocker Attack

Kamen Rider Ketaros, alongside Hercus in the World of RX

Kamen Rider Ketaros and Hercus are summoned by Kamen Rider Diend in the World of RX to battle Kamen Rider Decade. Later, Decade assumes Complete Form to use Kabuto Hyper Form's power to take out the summoned Riders. RX! Dai-Shocker Attack

The Destroyer of Worlds

All the Riders killed by Decade.

In the special version of episode 31, Kamen Rider Ketaros is seen as one of the many Kamen Riders who fought in the Rider War against Decade and were all destroyed. They were presumably restored after the destruction (and subsequent revival) of Decade at the end of the Rider War and the worlds were restored. The Destroyer of Worlds

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Ketaros appears a poster. When Sento Kiryu and Sougo Tokiwa find Ataru Hisanaga, he brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, and Sougo and Sento are stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER  

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Kabuto video game


Kamen Rider Ketaros appears with Hercus, Caucasus, and the other Kamen Riders in the Kamen Rider Kabuto video game.

Masked Rider Expansion

Kamen Rider Ketaros Masked Rider Expansion card

Kamen Rider Ketaros appears as a playable character in this trading card game with other Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Heisei-Era , Showa-Era, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes, and other Heroes.

Kamen Rider Riderbout

Ketaros as seen in Kamen Rider Riderbout

Kamen Rider Ketaros appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Ketaros Medal

Kamen Rider Ketaros is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.


Kamen Rider Ketaros transforms using the power of his bronze Kabutech Zecter, the Ketaros Zecter.

Masked Form

Masked Form

Though Ketaros was not shown to have a Masked Form on-screen, toy versions of a possible Masked Form for Ketaros and the other two Kabutech Riders was made for the Cast-Off Rider line.

Rider Form

Rider Form

"Henshin! Change Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 196 cm.[1]
  • Rider Weight: 96 kg.[1]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 3.7 t.[1]
  • Kicking Power: 7 t.[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 36 m.[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.4 sec.[1]

He uses the ZECT Kunaigun (Kunai mode), and skills in close range, speed fighting.

Appearances: God Speed Love, Decade Episodes 1-2, 7 (Flashback), 26, 31 (Special Version only), Heisei Generations FOREVER (Only image).




Rider Card

Kamen Ride: Ketaros

"Kamen Ride: Ketaros"
―Diendriver summoning announcement[src]

Behind the Scenes


Tetsuki Yamato was portrayed by Mitsuki Koga (虎牙 光揮 Koga Mitsuki),in Kamen Rider Kabuto (Video Game) is voiced is portrayed by Katsumi Shiono (塩野 勝美 Shiono Katsumi). As Kamen Rider Ketaros, his suit actor is Naoki Nagase (永瀬 尚希 Nagase Naoki).

Concept Art

Kamen Rider Ketaros concept art


  • In the Kamen Rider Kabuto PS2 video game, Ketaros is voiced by Katsumi Shiono instead of Mitsuki Koga.
  • The Kabutech Riders have the same colors as the Olympic medals: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These colors also represent the strength of the Riders, with gold being the strongest and bronze being the weakest.
  • Kamen Rider Ketaros and Hercus are the two only Kabutick Riders that have only one user.
  • Kamen Rider Ketaros is the only Kabutick Rider that does not use a Rider Machine in the Video Game.
  • The Kabutech Riders are the Second trio Riders in the Heisei Era after the Ace Riders featured in Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace. This is subsequently followed by the Dark Necrom riders in Kamen Rider Ghost's movie and Quartzer of Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • Out of all Original Riders that returned in Decade, he's one of the so many already deceased Movie Riders to make a return in Decade.
  • He is the only Kabutech Rider that has more appearances in Kamen Rider Decade.
  • Tetsuki is one of the many Kabuto Riders that does not have an A.R World counterpart.



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