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"Kaigan! Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu! Hatasu-nowa Itu! Tenka-touitu!"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]


Tenka Touitsu Parka Ghost.

Tenka Touitsu Damashii (テンカトウイツ魂 Tenka Tōitsu Damashī, lit. "Tenka Touitsu Soul") is an alternate gold Zen Buddhist monk-based form of the Ghost Riders, it is an evolved form of Nobunaga Damashii by fusing himself with the spirits of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Accessed through the Tenka Touitsu Ghost Eyecon, this form bears a currently unknown helmet with a currently unknown faceplate.


Ghost Eyecon


  • Omega Drive (Tenka Touitsu) (オメガドライブ テンカトウイツ Omega Doraibu (Tenka Tōitsu)): This finisher has three variations:

Behind the scenes

Tenka Touitsu Damashii is exclusively assumed on-screen by Kamen Rider Ghost as his extra final form after Mugen Damashii in the film Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider, and is also available to be used by Specter and Necrom in the arcade game Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

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