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"Now I achieved my power of a Over Evolved Roidmude."
―Banno, after destroying Roidmude 006 and using his body to transform into Gold Drive.[src]

"I finally achieved my goal! All that's left is to begin the true Global Freeze!"
―Banno, after gathering enough Over Evolved Core Driviars into the Sigma Circular[src]

"Sigma has inherited my will, and will execute my machinations!"
―Banno succeeded his plan on the Global Freeze[src]

"Wait, Go! Please, calm down.. Don't... Stop! Don't do it, Go! Go!!!"
―Banno pleads to Go to not kill him after being reduced back to only just a belt with no body.[src]

Tenjuro Banno (蛮野 天十郎 Banno Tenjūrō) is the true main antagonist of Kamen Rider Drive. He was a scientist and the former friend of Krim Steinbelt, and the estranged birth father of Go and Kiriko Shijima, He created the Roidmudes, unique androids that were capable of "evolving" to become more like humans. Later, he creates a knockoff of the Drive Driver, dubbed the Transformation Belt Banno Driver (変身ベルト バンノドライバー Henshin Beruto Banno Doraibā)[1] and essentially transforms into a knockoff of the rider, calling himself Gold Drive (ゴルドドライブ Gorudo Doraibu).

Character History


Banno shows anger to Shinzo Hiroi for not understanding his research.

When his development of the Roidmudes had hit a wall, Banno asked his friend Krim Steinbelt for help. Steinbelt gave them the prototype Core Driviars to continue their evolution. However, Banno began to planning experiments which became more lethal. He forced 002 to copy the appearance of Shinzo Hiroi, who had refused to invest in Banno's research. Banno later gets his revenge by torturing 002 as if the latter was actually Shinzo, before Krim saves 002. Krim blamed him for such a malicious act, and it led to the end of both their friendship and partnership. Soon after, Banno began to implant the evil chip containing negative emotions (starting off with 001 and 003). At that time, he secretly stole Krim's mind uploading technology. Why Are the Two Genius Scientists Having a Conflict? When Will the Second Global Freeze Start?

As well as the Roidmudes, Tenjuro Banno also created an artificial intelligence named Hypnos. Later he revealed that he created his own backup in this AI, seeking to revive and get revenge whenever he will find a good opportunity to do it. Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach Dream Story


Banno's body was killed by the first three Roidmudes, but his mind was later uploaded and became a procedure stored in a tablet computer Brain stole from a bystander during 029's revival, and would later be used to help reset Roidmude Cores.

When Go found out the truth after Brain used Banno to shelter him from a blow from the Zenrin Shooter while he was down, the Kamen Rider went undercover to save his father, playing the role of the betrayer like a world-class actor. With Chase's interference on barging to the high ranked Roidmudes' hideout when he thought Go's mind was influenced by Freeze, Banno was ripped from Brain's possession by Go and escaped with Banno.

Though he was safe thanks to his son, he was still in danger and remained targeted by the Roidmudes.

True facade revealed

While he seemed willing to help Go and his friends, it turned out that he was simply manipulating them for his own sinister ends. In truth, he let his first three creations kill his human body after using Krim's mind uploading tech to upload himself into Brain's stolen tablet computer, then, while pretending to be held hostage by the Roidmudes, let them wreak havoc in Japan, South Korea and Russia, analyzing data produced by their battles with the Kamen Riders. Once he got all the data he needed, he attacked Honganji and Kyu by hijacking control of one of the Ride Boosters, opening fire on Drive and Mach as they tried to prevent the Tornado Roidmude from kidnapping Kiriko. This caused a burned Shinnosuke to fall off a cliff and lose Mr. Belt to a Roidmude, leaving an overwhelmed Go to face Heart alone while Chase went after Tornado. Later, with the stolen data from the Drive Driver and the battle data he'd gathered, Banno successfully transferred his will into a new Driver called Banno Driver. When Will the Whirlwind Kidnapper Attack? Why Are the Two Genius Scientists Having a Conflict?

Watching Drive from a distance, Banno and 004 learnt that the Drive Driver had been replaced, having observed that the destructive program they left behind in the original failed to act. In light of this, Banno decided to continue his search for a body elsewhere. Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser

006's Core is removed and crushed in Banno Driver's tentacles.

Later, when Medic tried to reach her Over Evolved state, Banno managed to steal her body, but he eventually decided to use Roidmude 006's body whose Core Driviar was almost on par with that of a Over Evolved and uses it to transform into "Gold Drive".How is the Golden Drive Born? Banno also reprogrammed Medic to be killed when he needed a stabilizer for his Sigma Circular. However, his plans are foiled a little bit when Brain sacrifices himself instead, saving Medic. It did not matter though, as the Sigma had been awakened successfully. Who Loves Heart the Most?

Banno initiates his plan to start a worldwide Global Freeze alone after sacrificing Roidmude 004 to self-destruct on Heart, Medic, Shinnosuke, Go, and Chase. When the Sigma Circular starts to activate, Go and Chase fight Banno. However due to prior injuries, Go is weakened, causing Chase to defend him, before ultimately self-destructing in an attempt to take down Banno.What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?


Banno's death

"("Wait a moment!")
Wait up, Go. You can't rob the world of my genius intellect!"
("Good to go!")
"It said 'Good to go', didn't it?"
Wait, Go! Please! Please! Settle down! Stop it! Stop it, Go!"
("Full Throttle!")
―Banno pleads for his life in his last moments[src]

Banno, undamaged from Chase's suicide attack, attacks a vengeful Mach, and insults Chase's death as having no worth. Mach soon used the Signal Bike Chaser to become Kamen Rider Chaser Mach, turning the tide of the battle over to the white Rider. When Banno tried paralyzing Mach, Chase's Chaser Viral Cores arrived to undo the paralysis, merging with the Rider's armor, allowing him to eventually destroy Gold Drive/006 with a Rider Kick. Still alive in the Banno Driver, Banno threw away his cover laughing madly as he described his final plot, but a detransformed Go ends Banno's reign of terror by using the Shingou-Ax's Full Throttle onto the Banno Driver despite Banno's desperate pleading to spare him, shattering the Driver into unsalvageable scrap. Why Must They Fight?


Banno, having been stored in Hypnos's programming code, was later revived in complete digital form via Hypnos's dream scanning and analyzing technology. Retaining his Gold Drive form, he fought Go and the incomplete Chase's memory in his son's dream. Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach Dream Story

Video Game Appearances

All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution

AKRRR Gold Drive.png

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Banno looks upon the vacant body of what would become Brain as he prepares to install negative emotions inside it.

Banno as a human is viewed in flashbacks as a cruel, sadistic man whose constant failures to advance or complete his Roidmude research drove him to insanity. He was also petty as during one of his experiments on his sentient androids, he made one into the likeness of a billionaire who refused to invest in his research to enact his fantasies of torturing him. He also displayed narcissistic tendencies, as he believed anyone who did not understand his supposed genius were beneath him and enjoyed making those kinds of people suffer. To him, the concept of familial love is a foreign notion. He never viewed the members of his family as anything more than research subjects.

As an A.I., Banno is more cold and manipulative but retains some of his human traits such as his sadism and his desire to further his scientific goals, as well as his insanity. He is also abusive and manipulative to his Roidmudes, seeing them as nothing but expendable pawns towards his ultimate goal of recreating the Global Freeze. One example of this is him tricking Medic into letting him help her with her Super-Evolution. He then secretly installed some kind of a trojan program when Medic evolved which wiped her A.I. and memories rendering her a broken, mindless puppet who obeyed his every command.

Narcissistic and arrogant, Banno is completely convinced of his own genius and is motivated by his god complex and desire to control everything. Despite boasting the glories of his own intellect, most of Banno's greatest works of self-proclaimed genius are ripoffs of the products of Krim's genius, such as the Roidmudes' Core Driviars, the mind uploading technology he used to preserve himself as an AI, and the Banno Driver being reverse-engineered from the Drive Driver. The extent of this shamelessness is best shown in how he plagiarizes not just Krim's work, but Krim himself, via having Roidmude 004 copy Krim's data in order to use the latter's own scientific genius to complete the Sigma Circular.

Banno, despite being cruel and sadistic, fears his existence ending, screaming for Go to not destroy him after being defeated by the latter. Before his final moments, his ego showed by frantically claiming to Go that by destroying his consciousness he would "rob the world of its greatest scientific mind" and begged his son not to kill him. Unfortunately for him, Go was more determined in destroying him after all the pain and death he had caused, swinging down the Shingou-Ax and smashing the Banno Driver. The last thing the demented scientist ever did was scream in fear and pain at his own impending death before he was finally destroyed.



Banno Tablet Render.png
Powers and Abilities
Despite being restricted to an AI like Krim Steinbelt, Banno is capable of performing numerous abilities that Krim lacked. Among them are:
Memory Reset
Banno can reset the memories of a rogue Roidmude, being the main reason Brain kept him.
Digital Tentacles
Banno can release tentacles made from data to attack opponents and deliver painful electric shocks once they're latched to them.
Banno is capable of creating an advanced cure that can counter the Over Evolved Brain Roidmude's neurotoxin. His healing ability is shown to be even more powerful than the Mad Doctor Shift Car.
Digital Shield
Banno can project a digital barrier to protect somebody from a Over Evolved State Roidmude's Golden Wave.
Technology Manipulation
Banno is capable of manipulating surrounding technology to his liking, even shown capable of controlling the whole Drive Pit's system.
Even when imprisoned in a tablet, he can levitate himself.
Banno is capable of performing calculations and data searching in the network, proving to be more efficient than Kyu Saijo, the Special Investigation Unit's network researcher.
Appearances: Drive Episodes 34-40

Banno Driver

Banno Driver after Roidmude 006's body was destroyed.

Banno controlling Roidmude 006.

Powers and Abilities
Roidmude Body Manipulation
Banno is able to attach himself to other Roidmudes and override their will to take control of their bodies. This was first demonstrated when he attached himself to Medic and manipulated her to fight the Riders against her will and later on he destroyed Roidmude 006's data core and took full control and possession of his body.
Digital Tentacles
Banno can release tentacles made from data to attack the opponents and deliver painful electric shocks once they're latched to them. These tentacles are capable of penetrating through a Roidmude's body and destroy their Cores instantly. On one occasion, he manages to destroy Roidmude 006 without damaging his body and use it for his transformation to Gold Drive.
A feature carried from his tablet form, Banno can levitate himself.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 40, Drive Saga: Chaser, Drive 41-46

Gold Drive

Gold Drive


  • Height: 199 cm
  • Weight: 116 kg

Gold Drive (ゴルドドライブ Gorudo Doraibu) is Banno's Rider form based on the stolen data of the Drive Driver with Roidmude 004's modifications. This new Rider is accessed through the use of the Banno Driver.

Upon creating a knockoff based on the data of the Drive Driver, and transferring himself to the belt, Banno is able to transform into Gold Drive by possessing the Roidmude body of 006 (first by killing his Core). In this form, he possesses the strength and abilities similar to a Super-Evolved Roidmude.

A Roidmude himself, Banno can utilize these following abilities:

Over Evolved Roidmude
As Banno pointed out himself, he counts as a Super-Evolved Roidmude needed for the Promised Number.
Heavy Acceleration (重加速 Jūkasouku)
As Gold Drive using Roidmude's body, he also shares the signature ability of the Roidmude, and is able to somehow slow down the movement of surrounding objects', including that of humans, with their unaffected consciousness aware of their impass during this time. One can be protected by the Heavy Acceleration effect by carrying Shift Cars or Signal Bikes on their person.
Global Freeze Creation
Once all four Promised Number gathered in one place, they can recreate Global Freeze.
Gold Conversion
By turning the Advance Ignition on the Banno Driver, Gold Drive's tire ignites, allowing him to briefly steal his opponent's weapon or data. The support devices also seem to be obedient to him once they are swiped, and not even the Shift Tridoron Car was immune to this abilities effects. How is the Golden Drive Born? Where is the Truth About the Goddess? This ability was gradually rendered ineffective after Rinna put a Data Coating encryption on the Shift Cars and the Trailer-Hou to protect them from this ability, then the Signal Bikes received the same enhancement, which temporarily put Mach and Chaser out of action until it was completed.

Once he steals a Shift Car or Signal Bike, he can load them into his Shift Brace and initiate their attacks. Also, he can even activate a Full Throttle attack despite lacking a Shift Car or Signal Bike simply by channelling his own power.

Superhuman Strength
Because Gold Drive's main body is a Cobra Type Roidmude, he possessed herculean strength. When the Tridoron tried to ram Gold Drive upon being summoned by Shinnosuke, Banno stopped it in its tracks and then kicked it with such force that it flew into the air.
Golden Energy Manipulation
As he is a Over Evolved Roidmude, Gold Drive can generate golden energies to his liking:
Energy Blast
Gold Drive can unleash a powerful golden energy ball from his palm.
Energy Shield
Gold Drive can create a circular energy shield from his left arm.
Banno can teleport himself and other passengers by transforming their particles into data strips.
Gold Drive can easily levitate on his own will.
Electromagnetic Cyclone
Gold Drive can imprison his enemies in an electromagnetic wave.
Energy Wave
As with all Over Evolved-Roidmudes, he can unleash a golden energy wave powerful enough to force a Kamen Rider out of transformation.
Electricity Paralysis
Gold Drive can trap his opponents in an electric wave.
Energy Lance
Gold Drive can create an energy lance construct.

The Full Throttle finishers used by this Type are as follows:

  • Hit Macher (ヒットマッハー Hitto Mahhā): With the Zenrin Shooter and Signal Tomarle, Gold Drive fires several blasts which creates explosions that surround his opponent.
  • PerfecShot (パーフェクショット Pāfeku Shotto): With the Door-Ju and his own power, Gold Drive fires a ball of energy which flies over directly above the enemy. Afterwards, he pops the ball with the Break Gunner into a hailing barrage of bullets.
  • Unnamed Rider Kick

Appearances: Drive Episodes 41-46



  • Banno Driver[1] - Belt-based transformation device
  • Shift Brace - Bracelet-based weapon-selecting device (used to activate Signal Bikes or Shift Cars). Gold Drive has a jet-black version of it.
  • Shift Cars - Gives access to Gold Drive's forms and powers, depending on which car is used
  • Signal Bikes - Gives access to Gold Drive's secondary powers, depending on which bike is used (stolen from Mach)


  • Zenrin Shooter- Gold Drive's gun weapon. Stolen from Kamen Rider Mach during their first battle.
  • Door-Ju - Gold Drive's second gun weapon originally used by the second Drive. Stolen during Drive's first fight with Gold Drive along with the Brake Gunner.
  • Break Gunner - Gold Drive's third gun weapon originally used by Chaser.
  • Handle-Ken - Gold Drive's sword weapon. Stolen from Drive during their second fight.
  • Shingou-Ax - Gold Drive's ax weapon. Stolen from Chaser during his final encounter.
  • Sigma Circular - Final weapon to initiate Global Freeze


Behind the Scenes


Tenjuro Banno is voiced and portrayed by Masakazu Morita (森田 成一 Morita Masakazu). As Gold Drive, his suit actor is Kazuya Okada (岡田 和也 Okada Kazuya). While possessing Roidmude 006's Coreless body, he is portrayed by an unknown suit actor while retaining his voice.


Banno's surname is a homonym of the Japanese word (万能 Bannō, lit."omnipotent"), which ties in with his ability to perform multiple abilities, like attacking and healing. If the order of the kanji is changed, it becomes another Japanese word (野蛮 Yaban, lit."cruel"), referring to his personality.


Early scan referring Banno as "Kamen Rider Gold Drive"

  • In the late July 2015 scans of Drive, it refers Banno's rider form as Kamen Rider Gold Drive (仮面ライダーゴルドドライブ Kamen Raidā Gorudo Doraibu). However, in later material and even in-show, he is simply called Gold Drive, with the "Kamen Rider" title dropped. The official TV-Asahi website categorizes Gold Drive with the Roidmudes[3] and most material consistently use the name "Gold Drive"[4][5], putting his Kamen Rider status as debatable.

Concept art of Gold Drive

  • Concept art of Gold Drive shows that he originally had a gold Shift Tire in place of where the repainted Archetype Gear would be on the final suit design.
    • The screen on the Banno Driver also has Drive Type Speed's "S" symbol, suggesting that the Banno Driver's facial expressions weren't yet finalized at that time.
    • The strap on Gold Drive's Shift Brace was also originally intended to be black, but later remained as red.
  • Gold Drive's suit appears to be molded based on Protodrive's suit with Type Speed's headpiece.
    • It is possible that Gold Drive's helmet is taken from Type High Speed's headpiece.
  • Continuing the "Kamen Rider meets Knight Rider" concept, Tenjuro becomes the K.A.R.R. counterpart to Krim's K.I.T.T.
    • This is further noticeable in the fact that the colors of their respective belts LEDs are the same as their Knight Rider counterpart's Anamorphic Equalizers. (Krim and K.I.T.T's are red while Tenjuro and K.A.R.R.'s are yellow.)
    • Banno using Roidmude 006's coreless body to transform into Gold Drive mirrors the 2008 installment of Knight Rider where K.A.R.R. assimilates agent Alex Torres in order to destroy K.I.T.T. 
  • Banno is the first rider to also be his own transformation device.
  • The method of his demise is doubly karmic, as not only was it the same method that Shinnosuke used to destroy Mr. Belt after the chip that Banno had his assistant install into his former colleague to corrupt him, but it was also done using the weapon of his final victim.
    • Similarly, his death also parallels with certain Mirror Riders in particular those commit the most grave sins, in such a way to the extent where an ironic death serves a punishment for their heinous actions.

"Gord Drive".

  • On the box art for the DX Banno Driver, Gold Drive's name is misspelled as "Gord Drive". However this is not all incorrect as "Gord" is the Japanese romanization of the English word "Gold", if a more direct romanization.
    • Most likely for the same reason, he is labeled as "Gord Drive" for Gold Drive's S.H. Figuarts release as well.
    • Interestingly, the Taiwanese site for Premium Bandai directly uses the "Gold Drive" spelling.
    • Though not likely to be, the word "Gord" can be an adjective meaning "arrogant" in Serbo-Croatian, and will have the pronunciation of "Gorudo" (ゴルド) if and only if this word is used in singular neuter positive forms[6].
    • This is not the first time using the Japanese word ゴルド but not ゴールド to represent the English word Gold, there are similar cases like Goldphoenix in Kamen Rider Ryuki.



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