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Team Woman (チームウーマン Chīmu Ūman) is a team of Kamen Riders and Sentai RangersIcon-crosswiki who fought in Chou Super Hero Taisen for the title of Goriders. They were beaten by Team Flying in the first round of the tournament. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Team Woman

Electro‑Wave Human Tackle Yuriko Misaki (Aka-Rider)
HurricaneBlue Nanami NonoIcon-crosswiki (Ao-Rider)
Kamen Rider Bravo Oren Pierre Alfonzo (Mido-Rider)
Go‑On Yellow Saki RouyamaIcon-crosswiki (Ki-Rider)
Kamen Rider Marika Yoko Minato (Momo-Rider)


  • As the name of the team implies, they are composed of female warriors, or at least effeminate warriors in Bravo's case.
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