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Team Red Hot's insignia

"As I thought, you're just amateurs that can't even comprehend the basics of fighting."
Oren Pierre Alfonso after throwing the Red Hot trio out of Charmant.[src]

Team Red Hot (チームレッドホット Chīmu Reddo Hotto) is a street dance group in Zawame City and one of the Beat Rider teams.


Three of the team members firstly appeared to Team Baron that they will get a Sengoku Driver in order to compete with other teams' respective Riders. Their leader went to the Drupers where he bought the belt from Lock Dealer Sid and a Durian Lockseed. He went out happily and showing off the belt to Hideyasu Jonouchi, Team Invitto's leader and him showing his Donguri Lockseed. They later hung out at Oren Pierre Alfonzo's bakery, Charmant, before being kicked out by the manager himself for disturbing the customers with their loud celebration on top of being unable to properly fight back as the belt was later confiscated by him, which he then uses to become Armored Rider Bravo. Durian Rider, Go to War!

Sometime after that, they managed to jailbreak their Lockseeds and make the Inves steal jewelry and gold. Sonomura jailbreaks an A-class Lockseed (a Mango Lockseed, to be precise) to steal Kota's Driver, but the Lockseed short-circuits and falls from his grasp, making the Lion Inves he was controlling turn on him. The New Arms! Jinba Lemon is Born!

The whereabouts of Sonomura and Team Red Hot following the full-scale invasion and infestation of Zawame City by the Inves is unknown. The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms


Team Red Hot

Team Red Hot


  • One of their members is portrayed by a suit actor, Yugo Fujii (藤井 祐伍 Fujii Yūgo).
  • Red Hot's recurring motif was wearing red clothing, some members wearing red baseball caps as well. They were also portrayed as social miscreants, even taking part in crime and vandalism.
  • Red Hot is ranked at #7 in episode 7, with a description of Hot! Hot! Red Hot! by DJ Sagara.


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