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Team invitto logo

Team Invitto's insignia

Team Invitto (チームインヴィット Chīmu Invitto) is a street dance group led by Hideyasu Jonouchi (Kamen Rider Gridon). Upon Oren taking him under his wing after Hideyasu begged for his help to improve his fighting skills by training, he must work at Charmant as payment, which leads to Hideyasu becoming a Yggdrasill member. His female teammates are not fully aware of Hideyasu's current activities and believe that he has abandoned them, later they are united together with Team Gaim and Team Baron.

Invitto appears to be comprised of females, save for Jonouchi. Their main theme appears to be dressing in preppy clothing and glasses, perpetuating an intellectual and sophisticated appearance. A recurring motif is wearing red bandannas on their heads, aside from Jounouchi who wears his as a scarf.

While Oren and Jonouchi both abandoned Yggdrasill and joined the other Armored Riders against the Inves, the entire Team Invitto probably escaped before the full-scale invasion and infestation of Zawame City by the Inves. The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms

3 months after Helheim left Earth, Team Invitto members are seen dancing with Team Gaim, Team Baron and Team Raid Wild.


All Rider Cup

Team Invitto does not appear to exist in the alternate reality created by Lapis. Instead, Hideyasu Jonouchi is a player along with Ryoji Hase on Oren Pierre Alfonzo's Team Charmant, competing with the Beat Rider teams' alternate counterparts for the All Rider Cup, which has taken the place of the Inves Game. Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! Kamen Rider Gaim: The Great Soccer Match! The Golden Fruit Cup!



Team Invitto

  • Hideyasu Jonouchi - Former leader, Kamen Rider Gridon. Currently has a full-time job at Charmant.
  • Five female members.
    • Mei
    • 4 unnamed members
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