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The Tatsumaki (竜巻 Tatsumaki, "Tornado") is Kamen Rider Ibuki's Rider Machine.


  • Base model: HONDA Shadow 750CC
  • Total length: 2510 mm
  • Width: 940 mm
  • Overall height: 1090 mm
  • Total emission: 745cc
  • Maximum speed: 210 km / h

Original Tatsumaki

Based on a dedicated bike that Ibuki uses for transportation. The number plate is Nara C hi 29-02 (奈良Cひ29-02). Akira Amami always sits on the back seat. It likes Ibuki was the one who customized Tatsumaki. A field tool is loaded to the upper bag, and there are bags loaded with Reppuu (right side) and a Disk Animals (left side), attached to both rear sides of the vehicle body.


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