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Tanzaburo Tojima ​Wants To Be A Kamen Rider (東島丹三郎は仮面ライダーになりたい Tōjima Tanzaburō wa Kamen Raidā ni Naritai) is a 2018 comedy manga written and drawn by Yokusaru Shibata. [1]


Ever since he was born, Tanzaburo dreamed of becoming a Kamen Rider. Even as a 40 year old adult, he continued to dream about becoming one and he would train and exercise regularly. One day, "Shocker" appeared and attacked a convenience store to rob them. Springing to action, Tanzaburo put on a plastic Kamen Rider mask and faced the criminals. Instead of being seen as a hero, he was made into an internet laughing stock! Determined to end the fake Shocker's schemes by investigating, Tanzaburo takes to the streets as Kamen Rider!


Kamen Rider Wannabes

"Tackle" and "Kamen Rider"

Kamen Rider Tanzaburo Tojima[2]
Electro‑Wave Human Tackle Yuriko


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