Good day! I have been rewatching Kamen Rider Drive and I was delighted to find the hidden feature of Type Tridoron was a rather clever failsafe for its Cannon finisher. However, I visited this wiki only to find that the feature has been erroneously been labelled an Error not only in episode 33, but in every episode this feature has appreared in. Allow me to explain:

On rewatching Kamen Rider Drive achieve Type Tridoron, I noticed that the Cannon finisher for this form is SO powerful that it literally fires the energy equivalent of Tridoron itself at the enemy. To set it up, the Type Speed Shift Car was placed at the top of the cannon (the shift landing slot as it is called) and the source of energy for the attack (usually two randomly selected Shift Cars) is now the Type Tridoron Shift Car. Upon firing, Tridoron itself emerges from the cannon. Now, remember, Type Tridoron is only possible through the merging of Shinnosuke with Tridoron itself. Therefore, this finisher pretty much defuses the two. This means that another form HAS to take its place as a failsafe lest everytime this finisher is executed, it'd leave Shinnosuke vulnerable. That's where the Shift Landing Slot comes in. Whatever Type Shift Car is placed there will become the go to form that the finisher will revert Drive to. Proof of this comes in episode 34 where Type Tridoron placed the Type Technic Shirt Car into the Landing Slot and after the finisher is used, he reverted to Type Technic. 

This is NOT an Error! It is a deliberate feature of the Form's Finisher. Yes! We do not see Drive actually place the Shift Car into his brace but we don't have to be rocket scientists to figure out that it happens BECAUSE of whichever Shift Car is placed on the Landing Slot. I am 99.9% positive that Type Technic was used as the go to form reversion in the VERY NEXT EPISODE to all but hammer this point home. 

My humble request is for all the pages that label this feature as an Error to be edited accordingly. Mistakes indeed happen, both in Tokusatsu AND on Wiki pages. However, I am hoping that this request is at least acknowledged and discussed instead of just thrown out. Thank you for your time. Rnorville1 (talk) 17:30, February 11, 2018 (UTC) 


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