Is actually Koba a villain?

Are you sure Shinji Koba isn't a villain...? Well, in certain mode, he was being a villain unwillingly, with his actions of almost causing the ruin of the future with executing Shinnosuke, being prejudicious and elitist, boycotting any attempt of supporting Shinnosuke, and priorizing the money and the reputation giving him no f*ck how much lives could get endangered by his actions. So, I think he was in certain mode a villain. Frankly, I think everything could have more sense if he was actually the main villain (Paradox), or if not, a secondary villain who made this due to he sold his soul to the Roidmudes. Frankly, I think Kiriko should better punch him, accuse him of betrayal, and arrest him. MarioStrikerMurphy (talk) 04:01, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

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