I've been seeing this a lot. I'm saying that wikipedia is always right. But most of these phrases from the translated episodes are fan-subs. In other words, what people say are not always right. Japanese is a diverse language with words and phrases that have different meanings in English, some may not have any counterparts. This happens a lot like in Naruto with the famous 'Dattebyo' or however that's written. Another thing about not using fansubbed phrases is that fans have preferences. For example "Ore Sanjou" is usually used just because it sounds better to fans than it's English translation. And Momotaros' insults (X-Yaro) can mean X-'person', 'rascal', 'jerk', and yes 'b***t**d'. Like I said Japanese is a diverse language, and since most fansubbers are hardcore fans, they prefer to translate languages into what they feel is more suited to his/her interests of speaking. Since this wiki main series is based mainly on a children's series (both Japanese) and to the adapted versions (Masked Rider and Dragon Knight), this wiki will not use the profane English translations. I'm not saying that anyone (editors or fansubbers) are wrong, just that this wiki will not use profane words unless they are actually used in no other way. Any further attempts, and that user will be blocked.Zeromaro (talk) 02:21, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

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