Hisanori or Eitoku???

I am confused over this guy's real name. Is he called "Hisanori Ōiwa" or "Eitoku Ooiwa"?

In the Decade net movies, specifically this episode, Yusuke mentions that his name was originally Eitoku Ooiwa, and asks why he shortened the name to just Eitoku. The Japanese Wikipedia article on him also states his name in Hiragana as おおいわ えいとく (Ooiwa Eitoku) in the infobox, therefore I thought Hisanori was the wrong translation and moved the page.

However, what I didn't notice was that the same article on JP Wikipedia had another hiragana version of his name which was おおいわ ひさのり (Ooiwa Hisanori). That one is supported with a citation as well. I got confused and immediately moved back the page to the original name.

I'm kinda in a dilemma as I don't know whether I messed up. There's two different hiraganas of his name on the same Japanese Wikipedia page; I don't know which one to believe. Which one is real name desu ka??????

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He was born "Hisanori Oiwa", and "Eitoku Oiwa" is his stage name. DecadeHansen (talk) 11:49, July 25, 2019 (UTC)

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