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Takumi, Revival (巧、復活 Takumi, Fukkatsu) is the seventeenth episode of Kamen Rider 555. It is the concluding part of the showdown between Faiz and Kaixa.


Kusaka and Takumi begin by squaring off again. Kusaka thinks Takumi's days as Faiz are numbered. Mari and Keitaro can't understand what is going on with Takumi. Kusaka take advantage of this to make himself look good and to try to get rid of Takumi.

Yuji's dead girlfriend's older brother contacts him to get him to help find her killer. He gets turned into an Orphenoch and attacks anyone who seems to be speaking bad about her.

Yuji realizes that the older brother has become an Orphenoch and as lost his soul as a human but he can do nothing about him. Takumi fights him.

Takumi realizes he had lost his way and strayed from his path. Not all Orphenochs want to live as humans and they must be dealt with.

As this episode ends, Kusaka finds out there is a third belt.


Kusaka soundly defeats Takumi, who passes out. He doesn't tell both Mari and Keitaro that Kusaka attacked him nor answers any of their concerns about what has been bothering him. Takumi informs Kusaka that he is over being Faiz as he can no longer fight Orphenochs due his recent conversation with Yuka. Meanwhile, Yoshimasa recovers in Kiba's apartment and continues his search for his sister's killer. Takumi unwinds at the batting cages where he meets Kiba, who finds him to be a kindred spirit. Mari tells Kaido that Kusaka is her boyfriend, so he would stop pursuing her. Yoshima later speaks to one of Chie's college classmates who tells him that Chie gets around with other guys. He is outraged then transforms into the Armadillo Orphenoch and kills him. Keitaro witnesses this and calls Takumi while Kiba receives a call from Yoshima saying that he will kill everyone who badmouthed his sister then rampages on the college campus. Takumi realizes he can't just stand by as Orphenochs keep killing innocent people. He becomes Faiz and defeats the Orphenoch much to the joy to both Mari and Keitaro. Kusaka learns the third belt is called Delta...


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Faiz Volume 5

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 5, DVD cover

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 5 features episodes 17-20: Takumi, Revival, Narrow Escape from Death, Pure White Justice and The Beautiful Assassin.

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Kamen Rider 555 Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 17 episodes.

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