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Takeshi Kurosaki (黒崎 武 Kurosaki Takeshi) is a 4C Extermination team leader.

Character History


Kurosaki is best described as cool, sarcastic, and abrasive man with jaded view in life. He held justifable but immense hatred towards Amazons, so much that he occasionally become impatient during Amazon hunts, severely distrusts those who had good history towards them, and believes that sympathy towards Amazons, even in slightest, as weakness that must be removed in Amazon hunts as it will led oneself vulnerable. As result, he openly antagonistic towards Mizuki and Fukoda in several occasions due to their history with Haruka/Amazon Omega, begrudgingly accepting Chihiro in his team, and angrily kicked one of 4C soldiers out for expressing his sympathy towards Iyu.

Kurosaki is not completely bereft of positive and sympathetic qualities: As the matter of fact, his bitter and nihilistic disposition was result of seeing how Iyu's father devouring his own family, and in spite of having no qualm against using Iyu who had been revived as crow-themed Sigma Amazon, he actually cared with her, evident as he visibly appalled by Tachibana's remote program to kill her should she defy her purpose. Even so, the ordeal that turned him into bitter person he is now created a turmoil of rage targeted at all Amazons and unstable at times. Despite this, he able to moderating his bad behavior for the sake of the mission's success and avoids needlessly antagonizing Iyu and Chihiro.

Kurosaki appears to have a sweet tooth, as he was shown buying a lot of cake in a sweet buffet.

Behind the Scenes


Takeshi Kurosaki is portrayed by Kota Miura (三浦 孝太 Miura Kōta).




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