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For the version from the Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next, see Takeshi Hongo (The Series).
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"Takeshi Hongo is a cyborg, Kamen Rider. He was remodeled by Shocker, an evil organization bent on ruling the world. Kamen Rider stands against them for the sake of all humanity."
―Opening narration[src]

"My name is Takeshi Hongo, a warrior who is fighting for the freedom of all humans in the world!"
―Takeshi's words to Kouta Kazuraba when they first meet[src]

"A secret villain society targeting the weak and seemingly endless fights to the death with monsters. How long... is this Hell going to continue?"
―Takeshi's tormented thoughts on his battles with Shocker during his early days as a hero.[src]

Takeshi Hongo (本郷 猛, Hongō Takeshi) is the primary protagonist of Kamen Rider. He is a very brilliant young science student who was kidnapped by Shocker for his numerous mental and physical skills, and was turned forcibly into a super-powered Cyborg (改造人間, Kaizō-Ningen, "Remodeled Human"). Before they are able to brainwash him to become completely one of their mighty monstruous soldiers, Takeshi escapes and decides to use his new powers for good, becoming the Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー, Kamen Raidā, "Masked Rider") to fight for humanity's freedom against the evil forces that created him. As Shocker expands their activities worldwide, Takeshi leaves Japan in the hands of his successor Hayato Ichimonji, later returning to Japan to help him defeat Shocker once and for all, retroactively bearing the name of Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号, Kamen Raidā Ichi-Gō, "Masked Rider 1" or "Kamen Rider 1-go")[2].


Battle against Shocker

Takeshi Hongo was born on August 15, 1948, and lost both of his parents at a young age. To help recover from his loss, he was taken under the tutelage of his mentor Tōbei Tachibana, whom Takeshi came to see as a father-figure. Growing up, Takeshi had an abnormal IQ of 600, which allowed him to study at Johnan University as a biochemistry major. Around this time, he worked alongside Hiroshi Midorikawa.

Takeshi also enjoyed riding motorcycles and was training to become a professional motorcycle racer. During practice with Tachibana, he is attacked and captured by Shocker, who were attracted to Takeshi's high IQ and amazing physical prowess. At the time Shocker planned to bring about a new order to the world, in which artificially enhanced beings, both cybernetically and organically, stood at the top of the world. Takeshi is then turned into one of those cybernetically enhanced beings, but is luckily not brainwashed due to the intervention of Dr. Midorikawa who assisted in his escape. As a result, Shocker sends the Man Spider monster after them.

Kamen Rider 1's first transformation

While hiding, Doctor Midorikawa explains that he had been forced to work for Shocker, and was also the one who unwillingly recommended Takeshi to them. Horrified at what had happened to his body, Takeshi asks Midorikawa if he will remain like this forever, which Midorikawa sadly confirms. Deciding to use his newfound powers for good, Takeshi's spirit as a Kamen Rider is born. Immediately afterward, Man Spider catches up with them and kills Doctor Midorikawa, leading Ruriko Midorikawa, the doctor's daughter who had just arrived there, to believe that it was Takeshi who killed him. Amongst the confusion, Man Spider knocks out Ruriko and takes her to use as bait for Takeshi. Takeshi transforms, calling himself "Kamen Rider" while riding a customized bike made by the Tachibana Racing Club, the Cyclone. He catches up with Man Spider, defeating him and his minions. With Man Spider defeated and Ruriko saved, Takeshi feels a moment of relief. Knowing that Shocker will not be easily defeated though, he braces himself for the long battle to come. [The Eerie Man Spider]

Shortly afterward, another Shocker member, Bat Man, goes after Takeshi. He implants a virus that transforms his victims into vampire-like creatures under his control. Ruriko is involved in the battle again, with the virus implanted in her blood, and, before she loses consciousness, Bat Man reveals to her that her father was killed for betraying Shocker. Takeshi defeats Bat Man and cures his victims. Tobei Tachibana, from the Tachibana Racing Club, learns about what happened to Takeshi and his battle against Shocker during these events and decides to support him. Meanwhile, Ruriko sees that Takeshi wasn't the one who killed her father, and in fact, was fighting against the ones responsible for his death. However, she doesn't learn about his identity as Kamen Rider. [The Terrifying Bat Man]

Takeshi and Tachibana together soon study the limits of Takeshi's new body. Takeshi tries to keep Ruriko away from the battle, hiding the modifications done to him and his identity as the Kamen Rider, in hopes of keeping her away from danger. He soon stumbles on an odd case about an old man, supposedly being taken for psychiatric treatment, while asking for help and mentioning Shocker. Suspicious of those events, Takeshi soon goes in pursuit, rescuing the man. He was Mr.Ito, who had escaped from a Shocker base but was immediately pursued in an attempt to stop Shocker's existence from being revealed to the world. Tachibana asked for Ruriko's help to protect Mr. Ito, alongside Goro Hayase, Takeshi's old friend, and rival in racing. However, Shocker troops soon surround them, and a strange scorpion kills Mr. Ito. Going in pursuit of the troops, Takeshi and Goro eventually get to a Shocker base, where Goro reveals that he voluntarily joined Shocker and became a cyborg, Scorpion Man, in order to get a chance to best Takeshi. Takeshi tries to reason with Goro, who refuses to back down and is forced to fight against and eventually kill him. [The Monster Scorpion Man]

Takeshi goes on to fight against many of Shocker's creations, stopping their various plans. Takeshi also often spends his free time and coordinates his battle against Shocker with Tachibana in the "Snack Amigo" café, which is also frequented by Ruriko. Eventually, studying the various monsters defeated by Takeshi, and combining their strongest traits, Shocker creates Gebacondor. However, to awaken their superior creation, they need to the blood of young women, and, to obtain that, they start killing women who are about to marry in a certain chapel. Meanwhile, Kazuya Taki, winner of the 1970's "All-Japan Championship" racing competition, another great rival of Takeshi, sends a letter to the Snack Amigo announcing his upcoming marriage, before the next tournament. Takeshi had learned about the assassinations and was investigating them, and so he doesn't go to his friend's marriage. After the marriage of Kazuya and Yoko Taki, they're attacked by Shocker troops led by Gebacondor. Kazuya demonstrates an incredible fighting prowess against Shocker's troops, but Yoko is about to be taken until Takeshi arrives and fights as Kamen Rider to stop them. Kazuya rescues Yoko, but the Kamen Rider's attacks have little effect on Gebacondor, which ends up hitting Takeshi with an attack that buries him underground. Gebacondor leaves, believing that he had killed the Rider. Gebacondor continues its attacks, this time not limited to the chapel. Tobei Tachibana prepares a plan involving a fake marriage to attract Shocker's attention, and Kazuya decides to help. When the Gebacondor reappears, so does Takeshi, who recovered from his earlier defeat. However, he still couldn't match the new Shocker creation physically. Following Tachibana's words, however, he uses the Cyclone at max speed to run into Gebacondor, destroying it. [The Blood-Sucking Monster Gebacondor]

Shocker revives the 11 monsters killed by the Kamen Rider, starting a large operation to invade the Tokyo Atomic Energy Research Laboratory. However, Bat Man and Scorpion Man fail to break through the powerful electromagnetic wave barrier surrounding it. The Weapons Research Division, however, soon presents a Barrier Wrecking Ball. Shocker captures, modifies and brainwashed the arrogant Soccer Player, Ken Nomoto, creating the Tokageron, a powerful lizard monster. Kazuya returns to the Snack Amigo, wanting to contact Takeshi, however, he yet again was focused on his battle against Shocker, already working to stop their newest operation. Ruriko and Kazuya also had their own suspicious and investigate on their own, following a suspicious car to a Shocker base. Ken Nomoto, now a brainwashed Shocker agent, convinces Kazuya to forget the investigation. However, he was preparing a surprise attack against them, causing a rock slide that wounds Kazuya. The Kamen Rider appears to face him, but he's also defeated. Takeshi trains with Tachibana to become stronger, and the result is the creation of a more powerful Rider Kick, the Denko Rider Kick.

In spite of being wounded, Kazuya quickly goes back to his Shocker investigation. Tachibana finds an FBI badge left by Kazuya in the hospital, discovering his reason for involving himself in the battle against Shocker. Kazuya invades a secret base of Shocker, but the Shocker Leader welcomes him through audio-only communication, revealing that they also already knew his identity. He's surrounded by Shocker Combatmen but is saved by the Kamen Rider. Takeshi returns to the Tokyo Atomic Energy Research Laboratory, where he faces all 12 cyborgs at once. Kamen Rider steals and uses the Barrier Destruction Bomb that was to be used to destroy the lab's barrier to destroy the monster army itself. [Tokageron and the Large Monster Army]

International Battle

In spite of their international activities being mostly successful, Shocker's plans weren't progressing in Japan. After the previous attempts at killing Takeshi, they decide to create a second Kamen Rider, superior to the original. However, Takeshi uncovers their plan and rescues the subject before he's brainwashed. He was Hayato Ichimonji, a freelance cameraman, who decides to help in Takeshi's battle against Shocker. Takeshi leaves Japan in Hayato's hands and travels overseas to fight against Shocker around the world. Ruriko Midorikawa also leaves with him, although eventually, they part ways.

Through accepting himself and various battles that strengthened him, Takeshi gained a new form known as Sakurajima 1 which allowed him to fight more evenly against some of Shockers' newer soldiers eventually leading him to Dr. Shinigami, commander of Shocker's Swiss branch. He receives help from Emi, a martial artist who also had skills in decrypting Shocker transmissions, and Mika, a fortuneteller also able to use cards in combat. Shocker discovers about their operations and attempts to kill them, but they're saved by Takeshi, who protects them as Kamen Rider. Takeshi faces the powerful Shocker cyborg, Snowman, but can't best him in combat. Emi discovers about a large Shocker operation to bring chaos in Japan through an artificial eruption of the Mount Kyushu volcano, with the participation of Dr. Shinigami himself. Takeshi tells them to travel there and contact Hayato. Takeshi also follows them to Japan and soon joins Hayato. The two Riders, fighting together, destroy Snowman and move to stop Shocker's operation. [Deathmatch! The Monster Snowman vs. The Two Riders]

Shocker starts kidnapping many people in the area of Sakurajima to work in their operation, including the members of the Tachibana Racing Club. After finding a young boy whose mother was taken from him, Takeshi leaves him under Hayato's protection while he goes on to face Shocker alone. Armadillong and Mogurang, two Shocker cyborgs previously defeated by Hayato, are rebuilt and face Takeshi, who manages to stop them, however, he soon has to face Goaster, Shocker's newest creation. Heat resistant and with an enormous strength it defeats Takeshi, who is captured by Shocker. Intending to proceed with their original plans for Takeshi, Dr. Shinigami brainwashes him into becoming a loyal soldier of Shocker and sends him to face the second Kamen Rider, with the plan to have one Kamen Rider kill the other and the remaining survivor, in a weakened state, be killed by Shocker. Takeshi seemingly emerges victorious with Hayato dying. With his mission done, Goaster appears to kill Takeshi, only to see Hayato getting up just fine. Their minds are linked and can communicate no matter the distance, as a result, the brainwashing had been undone and Hayato had pretended to die. Takeshi easily destroys Armadillong and, together, the Double Riders kill Goaster, and free the people enslaved by Shocker. The Double Riders also go after Dr. Shinigami, but he escapes. Takeshi leaves Emi and Mika in Japan, going back to Europe to continue fighting by himself. However, Dr. Shinigami stays leading Shocker's operations in Japan. [The Magma Monster Goaster, Great Decisive Battle at Sakurajima]

Sometime later, Takeshi recovered Kenzo Nakayama who had been left to die by Shocker Combatmen after discovering a diamond mine. Kenzo eventually sold the mine to get back to Japan where he would use the fortune to make a children's home for all the orphans of Japan, ruining the ambitions of Shocker who intended to acquire the wealth for their own use. It was thanks to an antidote provided by Takeshi beforehand that Hayato was able to save the life of Kazuya Taki who had been struck by Shocker's African poison dart. Takeshi fought alongside Hayato and Kazuya against the Shocker force led by Isoguinchack. After defeating the cyborg monster with his fellow Rider, Takeshi left Japan once more for a new mission in Europe. [The Man-Eating Monster Isoguinchack]

Not long after, in Europe, a Unicorn fossil is discovered but mysteriously disappears. It's taken by Shocker to be used in the creation of their new monster, Unicornos. Takeshi sends a letter to Hayato and soon follows to help him. While Hayato protected people and investigated Shocker, Takeshi infiltrated their base of operations and faced Unicornos and Dr. Shinigami. Dr. Shinigami escapes, but the two Riders fight together destroy Unicornos. [The Rock Monster Unicornos vs. Double Rider Kick]

Soon afterward, Dr. Shinigami and Guilgaras start an operation involving the Deadman Gas, which drives people mad and forces them to kill each other. Hayato attempts to stop them, but he's defeated by Shocker's troops with the help of Guilgaras' Deadman Gas, which has a paralyzing effect on cyborgs. Takeshi appears to face Guilgaras, who recognizes his fame as stopping many Shocker operations in Europe. Guilgaras seemingly paralyzes him too, but Takeshi had intentionally let himself be defeated to infiltrate Shocker's base, using an antidote he brought from Europe to recover. After using the Deadman Gas to wreak havoc in the base, Takeshi confronts Dr. Shinigami, but both Guilgaras escapes. He is, however, able to warn Hayato about Guilgaras' whereabouts. Hayato joins in the battle against Guilgaras, while Dr. Shinigami escapes from Takeshi, who then goes to help Hayato. The Double Riders destroy Guilgaras with a Double Rider Kick. After the battle is over, Hayato decides to leave Japan in Takeshi's hands, leaving to go after Dr. Shinigami and fight against Shocker abroad, while Takeshi stays in Japan. Hayato also gives Takeshi his camera to keep until their battle is finished. [My Name is Monstrous Bird Guilgaras!]

Return to Japan

One of Takeshi's signature outfits after his return to the Tachibana Racing Club

Takeshi is captured once again by Shocker, who proceed to enhance his body even further than originally and brainwash him into a loyal servant. However, by using self-hypnosis, Takeshi avoids the brainwashing and returns as a more powerful Kamen Rider. This is the origin of the original Rider's famous design with silver gloves and boots that would go on to appear in all of his appearances starting from this point. [3]

While training for a racing competition, Takeshi is attacked by Shocker troops led by Jaguarman. Their battle is observed by Jigoku Taishi, the new commander that takes over Shocker's activities in Japan. Using Jaguarman's powers, Shocker controls animals to attack humans. Takeshi and Kazuya investigate the reports about animals attacking humans and soon run into Shocker troops, and are welcomed by Jigoku Taishi through a hologram. Hell introduces himself and reveals that Takeshi's companions of the Tachibana Racing Club have been kidnapped. Takeshi exchanges their freedom with his and is crucified and about to be executed when Kazuya returns and rescues him. Takeshi transforms into the new Kamen Rider 1 and easily destroys Jaguarman with a new air grappling technique, the Rider Head Crusher. [The Monster Jaguarman, Decisive Deadly Autobike Battle]

After Jigoku Taishi's operations fail several times against Takeshi, Dr. Shinigami returns from America to cooperate with Jigoku Taishi in Japan. Dr. Shinigami brings with him a new cyborg made in the USA, Namazuguiller, based on an electric catfish, able to release powerful electric shocks and take over victims with them. Jigoku Taishi captures Goro Ishikura, a young member of the Tachibana Racing Club. Takeshi and Kazuya, while investigating Shocker's activities, run into Namazuguiller and Takeshi briefly faces the new cyborg, which soon escapes. Goro Ishikura is sent back to the Racing Club members, but brainwashed and releasing electric shocks against them. However, after the charge runs out, he goes back to normal. Afterward, Kazuya becomes his next target and attacks Takeshi, but Takeshi knocks him out and then destroys Namazuguiller, alongside the Shocker base in the region, bringing everyone back to normal. [The Monster Namazuguiller's Electric Hell]

Dr. Shinigami soon brings a monster from Shocker's African branch, Saigang. Isao Katsumaru, a fellow racer friends with Takeshi, is captured and brainwashed by Death. During a racing competition, Takeshi and Kazuya are attacked, but Takeshi manages to fight away Isao and the Shocker troops. Isao is left dizzy afterward and uses the sabotaged fuel that was meant to be used for Takeshi's bike. Isao's bike blows up, but he survives and recovers his senses. Takeshi catches up with him, defeats the Shocker troops, and destroys Saigang. Takeshi and Kazuya quickly get back into the race and manage to win. [The Monster Saigang, Deadly Auto Race]

Kamikirikid, a longhorn beetle monster, attacks people who approach the Shocker graveyard, where dead monsters are taken after being killed. They sacrifice Kato, a captured human, in front of a skull adorned cross from where the Shocker Leader communicated with his followers. Afterward, several monsters were brought back to life: Jaguarman, Saigang, Beaded Lizard Man, Harinezras and Zanjioh. Led by Kamikirikid, they start an operation to bring vengeance upon the first Kamen Rider and his friends, aiming to sacrifice them for an even greater ritual. Kato miraculously appears alive in the Tachibana Racing Club, asking for help, but it's just a disguise taken by Kamikirikid, who leads Takeshi away from his friends while the other monsters capture them. However, Takeshi returns and defeats all monsters together by himself, destroying the Shocker Graveyard. [The Shocker Graveyard, The Revived Monsters]

A couple sees a meteorite falling and heads to see it from up close. They find a red glowing stone, but, when Katsuo approaches it, the rock explodes and covers him in sparks, killing him. It was all just the beginning of an operation led by Dr. Shinigami to destroy all of Japan with meteorites. Meanwhile, Takeshi tests a remodeled New Cyclone. During his training, Takeshi's ambushed by Shocker troops led by a squid cyborg, Ika Devil. His Rider Kick fails against it, and he's severely wounded. Shortly afterward, Tachibana is captured by Dr. Shinigami, who wants him to work as a trainer for Shocker's cyborgs. Meanwhile, Takeshi trains with Kazuya's help to surpass the new enemy. Takeshi faces Death, who reveals his true form as Ika Devil. Kamen Rider faces Ika Devil, and, during the battle, Tachibana, who manages to escape, tells Takeshi that Ika Devil's weakness was his head. Ika Devil reveals that soon the meteorites will fall and Japan will be destroyed. Kamen Rider uses the Rider Kirimomi Shoot, sending him crashing onto a mountain. After Ika Devil is defeated and explodes, the meteorites fall out of control around him, destroying one of Shocker's bases and stopping their own operation. [Dr. Shinigami, The Terrifying Truth Form?]

The Tachibana Racing Club travels to take a little summer vacation from their encounters with Shocker, but unknowingly step into another one of the organization's operations. Mosquiras was testing its poison that reduces people to bones, and Tachibana runs across him. It moves to silence him, but he's soon interrupted by a Kamen Rider with red gloves and boots. Mosquiras escapes, and the Rider is revealed to be an upgraded Hayato Ichimonji, who had followed Mosquiras back to Japan after fighting against Shocker in the Amazon. However, in spite of his efforts, the members of the Tachibana Racing Club are kidnapped and used as hostages by Jigoku Taishi. After the trouble comes up, Takeshi and Kazuya soon join to rescue them. The two Riders together rescue the Tachibana Racing Club members and destroy Mosquiras with a Rider Double Kick. However, Jigoku Taishi immediately moves ahead with a new attack led by Siomaneking. [The Blood-Sucking Mosquiras vs. The Two Riders]

Jigoku Taishi planned to build a large underwater base for Shocker, and, for that project, Siomaneking captured Professor Sakai, who was forced to work for Shocker. He refused though, and so Siomaneking proceeded to attempt to hold his wife and child as hostages in order to force him to work for Shocker. Kazuya, and soon, Takeshi get in Siomaneking's way, protecting the professor's family. The battle between Takeshi and Siomaneking ends in a stalemate, but soon Shocker launches a second attack to capture Sakai's family. Takeshi attempts to face them but is unable to take care of the Shocker Combatmen, Siomaneking and Jigoku Taishi all at once, even with Kazuya's help. However, Hayato soon arrives to help, taking on Siomaneking while Takeshi takes care of the Shocker troops and Kazuya rescues the hostages. With a Rider Double Kick, Siomaneking is destroyed and Shocker's operation falls apart. Soon afterward, Hayato leaves Japan again to continue his fight abroad. [Double Riders, Defeat!! Siomaneking ]

Naoki and Mitsuru, two boys who had been following the adventures of the Tachibana Racing Club are gifted with Rider themed uniform and pendants with transmitters, becoming the first two members of Kamen Rider Kid Corps, prepared by Tachibana and the Racing Club. They also receive trained birds for communication. Shortly afterward, more children join them. The monster Silaquiras, following orders from Jigoku Taishi, starts an operation to brainwash children. Brainwashed children then bring more children to become Shocker followers. However, they soon run into Tatsuo Ito, a new Rider Corps member, who refuses to join them. He finds his father and asks for his help, but his father has been brainwashed too. He sends a bird to ask for help but isn't unable to write any message. However, Takeshi, Kazuya, and the Tachibana Racing Club members, soon track down the location where trouble was brewing by analyzing who had received the bird. They soon face the people controlled by Silaquiras, including Tatsuo, and Silaquiras himself. The Kamen Rider has an advantage against it, but Kazuya is hurt in combat, and the monster uses the opportunity to retreat. Afterward, the Rider Corps spreads all over the city, looking for any signs of Shocker, until Naoki finds a suspicious car, calling for help. Kamen Rider thanks them and silently follows the car to their hideout. He then destroys their base and easily defeats Silaquiras. [The Deadly Blood-Sucking Devil, Give It Your All!! Rider Kid Corps]

Alongside the Kamen Rider Kid Corps, Takeshi continues his battle against Shocker defeating several cyborgs. One night, in the Otake village, a child sees a plane being destroyed in the middle of its flight and decides to go near the area. He wanders into a graveyard, where Shocker Combatmen were messing with a grave. After they leave, the child approaches, only to see a strange Sea Urchin. Unidogma soon appears, telling him that he couldn't let him escape after seeing his form. The child escapes to his parents who just melt when he approaches them. In spite of being in a panic, the child still manages to escape. Jigoku Taishi was furious at his troops for allowing a mere child to slip from their hands. The child runs into Tachibana and tells him everything that he saw. However, when they go check his home, his parents are there, seemingly alive. After initially leaving the child behind, Tachibana signals to Takeshi and Kazuya back in Tokyo that something was wrong, and returns for the child, rescuing him from Shocker. Takeshi and Kazuya head there, but, in the way, run into a thick fog and a mysterious monster. Takeshi tells Kazuya to go ahead and faces the new monster. He's impressed by the strength of the new Shocker cyborg but receives a puzzling answer from the monster, who tells him that the Shocker monster is Unidogma in the Otake village. The Kamen Rider is unable to do any damage to the monster and is punched to the ground before it disappears in a blink. After the interruption, Takeshi soon manages to arrive and destroys Unidogma. The Shocker Leader tells Jigoku Taishi that he's responsible for all their failures, and shows him the mysterious monster, although he refuses to reveal its identity. Feeling pressured, Jigoku Taishi promises to win next time. [The Terrifying Unidogma + Ghost Monsters]

Garagaranda attacks people who live close to the ocean, but his attack is soon interrupted by the Kamen Rider. Confused by how Takeshi could have learned about his plans, Takeshi reveals that he received information from someone who betrayed Shocker. Garagaranda refuses to accept that and attacks, but he's defeated by the Kamen Rider with a powerful kick. Back in his command center, Jigoku Taishi is chained by his own soldiers, the Shocker Leader accuses him of betraying Shocker since only two people knew about Garagaranda's operation - Jigoku Taishi and Shocker's leader himself. In the Rider Corps control room, Tobei Tachibana receives a messager bird that wasn't one of the ones given to the Rider Corps members. In fact, it was a voice message from the Shocker Leader, talking about the execution of Jigoku Taishi, and inviting Takeshi for it. Although they couldn't trust Shocker, Takeshi chooses to take that chance while making some preventive measures of his own. He goes to the meeting place and is about to see Hell's execution when, with Kazuya's help, they rescue Jigoku Taishi. Takeshi stays facing the Shocker troops, while Kazuya takes Jigoku Taishi. Hell wonders if Takeshi would be fine staying behind, telling Taki about the existence of the mysterious monster. After Takeshi defeats the Shocker Combatmen, the mysterious monster appears again and disappears flying into the sky after knocking down Kamen Rider 1.

Jigoku Taishi tells the Tachibana Racing Club about Ganikoumoru, the true name of the monster, and about how he had been fooled by Shocker's promises of world domination, and that's why he chose to help them stopping Garagaranda. He reveals that Garagaranda's next target was in the Japanese desert. Takeshi decides to investigate while leaving Jigoku Taishi with Tachibana and the girls of the Racing Club. However, soon Jigoku Taishi reveals that he is Garagaranda, taking all of them as prisoners. When Taki and Takeshi arrive in the desert, they see Jigoku Taishi with the Racing Club members as hostages, buried under the sand. Jigoku Taishi then reveals his full scheme to both of them. Kazuya rescues the club members, while the Kamen Rider faces Garagaranda. After receiving a Rider Kick, Jigoku Taishi returns to human form before exploding, screaming that the Shocker Army is eternal. However, the voice of the Shocker Leader soon echoes, telling the Rider that Shocker was finished, but an even more menacing organization soon would appear. Following the leader's speech, Jigoku Taishi's base in Japan self destructs. [Jigoku Taishi!! The Terrifying True Form?]

Gel Shocker

Shocker Combatmen around Japan are killed by Ganikoumoru. Meanwhile, Takeshi and Kazuya are ambushed by new soldiers. Takeshi can still keep up with them, but they easily dodge and counter Taki while also showing strange abilities, like disappearing and turning into paper sheets to fly. Soon, Ganikoumoru appears before them, announcing that the name of the new organization is Gel Shocker. Takeshi watches it completely destroy the body of a dead Shocker Combatman. He then works with Taki and captures one of the new soldiers. The soldier tells them that their Japanese hideout is in the Sarushima island and that their leader is General Black. He also reveals that they all had to return before 3 o'clock, but he's immediately self-destructed remotely. Takeshi and Kazuya investigate the island and find a completely immobile Tachibana lying down under a blanket. Ganikoumoru appears, and they're surrounded by Gel Shocker Combatmen who capture them. Afterward, Tachibana stands up, only to reveal that it was just a disguise by General Black, the leader of Gel Shocker's Japanese invasion, who had come from Africa. The Gel Shocker troops raise a flag for the beginning of their invasion, while General Black talks about how Shocker now also had Geldam's strength and with that they'll certainly conquer Earth. However, Kamen Rider reappears and faces Ganikoumoru once again. Taki goes after General Black, but he's stopped by the Gel Shocker Combatmen. Meanwhile, Kamen Rider and Ganikoumoru clash and seemingly explode together in the skies of Sarushima. [Gel Shocker's Debut! The Last Day of Kamen Rider!!]

Taki and all the Racing Club members mourn the Rider's loss. They soon receive a message from Gel Shocker, which turns out to be a time bomb. Kazuya gets rid of it, but it still hurts him. Sasori Tokagues proceeds with the execution of surviving Shocker scientists, but one of them, Shintaro Mine, escapes. Gel Shocker Combatmen immediately head towards his home, only to be surprised by Takeshi, still alive. Takeshi's survival is revealed to the Rider Corps communication room, but Tachibana, who wasn't with them, doesn't learn about it. Tachibana's attacked by Sasori Tokagues, who reveals that Takeshi is alive, right before attempting to kill Tobei. However, the Kamen Rider arrives and rescues him. He faces the Gel Shocker troops and Sasori Tokagues, who is destroyed by the Rider Hanten Kick. [Kamen Rider Dies Twice!!]

The Kamen Rider goes on to face and stop many Gel Shocker cyborgs and operations in Japan, like Shocker before them. However, Gel Shocker's monsters were stronger and his battles harsher. Mukade Tiger, a centipede and tiger monster, brainwashed and kidnapped children around Japan. The Rider Corps headquarters receive a message addressed from a wasteland, and Takeshi decides to investigate, alongside Taki. There, Centigeerpede shows that the Rider Corps children now are Gel Shocker Kid Corps. Takeshi avoids hurting them and faces Mukade Tiger, but his Rider Kick is defeated by its Centipede Punch. When Kazuya returns to the base after the battle, he soon notices that Tachibana and everyone else had been brainwashed. Taki himself also is poisoned and can't do anything. Takeshi is found and rescued by a Rider Corps member that hadn't been brainwashed alongside his sister, Yumi. However, Gel Shocker soon attacks them, and, using him as a hostage, forces Yumi to give Takeshi's location. Mukade Tiger burns Takeshi's hideout, which explodes, but the hot wind makes the Typhoon belt spin, transforming him and saving his life. Regretful for her actions, Yumi looks at the destroyed cabin in desolation, but Kamen Rider appears and tells her that her actions weren't wrong. Peace and justice aren't as important as human life. He promises that he'd save her brother and leaves to face Mukade Tiger again. The Kamen Rider invades the Terror School and takes on Mukade Tiger. The fight reaches the top of a dam, from where the Rider and Mukade Tiger fall, seemingly exploding together. General Black decides that it's a unique opportunity and calls forth other Gel Shocker members. A Kamen Rider with yellow gloves, boots, and scarf steps forward. Taki and the Rider Corps search for the original Kamen Rider near the explosion but find no traces left. [Enroll in Gel Shocker Terror School!!]

Haetori Bachi, a Venus flytrap/bee monster goes after two men, who he describes as human guinea pigs for Gel Shocker's cyborgs, before easily killing them with an acid spit. However, Takeshi's voice challenges Haetori Bachi, who looks up to see the Kamen Rider with yellow boots and gloves. They start fighting, but soon General Black interrupts them, revealing that it was just a training session for the Shocker Rider. Their goal is to eliminate the Anti-Shocker Alliance before they can join with the Kamen Rider Kid Corps. Gel Shocker's computers detect that the Anti-Shocker Alliance has information regarding the Gel Shocker Leader's real identity, and move to destroy it. Tobei Tachibana is contacted by the Anti-Shocker Alliance and meets their leader, Seiichiro Kogure. Seiichiro tells Tobei about how they're a worldwide organization, and many members have personal grudges against Shocker, like how his son had been killed by them, while his assistant, who contacted Tobei, Chie Ishigami, had lost her mother. Their computer had obtained information about the identity of the Gel Shocker Leader and wanted to give it to the Kamen Rider. The Shocker Rider appears in the Rider Corps base, speaking with Takeshi's voice, and assuring them that he was fine and would obtain the information. Taki goes with him, and, right after the disguised Shocker Rider receives the data in a suitcase, they're attacked by Gel Shocker Combatmen. Meanwhile, Chie Ishigami is attacked by Haetori Bachi, who tells her that he knew where to find her because they had given the information to the Kamen Rider, their ally. However, she's rescued in the last moment by Takeshi, who was still alive. He transforms into Kamen Rider and rescues Ishigami, allowing Haetori Bachi to escape. The original Kamen Rider notices that there must be a Shocker Rider identical to him, and promises her that he'd stop it. Tachibana and Kazuya meet the Shocker Rider, who, mimicking Takeshi's voice, refuses to give them the Anti-Shocker Alliance's data about the Gel Shocker Leader and attacks them both. However, soon the original Rider returns and steals the data. The Shocker Rider drops the voice disguise and fights against the original Kamen Rider. They're perfectly matched, and the Shocker Rider even has his own Cyclone. However, soon the Shocker Rider reveals his own tricks, like a blade built into his leg, that could be detached and wielded like a knife. Haetori Bachi reappears, and, fighting alongside the Shocker Rider, easily defeats the original one, who's left hanging on rocks to avoid falling into the sea. [Atrocity! Fake Kamen Rider]

The original Kamen Rider grabs onto Haetori Bachi's leg, falling and disappearing into the sea with it. The Shocker Rider celebrates the original Riders' death, proclaiming himself the only Kamen Rider now. The Shocker Rider attempts to destroy the data about the Gel Shocker Leader, but he's stopped by Ei Dokugar, a batoid/poisonous moth monster. He reveals there has been a change of plans, and Gel Shocker wants the information, while they should give a false device to the Anti-Shocker Alliance that would kill them all. Kazuya and Tachibana approach the battle's location and receive the false suitcase, while the Shocker Rider and Haetori Bachi act like they're fighting against each other. The Shocker Rider claims that the false Rider has been destroyed when a group of Gel Shocker Combatmen appears. He tells Tachibana and Kazuya to take the suitcase, while he'd stay behind and fight them off. The Gel Shocker Leader receives the Anti-Shocker Alliance data and tells General Black to analyze it to understand the scale of their organization. However, it turns out that they had obtained false data. The Gel Shocker Leader decides that the plan to destroy the Anti Shocker Alliance must be suspended and they should get the real tape first. The Shocker Rider, mimicking Takeshi's voice, returns to the Anti-Shocker Alliance base, and warns them about the bomb in the device they had received. He tells them to leave the base and activates the bomb, although it does no damage to himself. Hayato Ichimonji arrives with the real data, but the Shocker Rider insists on getting it. Hayato wonders about that yellow muffler and soon he drops his guise and they fight. Ichimonji destroys the Shocker Cyclone, seemingly alongside the Shocker Rider and recovers the suitcase with the data. However, soon afterward, a Rider with a white scarf and Takeshi's voice appears in the Rider Corps base. It was actually Shocker Rider No.2, alongside Ei Dokugar, who proceed to kidnap the children and women left in the base. Takeshi returns and transformed into Kamen Rider, facing Ei Dokugar and Shocker Rider No. 2, but he's knocked out by the Shocker Rider and the hostages are taken away. Soon afterward, Hayato, Kazuya and Tachibana find a wounded Takeshi. General Black contacts them, using the hostages to obtain the computer data in the hands of the Anti-Shocker Alliance. Seiichiro Kogure refuses to hand over the data to them, saying that they need to look at the bigger picture, but Chie Ishigami gives them the suitcase with the data device, asking them to carry on the revenge for her mother. Takeshi recovers and goes alongside Hayato and Kazuya for the negotiations. They hand the suitcase to a helicopter via a rope ladder, but when Shocker refuses to give the hostages, Kazuya jumps and grabs on, climbing into the helicopter. Meanwhile, Shocker Riders Number 1 and Number 2 reappear, quickly followed by four others, Shocker Riders No.3, No.4, No.5 and No.6. Takeshi and Hayato transform into Kamen Riders 1 and 2 and prepare for the battle. [The 8 Kamen Riders]

In addition to the Shocker Riders, more Combatmen appear, and the Shocker Riders show their own unique abilities, like a micro-missile barrage. While the fight goes on, Tachibana appears and rescues the hostages. Seiichiro Kogure returns and uses a gas weapon to allow the Riders to escape. They jump to the helicopter and immobilize Ei Dokugar, recovering the suitcase. Seiichiro decides to lock the data device into a safe to keep it away from Gel Shocker. Ei Dokugar is captured, but remains in complete silence, not giving any information. Meanwhile, Tachibana decides to train Takeshi and Hayato to develop a new technique against the Shocker Riders. Namekuji Kinoko is sent as General Black's last trump card in the mission. He kills Kogure and possesses his body. At the same time, Ei Dokugar starts moving again, breaking from his prison and killing agents of the Anti-Shocker Alliance. Gel Shocker Combatmen appear and possess their bodies too. However, Takeshi's presence stopped them from acting openly. The data finally is seemingly analyzed, revealing that Gel Shocker's leader's hideout is in Japan and gives its coordinates. Ei Dokugar appears and tries to stop the Kamen Rider Kid Corps and Anti-Shocker Alliance members from heading there, but Kamen Riders 1 and 2 together destroy it. They head into the Gel Shocker hideout, but it was a trap: it was all false information planted into the Anti-Shocker Alliance's computer to trap the two Kamen Riders and kill all of their enemies. Kogure reappears, holding Chie as a hostage, and reveals the real Kogure is dead, and he's actually Namekuji Kinoko. Kazuya rescues Chie and the Riders start their counterattack. The two Riders are surrounded by the Shocker Riders, and, although they can beat them individually, as a group the Shocker Riders still are stronger. However, they use the new technique learned through their training with Tobei Tachibana, the Rider Sharin - running in circles and jumping to create a destructive force that pushes the Shocker Riders against each other with enough force to make them explode. Afterward, with a Rider Double Kick, they quickly destroy Namekuji Kinoko. After the battle, Hayato leaves again to continue fighting abroad. [The True Form of Gel Shocker Leader!!]

Takeshi and the Kamen Rider Kid Corps face a few more Gel Shocker cyborgs stopping their operations again and again. A couple are attacked by a Gel Shocker monster, Hilchameleon. The man attempts to hold the monster, while the girl escapes. She soon runs into boys from the Rider Corps, who report the Gel Shocker sighting. Meanwhile, using human life force absorbed by Hilchameleon, the Gel Shocker scientists were able to resurrect Ganikoumoru, and planned to bring even more Gel Shocker cyborgs back to life. Takeshi and Kazuya find a Gel Shocker base close to the place reported by the Rider Corps and infiltrate it, disguising themselves as Gel Shocker Combatmen. Entering there, they find Ganikoumoru. Kamen Rider 1 beats it easily enough this time, but it wasn't the monster reported by the kids, which suggested that there was something else out there. Meanwhile, Hilchameleon studies Takeshi's transformation with the aid of Dr. Dee and how to stop it. The Doctor deduces that during Takeshi's transformation into Kamen Rider, he is left completely vulnerable and stopping the Typhoon at the right time would immobilize him. Meanwhile, prisoners attempt to escape from Gel Shocker's base but are both killed before escaping. Later that night, Takeshi is attacked by Hilchameleon, who disappears after his surprise attack fails. However, he's followed by Kamen Rider 1, who fights against him briefly before it escapes. Right after the battle, a man who claims to have escaped from a Gel Shocker base meets Takeshi. He tells the Rider Corps the location and takes Takeshi and Kazuya there, but as soon as they leave the base, Tachibana and the other members are struck and left unconscious by Gel Shocker. Kazuya is attacked by their guide, while Takeshi is caught in trap. Their guide was actually Hilchameleon himself, mimicking one of the dead prisoners. Hilchameleon uses all of the Rider Corps as hostages against Takeshi, telling that their life will be used for monsters. Takeshi attempts to transform, but his belt is stopped by a substance emitted on it. [Takeshi Hongo, Cannot Transform!!]

Kamen Rider 2 returns and defeats the Gel Shocker troops, rescuing the Rider Squad members and Takeshi himself. They proceed to capture Hilchameleon and ask him about General Black's location, but he refuses to speak. General Black's voice through the speakers tells them to bring Hilchameleon to him and so the Double Riders follow their only lead, taking Hilchameleon to the arranged place, only to see themselves surrounded by revived Gel Shocker monsters. General Black's voice comes from Hilchameleon himself, who leads them to that trap and reveals itself to be General Black himself. However, to his surprise, the two Riders were already expecting that. Takeshi and Hayato go after General Black, while Kazuya tells them that he'll handle the monsters, which escape in a truck. Hilchameleon can't keep up with the Riders and attempts to escape by using his invisibility. However, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 sense his presence and hit him with a double chop, which finishes off the Gel Shocker commander. Singing one last praise to Gel Shocker, he dies as the Double Riders comment on the gallantry in death of all the Shocker commanders. Taki catches up with the monsters, only to be captured. Using a digital voice mimicking Kazuya's, the Shocker Leader sends Kamen Riders 1 and 2 towards Gel Shocker's headquarters. They're surrounded by the Gel Shocker monster troops but manage to destroy all of them once again. Afterward, the Rider Corps members are used by the Shocker Leader as hostages, and the Riders run through a minefield to reach them. The Riders seemingly fall, only to surprise the Shocker Leader by appearing in his command room. The Shocker Leader was covered by a mantle, and Kamen Rider 2 grabs it, only to reveal a head full of snakes. Promising to send them to hell for destroying Gel Shocker, the Riders are hit by powerful waves of energy, but they manage to run through them and grab the Shocker Leader's head. They pull the snakes, only to reveal a pale featureless cyclops underneath. The Shocker Leader tells them that this is the end of Gel Shocker, and they'll all die together, before falling on the ground and exploding. Hayato notices the Shocker Leader's supposedly real form fallen on the ground and attempts to approach it, but when they're about to do that, other explosions get triggered around them. The entire underground headquarters, and even the lake above it, explode. Tachibana, Taki, Naoki, Mitsuru, Yuri, Yokko and Choko look on the explosions, wondering if the Riders are still alive, until they both appear safe riding in their motorcycles.

With Gel Shocker destroyed, Kazuya Taki's mission is complete, and he returns to the USA. He says his farewells to everyone and Takeshi and the others watch his plane's departure, believing for a moment that peace has returned and the days of fighting have finally ended. [Gel Shocker Destroyed! The Leader's End!!]

Later Appearances

Kamen Rider V3

Takeshi as seen in Kamen Rider V3.

Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji next appeared in the sequel Kamen Rider V3. During a certain night, Shiro Kazami, a junior of Takeshi's, watches as a monster kills a construction worker. Immediately afterward, a car attempts to run over him, and after arriving home, when he attempts to drink a cup of coffee, only to accidentally drop it after a playful fright from his sister, Shiro watches as the coffee starts burning the floor. He takes the coffee's remains to be analyzed by Takeshi Hongo, who concludes that it's Tibetan poison. Later, Takeshi talks with Tobei Tachibana about the possibility of some organization marking witnesses of their activities for death. Shortly afterward, Shiro, who was practicing in the Tachibana Racing Club, is hit by an explosion. Takeshi goes to rescue him and soon is joined by Hayato, who is called by Tachibana to help. Takeshi leaves Hayato to take care of Shiro, and then heads out to find the source of the explosion. He finds a macabre procession, where people covered in black robes are muttering the word "Destron". They leave flowers next to a cross, with "Grave of Takeshi Hongo" written there. Shiro is sent by Hayato in an ambulance, but when Takeshi arrives, so does a second ambulance. Realizing the first one was fake, they go after Shiro, who just suffered another attempt against his life. Takeshi then decides to keep a close eye on Shiro to protect him from any further threats. Later that day, Shiro tells the Racing Club Members about how he had saved the life of a woman, Junko Tama, and Hayato concludes that she likely was attacked because she saw something too, warning Shiro about his family as well. Takeshi heads out there right after Shiro, arriving just after Hasami Jaguar killed his entire family and was about to finish off Shiro and Junko. Takeshi transforms into Kamen Rider 1, revealing his identity to Shiro, who recognizes the Kamen Rider, and defeats the black-clad Destron soldiers, while Hasami Jaguar escapes. Kamen Rider 2 soon joins him and both mourn the loss of Shiro's family. They sadly see what their mistakes have cost and become determined to stop Destron's ambitions. Shiro then begs them to turn him into a Kamen Rider for vengeance, but the Double Riders tell him that revenge is not the right way, and that life as a cyborg is a burden in which one is human yet also inhuman, and it should only be carried by the two of them.

With Junko's help, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 locate Destron's base, easily defeating the soldiers protecting it. However, they are welcomed by the Great Leader of Gel Shocker's voice who turned out to be alive. The Great Leader claims to have created a new organization called Destron, the ultimate organization. Immediately afterward, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 are hit by a Cyborg Disruptor Ray, created especially to kill them. When they were about to fall, Shiro Kazami arrives, destroying the machine, but being mortally wounded by it. Takeshi decides that there is only one way to save his life, and the two Riders work together to transform him into Kamen Rider V3, possessing both Kamen Rider 1's "skill" and Kamen Rider 2's "strength". However, the entire base is bombed and destroyed by another cyborg, the Kame Bazooka. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 emerge undamaged and face the Destron troops outside. Meanwhile, the main building of the Rider Squad starts sinking underground due to Kame Bazooka's attacks. Shiro Kazami emerges as Kamen Rider V3, taking on Kame Bazooka.[Rider No. 3: His Name is V3!]

Kamen Riders 1 and 2 leave V3 to defend the Rider Squad's headquarters while they take on Kame Bazooka. Meanwhile, Takeshi gives instructions to V3 while he battles through long-range communication. Shiro Kazami is told about the 26 secrets in his body, which are special abilities that give him various advantages. In the same way, when V3 learns that Kame Bazooka had an atomic bomb in his body that was about to be used to destroy Tokyo, he warns the Double Riders. The Double Riders quickly reach Kame Bazooka, but presumably, due to adding a portion of their powers to V3 (which may have temporarily weakened them), they were unable to stop him. Deciding to protect the city at all costs, they charge up their maximum energy together, releasing an energy blast that stuns Kame Bazooka for a moment. Then they grab him and jump with enormous strength, launching themselves towards the sea while holding onto the Destron cyborg. They keep holding onto it until the bomb explodes over the sea. V3 watches the explosion, screaming for Takeshi and Hayato. The two Riders talk with V3 telepathically, telling V3 that they won't die, but, for now, everything will rest in his hands. [Last Testament of the Double Riders]

The Double Riders continue their battle in secret, taking on Destron's forces around the world. However, before leaving Japan, they rescue Dr. Okajima, a nuclear physicist, who had been forced to work for Destron. George Kamamoto, an Interpol agent, finds a vial made by the Double Riders with secret information about a weakness in V3's structure. The secret was supposedly held in a box left in Japan. Following the instructions, Shiro Kazami meets Dr. Okajima and his daughter, Tamami, who tell him about how Okajima had been saved by the Double Riders. V3 finds the box left behind by the Riders, containing instructions about his powers and their weakness. [Secret Memento of the Double Riders] [Rider V3's Deadly Weakness!!]

V3's battle in Japan takes him to Shikoku, where he receives a mysterious medallion at a hotel. When V3 was about to be defeated by the Guillotine Zaurus, he hears Takeshi's and Hayato's voices transmitted to his mind through the Medallion, telling him to cross his arms and activate one of his 26 secrets, the Cell Strengthen System, allowing V3 to ignore Guillotine Zaurus's attack. V3 finally realizes that the Double Riders truly are alive. [Operation: Destron Shikoku Conquest] [The Double Riders Live]

In Shikoku, Nuclear physicist Tetsuo Okita discovers the rare element Satanium, which had the capacity to generate energy much higher than Uranium. Destron moves an entire army of cyborgs to capture him and obtain the element. Tetsu Okita dies, but Shiro Kazami moves to protect the scientist's family. At the time, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 were fighting in Australia, but returned to Japan upon learning about Destron's plans. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 join with V3 and the three Riders face Destron's cyborg troops. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Missile Yamori and Burner Koumori, while Kamen Rider 2 faces Spray Nezumi and Lens Ari, and, after defeating them, punches Pickel Shark off a cliff, jumping from it to Rider Kick Gama Boiler. Poison Needle Spider attempts to escape from V3, just to run into Kamen Rider 1 and stay surprised in place, allowing V3 the chance to hit it with his V3 Hanten Kick. In spite of most Destron troops still being alive, Doctor G orders Taiho Buffalo to fire on the battlefield. Kamen Riders 1 and V3 dodge the first attack, which just destroys the Poison Needle Spider. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Burner Koumori, while Kamen Rider 2 faces Lens Ari and Kusarigama Tento together. Pickel Shark attempts to attack Kamen Rider 1 from behind, but he's just kicked away. Doctor G orders Taiho Buffalo to attack again, in spite of the cyborgs still fighting against the Riders. An explosion covers the battlefield, but the three Riders emerge unarmed from it, while all Destron cyborgs had been destroyed. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 hit Taiho Buffalo with their Rider Double Kick, followed by V3 with his V3 Kick. Buffalo Cannon explodes, and Doctor G runs away from Shikoku. After the battle, Shiro Kazami tells Tobei Tachibana about how the Double Riders had returned to Australia to fight against Destron's forces there. Tachibana realizes that Takeshi and Hayato only will return to live in Japan when real peace can be achieved throughout the whole world. [Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants]

Baron Kiba, the leader of Destron's Fang Clan, who originally operated in Africa, moves to head Destron's operations in Japan after Doctor G is killed by V3. He uses black magic through Doovoo rituals and is considered a fearsome enemy by the first two Riders, who, after learning about him moving to Japan, also head back there. And, as they had foreseen, Shiro Kazami was paralyzed and defeated by Yuki Ookami, while Baron Kiba captured Tachibana and other Rider Squad members. However, Takeshi Hongo had come from Australia to stop his plans, allowing the Rider Squad members to escape. When Yuki Ookami attempts to stop Tachibana from escaping, Hayato Ichimonji reveals himself, having just arrived from America. The double Riders transform and destroy one of Baron Kiba's bases. All three Riders take on Yuki Ookami, who still was strong enough to stand up against them. However, after Kamen Rider 1's Rider Gaeshi, it's stunned and hit by Kamen Riders 2 and V3, who finishes it off with the V3 Spinning Chop. Baron Kiba promises vengeance against the 3 Riders. [V3 in Danger! Riders 1 and 2 Return!!]

Baron Kiba resurrects the Genshi Tiger, ancestor of all Fanged Beasts, and mother of the Fang Clan, Smilodon. Takeshi tells Tachibana that after hearing about Baron Kiba's activities, he contacted Hayato in America and both returned to Japan. Meanwhile, Hayato attempts to search for Baron Kiba's hideout alone. Smilodon, taking the name Anekoji, visits the Rider Squad's base, and gives them a cursed doll. Takeshi touches it and immediately falls due to the strong poison within. He is taken to a hospital, but the doctors were actually Destron agents that capture him. V3 soon falls before Smilodon's power. Hayato returns to meet Tachibana and the others, only to see a suspicious letter. Once it's open, poison is spilled out. However, he avoids it and notices Anekoji outside, pursuing her. He transforms into Kamen Rider 2 while chasing her on a custom fang bike, and soon she transforms too to reveal her real form as the Genshi Tiger. Smilodon uses a blast of fire that soon becomes an explosion, engulfing Kamen Rider 2, who is taken for dead. She returns to Baron Kiba's side and together they prepare to torture the captured Shiro Kazami and Takeshi Hongo. However, Takeshi and Shiro had already recovered and were just playing along to get to Baron Kiba's hideout, however, they soon find themselves unable to transform in their cell. Meanwhile, Hayato was silently following Smilodon and frees the other two Riders. The 3 Riders together face Smilodon and Baron Kiba. Baron Kiba soon retreats, leaving Smilodon behind. Takeshi, Shiro and Hayato transform to continue their fight with Smilodon. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 board their Cyclones, while V3 stands on top and they use their new Rider Triple Power charge attack, destroying Smilodon. With her death, Baron Kiba's altar of Doovoo also was destroyed and the Fang clan lost its power. [Critical Moment! Baron Tusk vs. The Three Riders!!]

After that victory, Takeshi and Hayato leave Japan in Shiro's hands, while they return to fighting against Destron's evil around the world. It is likely that after defeating Destron, Takeshi and the others rescued Riderman in Tahiti.

Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider 1 after facing down Kingdark.

G.O.D.'s forces attack various points of Tokyo, and to fight against this threat, the previous four Riders return from various points of the globe. Kamen Rider 1 returns from New York. A little boy called Masaru hears voices from below his home and believes that they're from G.O.D.'s forces, in spite of his family's disbelief. The boy leaves his home looking for Kamen Rider X, but the one he finds right after stepping out is actually Kamen Kamen Rider 1. He thanks to the boy for the information and reveals that he had been investigating about G.O.D. However, when he asks about what he had heard, the boy couldn't remember anything. The 5 Riders gather afterward with Tobei Tachibana. After Masaru is attacked by G.O.D. and escapes, he returns to Kamen Rider 1 and reveals G.O.D.'s plan: they needed blood for their newest monster, Franken Bat. X follows one of the Franken Bat's bat spy cameras to one of G.O.D's bases, and all Riders go with him. Kamen Rider 1 faces Cyclops and Chronos, followed by Cadeus and Alseides. Cadeus manages to put pressure on Kamen Rider 1, but it's thrown from the top of a tower afterward. Kamen Rider 1 regroups with the other Riders when Franken Bat attempts to escape. In this second battle, Kamen Rider 1 takes on Atlas and Pannic, defeating Atlas with an aerial throw, and finished off Cerberus with a kick. Afterward, the five Riders face Franken Bat. Kamen Rider 1 and Rider 2 hit Franken Bat with their Rider Kicks, destroying its wings. The four Riders helped X execute the Rider Super High Kick technique, destroying Franken Bat. They invade G.O.D.'s base and face Kingdark, but the entire complex is merely an illusion, which disappears while Kingdark laughs at them. [Five Riders vs. Kingdark]

Kamen Rider Stronger

Takeshi as seen in Kamen Rider Stronger.

By the time of Stronger, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 were considered mere urban legends. However, following the movement of the Delzer Army troops, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 return to fight in Japan again. Kamen Rider 1 comes back from the United States, alongside Kamen Rider 2 from India, and rescue Shigeru Jo, Kamen Rider Stronger, who had been hanged on a waterfall by Marshal Machine, Commander Jishaku, and Armored Knight. They take on Marshal Machine and his troops while Tobei Tachibana takes care of an unconscious Shigeru. After subduing Marshal Machine, they force him to take them to where V3 and Riderman were being held by the Delzer Army. They're taken to a Delzer Army base but are caught in a trap room. However, Stronger soon breaks in to rescue them, and Kamen Rider 1 discovers plans for Delzer's operations. They leave to stop them, but are caught into a trap, and disappear in an explosion. However, they soon reappear alive, stopping Delzer's plans. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Armored Knight, while Kamen Rider 2 fights against Marshal Machine and Stronger fights against Commander Jishaku.[Appearance! Riders 1, 2!!]

Kamen Rider 1 and Stronger easily defeat and capture Commander Jishaku and Armored Knight, and use them as hostages to make Marshal Machine release both Kamen Rider V3 and Riderman. Marshal Machine tells them to release his subordinates, otherwise, his troops would kill both V3 and Riderman. However, Kamen Rider X and Kamen Rider Amazon appear, and reveal that they had already rescued V3 and Riderman. The Seven Legendary Riders surround the three Delzer Army commanders. However, a monstrous rocky face appears in a nearby mountain and from its eyes releases destructive beams. Using the explosions created by the attack, the Delzer commanders escape. A voice in the skies announces that Tobei Tachibana is in the Delzer Army's hands. Afterward, the head in the mountain awakens again, and orders the Delzer Army to revive, restoring several Delzer and Black Satan members. The Riders march against the Delzer Army troops in a final battle. Kamen Rider 1 takes on and easily subdues Commander Jishaku again, along with a revived Kikkaijin Mecha-Gorilla, which explodes after Rider 1 throws it at the ground, alongside all other Delzer troops. Finally, Stronger finishes off Marshal Machine and frees Tobei Tachibana. The Riders reunite with Tachibana, but soon a familiar voice welcomes them: the Great Leader's. The Great Leader reveals that he had been behind not only Shocker, Gel Shocker and Destron, but also G.O.D. and Gedon. The Great Leader stands up from the mountain, taking the form of a rock giant, impervious to the attacks of the Riders. However, the Riders combine their powers and fly into his body. There, they find a giant alien brain who self-destructs in an attempt to kill all seven Riders. They all escape successfully and leave, reminiscing everything they've gone through so far. [Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders!]

All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!

Tobei Tachibana tells children about the adventures of the Seven Legendary Riders. The children are excited by the stories, and so he takes them to watch a stage show homaging the heroes. While watching the actor portraying Kamen Rider 1, he reminisces about Takeshi's battle against Shocker, up to Shocker's destruction with Jigoku Taishi's death, only to be surprised by the arrival of Takeshi Hongo himself, alongside Hayato Ichimonji, Shiro Kazami, and Joji Yuki. They had missed Japan and Tachibana and so had returned. They continue talking about various past battles while the other Riders also arrive. Suddenly, the Rider actors on the stage start being beaten up by the supposedly fake monsters. Shigeru Jo realizes that those are real monsters, and all Riders start guiding the people outside of the area. They all transform and take on the Delzer troops on stage, before following them to inside the backstage area. The Great General Darkness, a Delzer Army commander, appears before V3, alongside a revived Commanding Officer Frank and General Wolf. He announces the conquest of Japan and the monster's attack. Kamen Rider 1 takes on a revived Kikkaijin Mecha-Gorilla once again. He, alongside the other 6 Riders, turns his attention to General Darkness. The 7 Riders unite their powers into a destructive wave that completely destroys the General. After the battle, the seven Riders reunite once more with Tachibana and give him their farewells.

Kamen Rider (Skyrider)

Kamen Rider 1 returns to Japan.

The evil organization Neo Shocker moved ahead with its plans of global genocide to create a new world order. Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider 1, alongside the other Seven Legendary Riders, fought around the world against it, leaving Japan's protection to the new Kamen Rider, Hiroshi Tsukuba, Skyrider. Eventually, Neo Shocker gathers an army of Second Generation Cyborgs in Japan, led by Gurand Bazarmy, known as the Strongest Cyborg on Earth, and also plans to launch a direct offensive with an experimental tank, the Varithium Cannon, led by Hirubiran. To save Japan, the seven Riders return and, alongside Skyrider, destroy the experimental Varithium Cannon and Hirubiran. However, they are soon challenged by Gurand Bazarmy and his troops. [Tank and Kaijin the Second Generation Corps, Full Force of Eight Riders]

Kamen Rider 1 witnesses the Powered Skyrider.

Neo Shocker troops start kidnapping many people around Japan in order to work as slaves in their operation to bring about a large volcanic eruption in Japan. The seven Riders spread around Japan to fight against various attacks from Neo Shocker. Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Amazon intercept the troops led by the second generation cyborgs Jaguar Van, Shibirayjin, Gokiburijin, Madarakajin, and Dokuganba. Kamen Rider 1 faces Shibirayjin, but soon the battle is interrupted by Gurand Bazarmy's arrival. Gurand Bazarmy challenges the three Riders to fight against him by himself, while the other cyborgs continue taking the people away. Moving with great speed, it easily dodges Amazon's Great Slice and the Double Riders' Rider Double Kick, before disappearing with incredible speed. In a later battle, Skyrider is easily wounded and left unconscious while trying to face Gurand Bazarmy. While he recovers, the Riders communicate telepathically with the unconscious Hiroshi Tsukuba. Kamen Rider 1 watches his determination to fight again, in spite of his defeat, and tells him that he expected no less from Skyrider. The Riders tell Skyrider that he should go through an intense training where he'd receive their powers by taking a Rider Kick from each of them, multiplying his strength 20 times to fight against Gurand Bazarmy again.

After Skyrider's training is finished, all Riders leave to face Neo Shocker again. Skyrider faces Gurand Bazarmy, while the Legendary Seven fight against Neo Shocker's Second Generation Cyborgs troops. Kamen Rider 1 faces the 2nd generation Sai Dump, countering his attacks and destroying it with a Rider Kick, and Kogoensky, which is destroyed with a simple throw attack. Finally, a second Rider Kick was used to destroy Yamorijin. Gurand Bazarmy and his army quickly fall before the Riders. After the battle is over, the Seven Riders leave Japan again, to fight Neo Shocker all over the world, while Skyrider remains to protect Japan. [Eight Riders' Great Training of Friendship]

Neo Shocker makes an alliance with an alien, the self-proclaimed GingaOh, and starts an operation to explore Mount Fuji. When Skyrider is ambushed by another troop of Second Generation Cyborgs led by Jaguar Van, all seven Riders arrive to face their forces and allow Skyrider to proceed. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Shibirayjin and Kumonjin, but still catches up with Skyrider when Jaguar Van attacks him. Kamen Rider 1 takes the battle against the Neo Shocker commander by himself. He destroys Kumonjin with a Rider Kick while Riderman and the new Neo Shocker cyborg, Armadig, join the battle too. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Armadig, breaking him out of his defense mode and destroying him with a Rider Kick. Riderman has problems fighting alone against Jaguar Van's sword and shield, but Kamen Rider 1 disarms Jaguar Van, and with Riderman's help, he finishes him off with another Rider Kick. After the battle, all 8 Riders leave to fight Neo Shocker elsewhere. [Eight Riders vs. GingaOh]

Kamen Rider 1, ready for the final assault against Neo Shocker.

Answering the call of Stronger and Kamen Rider 2, who had located Neo Shocker's main headquarters, in Japan, Kamen Rider 1 travels from Mexico, joining up with V3, Riderman, and Amazon who return from various countries around the world. Kamen Rider 1 takes leadership of the group, and they head to Neo Shocker's underwater base, only to be faced with a giant dragon, the Great Leader of Neo Shocker himself. The attacks of all Riders prove to be ineffective against the Great Leader, but Stronger and Rider 2 motivate the others to continue fighting and they hold on long enough for Skyrider to arrive. Skyrider stuns the Great Leader by shooting his foot with a crossbow he stole from a Neo Shocker member, and, using the opportunity, all Seven Legendary Riders hit the Great Leader with their Rider Kicks, knocking down the giant. However, he was still alive and decides to detonate the Oxygen Destruction Bomb, which would destroy Earth's atmosphere completely. The eight Riders combine their powers and use Skyrider's Sailing Jump together, holding the Great Leader inside an energy barrier that contains the explosion's blast. All eight Riders seemingly perish alongside it (in reality they are blasted to space where they eventually regroup). [Farewell, Hiroshi Tsukuba! Eight Heroes Forever....]

Kamen Rider Super-1

"Super-1, you did a fine job!"
―Kamen Rider 1 to Super-1[src]

Kamen Rider 1 appears to help Super-1.

Kazuya Oki, Kamen Rider Super-1, fought against the Dogma Kingdom to stop them from awakening an ancient weapon. However, in his way stood the Dogma Revenge Corps, troops of rebuilt cyborgs from Dogma Kingdom and Neo Shocker. When he seemed overwhelmed by his enemies, Kamen Rider 1 suddenly reappeared, followed by the other 8 previous Riders, all alive. V3 tells Super-1 to let that battle in their hands, and soon they fight against Dogma's troops to open the way for Super-1. Kamen Rider 1 faces a resurrected Golden Jaguar initially, before being surrounded by Dogma Fighters, Fire Kong, Ganigannii and ChameleKing. Kamagirigan also attempts to attack Kamen Rider 1, only to retreat after one attack. Spiderbaban and Golden Jaguar attempt to take on Kamen Rider 1 again, only to be defeated and destroyed with a single Rider Kick. Thanks to the help of the Riders, Super-1 reaches Dogma's troops on time and stops them. After the battle, the Riders show themselves to Super-1 and his friends and promise to fight for humanity's future together. [Kamen Rider Super-1 (film)]

Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!

Kamen Rider 1 backs up ZX against Badan.

The Badan Empire, led by Kurayami Taishi, spread its claws around the world, and, to face it, the nine Riders came together. When Badan attempts to initiate its Spacetime Rupture System, a destructive dimensional weapon, all 9 Riders gather in Japan to stop them. Kamen Rider 1 and Amazon infiltrate a port with ships carrying Badanium-84, an element necessary for Badan's secret weapon. Their presence aborts Badan's operation there. However, there were multiple means of transport of Badanium. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 team up again and stop one of the trucks carrying Badanium. Taka-Roid was responsible for the transport but quickly retreats, leaving Kamen Riders 1 and 2 to defeat Combatroids and destroy the truck with a Double Kick. In spite of the efforts of the Riders, one truck with Badanium still arrives at their base. However, Kamen Rider 1 locates Badan's Japanese headquarters and calls the other Riders telepathically.

All 8 Riders meet up with Kamen Rider 1 and are joined by ZX, a Badan cyborg who turned against them. Kurayami Taishi welcomes the 10 Riders and sends all of Badan's troops. Bara-Roid takes on Kamen Rider 1, soon joined by Yamaarashi-Roid. Kamen Rider 1 blocks their weapons and destroys Bara-Roid with a Rider Kick. Yamaarashi-Roid attempts to face Kamen Rider 1 again, only to be beaten up and thrown next to Dokuga-Roid, which was defeated by V3, and both blow up together. Jigoku-Roid and Kamen Rider 1 fight against each other, but before the battle could be finished, Kurayami Taishi attempts to use hostages to make the Riders surrender. His plan fails due to Super-1's interference, so Kurayami Taishi decides to use the Spacetime Rupture System to kill everyone, but it only manages to destroy Badan's remaining troops. After V3's call, the ten Riders gather their power with the Rider Syndrome, weakening Kurayami Taishi and allowing ZX to finish him off. After Darkness is defeated, evil energy gathers in the shape of a giant skull: The Generalissimo of Badan. He gives a mocking farewell to the Riders while laughing at them.

V3 bestows upon ZX the official title Kamen Rider 10 and soon all the Riders part ways again to continue their battle against Badan and the evil around the world.

Kamen Rider Black RX

Kamen Rider 1 decides to return to Japan.

Kamen Rider 1, alongside the other Nine veteran Riders, fought against the secret forces of the Crisis Empire spread throughout the world, defeating them in each country. However, Crisis's main forces in Japan still remained and they prepared a final offensive. Kamen Rider 1 called all the Riders to a meeting in a secret facility in Arizona, to prepare for the upcoming battle, where they'd go to help Kamen Rider Black RX, the Kamen Rider that was defending Japan at the time. [Terror Of The 100 Eyed Hag]

Kamen Rider 1, ready to face the Crisis Empire.

The 10 Riders split into two groups, which sparred with each other. Group 1: Kamen Riders 1, 2, V3, Riderman and X; and Group 2: Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, and ZX. [The Four Commanders Are Banished] Before Crisis makes a public announcement regarding its invasion of Japan, the 10 Riders finally leave for the final battle. [Defeated!! RX]

Kamen Rider 1 introduces himself to Kohtaro Minami.

Gran Zairus landed on Earth like a meteor, destroying an entire island. Naval Commander Bosgun moved to attack Black RX, soon receiving help from Gran Zairus, who could resist all of RX's attacks. When Bosgun is about to finish him off, Kamen Rider 1 arrives, blocking his attack and kicking him away. The 9 Riders arrive shortly afterward, rescuing RX and quickly escaping. Kamen Rider 1 and the others introduce themselves to Kohtaro Minami. Bosgun finds them and meeting Kohtaro and Kamen Rider 1, proposes a duel against Black RX. However, Kohtaro's friend, Kyoko Matoba soon notices a Chap hiding behind some crates to prepare an ambush and flushes it out. As the 10 veterans fight them off, Black RX faces Bosgun in a fair match and destroys him.

Meanwhile, Gran Zairus easily rips through the Japanese defense forces and brings down the city with his unmatched power. Kohtaro decides to fight, but Kamen Riders 1 and 2 argue that even Black RX's attacks are ineffective against Gran Zairus and they need a strategy before facing it again. Kohtaro decides to fight anyway, even if he dies trying. He leaves to fight again, and Kamen Rider 1 and the other Riders follow him. [Fight! All Riders]

The 11 Riders face Gran Zairus, but even a combined Rider Punch with the power of the 11 Riders is useless against him. Gran Zairus transforms into a flaming rock, burning above 1000°C, and easily knocks out Kamen Rider 1 and the others. In the end, Black RX becomes Biorider and manages to destroy Gran Zairus from the inside out, but seemingly explodes with it.

The Riders realize there is an impostor among their ranks.

Afterward, Kamen Rider 1 and the other Riders help evacuate the city's population and start to plan defensive measures for the next battle. However, a second Kamen Rider 1 appears during their meeting. The real Kamen Rider 1 accuses the impostor and punches it, making it reveal its true form, Harmful Nimp. The 10 Riders face Spirit World Demons, resurrected Crisis warriors. Antront and Harmful Nimp attack Rider 1, but V3 comes to his help. Unfortunately, when the monsters are knocked down, they quickly get up again. When the battle seems hopeless, Colonel Maribaron, the one behind this attack, reveals that the monsters don't die as long as she keeps a set of golden feathers with her, but Biorider returns, alive, stealing the feathers. Kamen Rider 1 receives one of the golden feathers, and V3 holds Harmful Nimp while he uses the feather to stop it. Biorider then destroys the monsters all by himself.

With Kohtaro alive, the 10 Riders decide to split themselves to observe and take on the Crisis forces, while Black RX protects his friends. [False Rider's Last Days]

Wanting revenge against Black RX, a powered up General Jark kills Sunkichi and Utako Sahara, but X And Amazon rescue their kids. Meanwhile, Crisis forces start a human hunt. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 arrive to help Kohtaro face the Chaps' troops. Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, and ZX soon follow. X and Amazon show up with the kids and inform Kotaro on what happened. Jark appears in front of them and challenges Kohtaro to a duel, and he accepts, rejecting the help of the other Riders. Black RX ends up victorious over Jark, destroying him while the other Riders watch in amazement. [The Riders' All Out Charge]

The ten Riders bid farewell to Black RX.

Emperor Crisis calls Kohtaro for a personal meeting. Kamen Rider 1 tells Amazon to follow them, and all the other Riders go too. The emperor offers Kohtaro the chance of becoming the commander of Crisis' invasion forces After Kohtaro refuses, General Dasmader appears alongside a group of Chaps and attacks him. Kamen Rider 1 and the other Riders reveal themselves and face the Chaps, but soon the entire cave is destroyed by the Crisis Fortress called by Dasmader. Black RX boards the fortress and destroys Dasmader, the Emperor and even Crisis itself. Meanwhile, the other Riders survive the attack and meet RX after the battle is over. Following Kamen Rider 1's words, they all decide to part ways and fight evil around the world, with Black RX deciding to join them. [A Shining Tomorrow!]

Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider

Takeshi Hongo and Shin Hayata (Ultraman) transform.

When Shocker's new monster Poison Scorpion Man began threatening Tokyo's citizens, Kamen Rider 1 mounts his bike and takes down the road into action as Ultraman flies overhead to confront the kaiju Gadras, who was also ravaging the city at the same time. Kamen Rider confronts Dokusasori-Otoko, battling the demon with a flurry of martial arts, blocking his strikes and fighting back with his own. However, Dokusasori-Otoko grabs the masked hero with his claw and sprays him with his gas, but Kamen Rider breaks free and leaps to a nearby building to deliver his signature Rider Kick!

Dokusasori-Otoko is then badly hurt, but being caught up in Ultraman's battle, it merges with Gadrasu to form Sasori Gadras and attacks Ultraman & Kamen Rider, who dodge an explosion from its horn lightning. Kamen Rider watches the creature attack Ultraman and realizes the Ultra hero can't defeat the hybrid kaiju alone. Kamen Rider uses the Cyclone, dodging several of Sasorigadorasu’s assaults before flying the machine straight through the monster’s shoulder, he then grows to giant size for the first time ever to aid Ultraman. Ultraman then uses his force field while Kamen Rider uses the Rider Punch to shatter the horn but is forced back by its tail, which Ultraman quickly removes with an Ultra Slash. The two heroes charge towards and grab Sasorigadorasu, giving him a double Suplex. As Ultraman’s timer begins to blink, the two heroes nod to one another to finish the battle. Kamen Rider leaps into the air and comes down with the Rider Kick as Ultraman fires the Specium Ray, both finishing attacks striking Sasori Gadras simultaneously and destroying him in a huge explosion.

Following the battle, Kamen Rider and Ultraman approach one another and shake hands out of respect. Kamen Rider returns to human size and rides off into the sunset, his new ally Ultraman flying off along with him, both sworn to defend the Earth at all costs.

In the end credits sequence of Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider, Giant Kamen Rider 1 is seen doing Ultraman's signature Specium Ray stance. [Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider]

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

"As long as Riders are needed, we will never die!"
―Kamen Rider 1[src]

The multi-universal organization Dai-Shocker believes that all Kamen Riders were dead, and only their own former Great Leader, Kamen Rider Decade stands in their way. However, a large dimensional wall appears on the battlefield next to their headquarters, and from it, all Riders thought to be dead reappear. Kamen Rider 1 arrives with his New Cyclone alongside Riders 2 and V3 in their New Cyclone and Hurricane. Opening the counterattack, Kamen Rider 1 uses a Rider Kick to destroy a Rat Fangire and Mole Imagin. Afterward, he takes on one of Dai-Shocker's mass-produced Ganikoumoru, Dai-Shocker Combatmen, the Longhorn Orphnoch and the worm leader Cassis Worm Gladius, joining up with Kamen Rider 2 to take on the army of monsters around them. A Ganikoumoru attempts to attack Kamen Rider 1, only to be taken out. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 reach the Dai-Shocker commander Jigoku Taishi in his Garagaranda form. With Black RX's and Kabuto's help, who slice throw Garagaranda's tentacle attacks and stun him, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 to destroy the Dai-Shocker commander with a Rider Double Kick.

When A.R. Shadowmoon is thrown onto Dai-Shocker's castle, Kamen Rider 1 participates in the All Riders Kick, using his standard Rider Kick alongside the other Riders to destroy Shadowmoon and the Shocker castle. Afterward, Dai-Shocker's final weapon, Kingdark, appears from the rubbles of the castle, and Decade merges with the Kamen Rider J summoned by Diend to face it. To help Decade, Kamen Rider 1, alongside the other Riders, turn into giant Kamenride cards to power up the giant Decade's final attack, destroying Kingdark. After the battle is over, Kamen Rider 1 silently gives a goodbye to Decade alongside Kamen Riders 2 and V3 and leaves through a dimensional wall with all the other Riders.

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Let's Go Kamen Riders.

During the events of OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, the Greeed Ankh unintentionally altered the timeline, letting a Cell Medal fall in Shocker's hands in the past. That enables Shocker to utilize its own Core Medal to create the Shocker Greeed, leading to them conquering the world in the future. Kamen Rider New Den-O and the Denliner crew go back to the past to stop that from happening.

When Mitsuru and Naoki, two boys from the present, alongside Nokko, a Rider Squad member, are surrounded by Shocker troops, led by Siomaneking and Beaded Lizard Man, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 join the battle for the medal. Using a Rider Kick, Kamen Rider 1 defeats Beaded Lizard Man while Rider 2 destroys Siomaneking with another one. Meanwhile, Hilchameleon retreats after seemingly stealing the Cell Medal. However, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 have the real medal and destroy it, and actually let the Shocker commander steal a tracking device that would lead them to Shocker's base.

Kamen Riders 1, 2, New Den-O and Momotaros invade the Shocker base located under a lake and meet Shocker's Great Leader. However, it's actually General Black, who reveals that the one the Riders had destroyed was a fake, and they had prepared a trap for them there. The Shocker Greeed is created combining the cell medal with the Shocker Medal and the Riders are surrounded by many Shocker troops, including resurrected Ika Devil and Garagaranda. Kamen Rider 1 is hit by the resurrected Garagaranda, but recovers and defeats many Shocker Combatmen. Kamen Rider 1 counter-attacks Garagaranda with a Rider Punch, burying it inside a wall when Kamen Rider 2 joins up with him and the true Shocker Leader appears. Kamen Rider 2 unmasks him, but both Riders are soon blasted and fall. Meanwhile, outside, Kame Bazooka starts attacking the Denliner while the Shocker Greeed beats up New Den-O and Momotaros. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 return to protect them, allowing their escape, however, they can't surpass the power of the Shocker Greed and fall before him. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 easily beat Ganikoumoru and rescue Mitsuru from the Shocker Greeed. Kamen Rider New Den-O and OOO are freed and join their battle. Garagaranda attempts to face Kamen Rider 1 again, only to be beaten, but the Shocker Greeed beat Kamen Rider 1 once again, and the other three Riders also fell. However, watching their battle, the people remember the Riders, who start to return and join the battle, in spite of the timeline having been changed.

All Riders join together and depart to face Shocker's Great Leader. However, OOO is attacked by the Shocker Greeed. Kamen Riders 1 and 2 interrupt their battle with a Rider Double Punch and take on the Shocker Greeed together, now prepared to fight against it. Their Rider Double Kick pierces through his blasts and destroys the Shocker Greeed. After the Riders are united, they face Shocker's Great Leader. Later, when joined by a force of extra riders, Kamen Rider 1 and all the other riders get on their motorcycles and perform the "All Rider Break", ramming into the Rock Great Leader and defeating it once and for all. All Riders disappear immediately after the battle is over, leaving only OOO and the Denliner crew behind. However, Takeshi's voice tells them that everything will be in their hands until it comes the time of all Riders joining forces again.

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max

Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Movie War Mega Max.

In Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max, Takeshi appears during the prologue, battling the forces of Foundation X alongside Hayato in Europe. Later, they join with the other members of the Seven Legendary Riders to confront Foundation X's Lem Kannagi, only to fall into Kannagi's trap and be caught in an energy beam.

Later, when Eiji Hino and Gentaro Kisaragi chase Kannagi to Foundation X's spaceport, they make Kannagi drop a briefcase during the ensuing struggle. Gentaro opens it and finds four Astroswitches and three Core Medals, bearing the markings of the Seven Legendary Riders. These turn out to be the Riders themselves, turned into this state by Kannagi's trap and restored when OOO and Fourze use the items in a Scanning Charge and Limit Break, respectively. Lem Kannagi unveils its trump card, copies of the Sonozaki Family Dopants (Terror, Claydoll, R Nasca and Smilidon) and Greeed (Uva, Kazari, Mezool, and Gamel). The Seven Riders explain Kannagi's plan, and how he has to be stopped before going to space, and offer to stay and fight the copies so Eiji and Gentaro can pursue Kannagi into space. Takeshi battles the copy R Nasca, finishing it with his trademark Rider Kick. Meanwhile, OOO and Fourze manage to stop Lem Kannagi in space. Afterward, in a scene added to the movie's Director's Cut, the young Riders, and also another Rider from the future, Aqua, give goodbye to each other and to the veterans, before parting ways.

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png

OOO, 1, and Akaranger

Rider 1 first appears alongside the rest of the Legendary Riders to confront Captain MarvelousIcon-crosswiki.png, who has come to kill them in retaliation for Tsukasa Kadoya, leading a restored Dai-Shocker, killing their Sentai counterparts, the Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Riders 1 and 2 are the first to fall, followed by the others. All disappearing in purple explosions.

Later, Kamen Rider 1 seemingly returns, leading the Heisei era Riders into a final confrontation with Red Ranger and the remaining Sentai heroes. Both groups are killed and Kamen Rider 1 and Red Ranger are revealed to be Tsukasa and Marvelous, leading the heroes against each other. However, they were only acting to sabotage Dai-Shocker's and Dai-Zangyack's plans. Riders 1, OOO, and Red Ranger reappear from a dimensional wall and reveal that none of them had died. They were just hiding in a space between the dimensions, waiting for the time to attack. Soon, they're followed by all other Riders and Sentai, who engage the united army of Dai-Zangyack and Dai-Shocker. At the beginning of the battle, Kamen Rider 1 fights against several GorminIcon-crosswiki.png. He reappears near the ending, facing Doctor G, but can't get through his laser barrage. However, with the help of the Goseiger, the card-using Riders overpower him. [Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen]

Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Super Hero Taisen Z.

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen ZIcon-crosswiki.png

"MadouIcon-crosswiki.png! You face the superheroes of Earth!"
―Kamen Rider 1[src]

Kamen Rider 1 appears with AkarengerIcon-crosswiki.png leading a force of Rider and Sentai reinforcements that come to assist the Riders and Sentai of recent years who are overwhelmed by the revived monster army of the Space Crime Syndicate MadouIcon-crosswiki.png. Kamen Rider 1 hits SuuguIcon-crosswiki.png with a Rider Kick, rescuing OOO, before calling the other heroes. The combined forces of superheroes are able to turn the tide against the Madou army. They line up and use their various long-range attacks to destroy Madou's revived monster army.

After Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki.png is destroyed, Kamen Rider 1 appears on a cliff alongside the other past heroes to say goodbye to the heroes of recent years before taking their leave. He says that they would meet again. [Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z]

ToQger Vs. Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider 1 confronts Fifteen.

"We Showa Riders will not work with the Heisei Riders."
―Kamen Rider 1[src]

Kamen Rider 1, along with Kamen Riders 2 and V3, rescue the ToQgersIcon-crosswiki.png from Badan's powerful warrior, Kamen Rider Fifteen before the enemy retreats. ToQ 1gouIcon-crosswiki.png asks him if they were Kouta's comrades as Kamen Rider 1 tells him that they, the Showa Riders, are not working alongside the Heisei Riders before leaving. [Ressha Sentai ToQger Vs. Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special]

Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

Takeshi Hongo as seen in Kamen Rider Taisen.

Kamen Kamen Rider 1 leads the Showa Riders to stop Badan's newest operation in Zawame City. Takeshi meets Kouta Kazuraba when he attempts to protect Shu Aoi, and Demands him to hand the boy to him, saying that he doesn't acknowledge Gaim as a Rider. However, Badan's Combatroids arrive, and Takeshi decides to face them as Kamen Rider, telling Kouta to escape with the boy. When Gaim is taken to his limit by Badan's troops, Kamen Rider 1 soon returns, alongside Kamen Riders 2 and V3, taking on Kamen Rider Fifteen and Yamaarashi-Roid while Gaim escapes with the boy. Kamen Rider 1 tells Gaim that he should stay out of the battle and leave Badan to them, but he refuses.

Soon, the Showa Riders start attacking the Heisei Riders, saying that they needed to be eliminated since Badan's return was their fault. Kamen Rider 1 appears leading the last 6 remaining Showa Riders, Kamen Riders 2, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon, and Black confronting Kamen Riders Gaim, Faiz, Decade, Joker, Wizard, Kiva, and OOO. Takeshi reveals that Badan is actually the Kingdom of the Dead. They gained the power to invade the surface due to the attachment of the Heisei Riders to the dead. Refusing to throw away their feelings the Heisei Riders fought against them. In the end, Kamen Rider 1 is defeated by Gaim, and All Riders, except for Gaim himself, are seemingly killed during the battle.

However, it's eventually revealed that it was all a plan formulated by Takeshi Hongo and ZX. ZX recovers the Rider Lockseeds that Badan had obtained after each Rider seemingly died and used them with Gaim's help to bring all Riders back from the Helheim Forest. While Badan activates their Mega Reverse machine, which would reverse the living and dead worlds, killing everyone alive, Kamen Rider 1 and the other Riders set out to defeat them and destroy their machine. Kamen Riders 1 and Gaim briefly face Fifteen together at the beginning of the battle but later all three go in separate ways. Later during the battle, while Kamen Rider 1 faces Combatroids, the ToQgerIcon-crosswiki.png reappear, led by RightIcon-crosswiki.png, who claims to want to help another Number 1. When Gaim takes on Fifteen again, while Kamen Rider 1 faced more Combatroids and Shocker Combatmen, Kamen Rider 1 gives Gaim the Showa Rider Lockseed. Using the new power, Gaim easily defeats Fifteen. After the Mega Reverse machine and the Generalissimo of Badan are destroyed, the fifteen Showa Riders, led by Kamen Rider 1 use the power of Rider Syndrome to allow Shu Aoi to meet his mother one last time before his soul leaves the world of the living.

After everything is over, however, Kamen Rider 1 admits that, even though the infighting was just part of the plan to stop Badan, the differences between the Showa and Heisei Riders were real. Takeshi Hongo claims that the Heisei Riders, with their half-hearted kindness, could be considered as bringing the last crisis to themselves. The Heisei Riders hesitate for a moment, but soon they all start fighting. Kamen Rider 1's opponent in the battle is Gaim.

Heisei Ending (Ending shown in theaters)

Kamen Rider 1 uses a Rider Kick against Gaim as he blocks the attack with his weapons, but, in spite of that, is knocked down, damaged. However, Takeshi stops the battle once he notices that Gaim had chosen to block his attack, rather than dodge, to protect a lone flower on the battlefield. Kamen Rider 1 concedes defeat and acknowledges that the kind strength shown by Kouta to protect even the smallest life form could be a real strength, accepting him as Kamen Rider Gaim.

Showa Ending (Home release-exclusive)

Gaim and Kamen Rider 1 are seemingly matched, but, right before unleashing a powerful attack, Gaim gives up, claiming defeat. Narutaki, who watched the battle, comments that Kamen Rider 1 had many chances to counterattack, but chose to wait, doing everything to draw out more power from Gaim. Gaim noticed what Kamen Rider 1 had done and gave up, realizing that Kamen Rider 1's kindness is a real strength. In turn, Kamen Rider 1 acknowledges him as Kamen Rider Gaim.

After either version of the ending, both teams would call a truce. Kamen Rider 1 says that the ones who'll build the future and cross generations are the youth. Gaim doesn't know where they'll get, but they'll try, and everyone will fight together for the future. Afterward, Takeshi Hongo leaves alone in his New Cyclone.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Vacation Combining SpecialIcon-crosswiki.png

Vs120150329 1mp4 002268826 r.jpg

The Double Riders were mentioned in the photo after a Roidmude case was shown to have an involvement with Shocker.

Super Hero Taisen GP Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki.png


While the Double Riders were on a trip back home after recently defeated the Great Leader, suddenly, a mysterious car holds them off, revealing Kamen Rider 3, a Kamen Rider created to eliminate Kamen Riders 1 and 2. He easily overpowered and killed them in an explosion. Due to his existence, the timeline was now greatly altered, with Shocker had achieved full global domination and the majority succeeding Kamen Riders had brainwashed to serve them.

However, after the Great Leader was turned in Rider Robo, there's a moment when he and Kamen Rider 2 are revived, freeing also to the other Riders from their mind control. However, after this, some Riders were erased from existence, leaving him, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 3, and other remaining Riders (including Drive), facing the final battle, joining forces with Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki.png.

Kamen Rider Ghost

The upgraded Kamen Rider 1 confronts the remnants of Shocker.

"You scum..."
"Kamen Rider 1!"
Zanjioh and Kamen Rider 1[src]

In 2016, having upgraded to a "Power Up" form, Takeshi Hongo continued his fight against the remnant Shocker in 2016. At the same time Kamen Rider Ghost thwarted Yamaarashi-Roid's plot to revive Jigoku Taishi with Zyuoh EagleIcon-crosswiki.png back in Japan, Kamen Rider 1 fought a Zanjioh and his Combatmen beyond the country. [Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior!]

Kamen Rider 1 (film)

Takeru Tenkuji and a powered-up 1.

One year later, Takeshi makes another appearance, once again fighting the remnants of Shocker, who are in pursuit of a girl named Mayu Tachibana. He also finds himself in conflict with Shocker Nova Co., Ltd., also called Nova Shocker, a splinter faction with plans of taking over the global economy.

Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!

Ichigou Damashii and Portrait.png

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Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png

"Rider and Sentai are immortal! We will continue to fight for this world and its people. We will be by everyone's side......forever."
―Takeshi's parting words to his successors[src]

Kamen Rider 1 arrives in his Original 1 form after fifty years.

Takeshi with his old version of Cyclone

Kamen Rider 1 and AkarengerIcon-crosswiki.png are summoned by a young Shotaro Ishinomori after the latter regained his inspiration to draw the heroes that he had always aspired to draw. Fighting against Asmodeus and his army, Rider 1 then summons the rest of the Kamen Riders behind him just as Akarenger summons the rest of the Sentai Red warriors behind him as well.

During the climatic final battle itself, he can be seen fighting alongside Kamen Rider V3, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Zero One and Kamen Rider Saber before he proceeds to team up with Kamen Rider Blades in order to destroy Rider World.

After the final battle, Takeshi meets his creator once more, and has a heartfelt conversation with him, before the two of them depart back to their respective worlds and times.

TTFC Direct Theater: Kamen Rider Saber

Kamen Rider 1 in TTFC Direct Theater Kamen Rider Saber

In another nefarious plan by Shocker, Kirigirisu Megid somehow turned a Shocker Combatman into Shadow Moon, intent on using him as a pawn against Saber.

Refusing to obey Kirigirsu Megid, Shadow Moon murdered him with the Satansaber, shocking Saber. Recognizing each other to be an enemy, Saber and Shadow Moon fought, the latter easily gaining the upper hand. Just when Saber was nearly defeated, the audience yelled out their support for him, urging him not to lose. Miraculously, Kamen Rider 1 was summoned to Saber's location, saving him from Shadow Moon's attack.

Still confident in himself, Shadow Moon mocked 1 and Saber, stating that they were no match for him. 1 and Saber retorted that they were not alone, as each member in the audience were also fighting alongside them. Annoyed by their words, Shadow Moon summoned a group of Shocker Combatmen, using them to attack the two Kamen Riders.

Proving more powerful than Shadow Moon had anticipated, 1 and Saber gradually overwhelmed his forces, with 1's Rider Punch greatly damaging Shadow Moon. Seizing the chance to stop him, 1 and Saber attacked Shadow Moon with a Double Rider Kick. Defeated, Shadow Moon reverted back into a Shocker Combatman, exploding from the damage he sustained.

Saber thanks 1 for his assistance, with 1 stating that it was made possible from the audience's love for justice. Telling the audience that he will reappear when needed, 1 bids them farewell before disappearing.

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Takeshi's surgery in Shocker's laboratory.

While he wasn't active during the film's present events, Takeshi Hongo (portrayed by Maito Fujioka) was shown through a past flashback in Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations. It was revealed by Ryunosuke Momose was one of the scientists who operated on Takeshi during the procedure that turned him into a cyborg. However, Takeshi was determined to not give into Shocker's oppression, which ended up inspiring Ryunosuke himself to leave Shocker. Cutting back to sometime later in his career as the "Kamen Rider", Takeshi battled Jaguarman as he dons his New 1 form.

Young Takeshi's illusion appears to thank Ryunosuke.

After Ryunosuke Momose helped avert the future where Diablo ruled the world, he began to disappear as the timeline changed. He was visited by an illusion of Takeshi Hongo and Ryunosuke apologizes for turning him into a cyborg. However, the illusion of Takeshi assured that he was grateful for the operation that gave him the power to confront evil.

Appearances in other media

Kamen Rider SD (OVA)

Main article: Kamen Rider 1 (SD)

Kamen Rider 1: The original and most experienced Kamen Rider, whom everyone simply refers to as "sempai." He is often found racing around on his Cyclone motorcycle trying to beat his track records, while at the same time putting up with the daily annoyances of Black RX and ZX. He often lectures the other Riders on focusing on their training. He is the team leader of his squad, which includes Black RX and ZX. His finishing move is the "Rider Kick" and appears in the movie in his silver-gloved form. He rides in a modified version of the New-Cyclone motorcycle.

Kamen Rider Manga

Hongo's separated brain

Unlike in the TV series, after a bike accident during his racecourse with his mentor Tobei Tachibana, Takeshi awoke during the procedure that turns him into a super-powered cyborg but escapes before he can be brainwashed to do Shocker's bidding. Afterward, he battles various Shocker Monsters just like in the TV series, but he soon faces 12 Shocker Riders. He was subsequently killed but 1 of the 12, named Hayato Ichimonji, receives a head injury that causes him to regain his memories and personality from before his brainwashing. Hayato destroys all 11 Shocker Riders and becomes Kamen Rider by reprising Takeshi's role during his absence. Takeshi then acts as Hayato's mentor by connecting his brain to Hayato. Near the end of the manga story, Takeshi is resurrected by transplanting his brain into a Kamen Rider body designed to be more powerful and returns to battle alongside Hayato to confront Big Machine, Shocker's Commander. Although it seemed Big Machine had the edge because of his ability to stop machinery from functioning, Takeshi prevails and defeats Big Machine. Takeshi then destroys the supercomputer Big Machine planned to use to brainwash the citizens of Japan. With Shocker's plan foiled, the base started to self-destruct, with Takeshi, Hayato, and Kazuya narrowly escaping in time.

Timeranger Stage Show at Super Hero Nagoya Dome

In a stage show where the TimerangersIcon-crosswiki.png are seen fighting their usual foes, a Lord shows up and winds up defeating them. Kamen Riders 1, 2, V3, Kuuga, RedIcon-crosswiki.png, Blue RangersIcon-crosswiki.png, and Robocon then arrive to assist the Timerangers.

Dekaranger Stage Show at Super Hero Nagoya Dome

In a stage show where the DekarangersIcon-crosswiki.png are seen fighting their usual foes, an Undead shows up and winds up defeating them. Kamen Riders 1, V3, Faiz, Blade, Garren, Chalice, Leangle, and Red Ranger arrive to assist the Dekarangers.

Boukenger Stage Show at Super Hero Nagoya Dome

In a stage show where the Boukengers are seen fighting their usual foes, a Worm shows up and winds up defeating them. Kamen Riders 1, Hibiki, Kabuto, Gatack, Red Ranger, Magi RedIcon-crosswiki.png, and Magi ShineIcon-crosswiki.png then arrive to assist the Boukengers.

Net Movies

Let's Go Kamen Rider

In the 36th net movie Listen Quietly! What Modifies My Life!!, Kamen Rider 1 does the Kamen Rider State of the Union address, only for him to rant about how the protagonists of the Heisei Era are not cyborgs and that they are not worthy of the name Kamen Rider because of it. He then suggests that the Heisei Riders should undergo conversion and training to be more worthy of the name. While Kamen Rider 2 crushes in to support the idea, the two get dragged off by an embarrassed OOO and Den-O.

Super Hero Taihen

Kamen Rider 1 appears in the Super Hero TaihenIcon-crosswiki.png net movie, Super Sentai Murder Mystery! You’re the Great Detective!Icon-crosswiki.png as one of the suspects for the murders of ShinkenIcon-crosswiki.png, GoseiIcon-crosswiki.png, and Gokai PinkIcon-crosswiki.png, as the evidence collected suggests a "Hopper" rider is behind it.

When it is revealed that net movie director Hiroyuki Kato was the murder culprit, Kamen Rider 1 holds up three Ranger KeysIcon-crosswiki.png and a MobilateIcon-crosswiki.png as one of several Riders and Rangers holding Super Sentai and Kamen Rider merchandise respectively, when the Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki.png explain to Kato that all the Riders love Super Sentai and vice versa.

Super Hero Taisen Otsu

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Video Games

Kamen Rider 1 has appeared in various video games.

Kamen Rider Club

Kamen Rider 1 appears as one of six Riders who fight Shocker in Kamen Rider Club, being one of the first three which are available from the start.

Kamen Rider (Super Famicom)

Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 is controlled by Player 1 alongside Player 2's Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 in the Super Famicom Kamen Rider game.

Kamen Rider (PS1)

Kamen Rider 1 appears with Rider 2 in the PlayStation Kamen Rider video game.

In the "Kamen Rider Story," the player must defeat the evil Shocker organization to restore peace by battling against six Combatmen before fighting against Shocker monsters. If the monster or player's health is 50% or less, the game automatically switches the position of the player on the screen. If all Shocker and Gel Shocker monsters are defeated, the player will immediately fight against Shocker Leader without fighting Combatmen or switching around.

In "Shocker Story" players play as Shocker monsters which must defeat enemy Shocker monster. If the player successfully passes the 8th round, the player's Shocker monster turns into Saikyō Kaijin (最強怪人) which is stronger and has a different appearance from the original form. The player can then upgrade punching power, kicking power or both or can summon six Combatmen to aid them. the player then must defeat Kamen Rider 1 before facing Kamen Rider 2.

Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001

Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 is a playable character in the Sony PlayStation crossover strategy game Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 along with Hayato Ichimonji, Shiro Kazami, Joji Yuki and Kohtaro Minami.

Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu

Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Ichigo, Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider V3 in Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu.jpg

Takeshi Hongo stars as the main character in the 1971 Timeline in this crossover game. (Although for a time, he is replaced as the playable character by Ichimonji.) Takeshi must fight off Shocker and Colonel Zol, who is slowly turning human beings into werewolf monsters as part of a much larger plot in the not-so-distant future. Eventually, he travels to 1988 along with V3 and Agito to aid Kamen Rider Black in the final battle. Hiroshi Fujioka returns to voice the role. Kamen Rider 2 appears in his second outfit (although the Sakurajima version of his outfit is available as an unlockable).

Kamen Rider: The Bike Race

Kamen Rider 1 appears riding the Cyclone and New Cyclone in Kamen Rider: The Bike Race, a racing game featuring the majority of Kamen Riders and Rider Machines up to Kamen Rider Agito.

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis

Kamen Rider 1 is among the Showa Riders who make their Battride War franchise debut in this game. As a first for the franchise, he has a starter set, which enters the battle as Takeshi Hongo (depicted as he appeared in 1971) anytime and will be able to transform into Kamen Rider 1 during gameplay permanently. As Kamen Rider 1, he can change Stance Modes between "Melee Mode" (which uses close-combat attacks like the Rider Kick and Rider Chop), and "Grapple Mode" (which uses grappling attacks like the Rider Gaeshi and Rider Kirimomi Shoot), which can be used in the air (Melee Mode's Jumping Rider Kick and Grapple Mode's Rider Tailspin Shot).

The first print run of the game will include a download code featuring Takeshi disguised as a Shocker Combatman as a separate character from Kamen Rider 1, featuring much weaker attacks (including a weaponized version of the Shocker salute).

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride

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Climax Heroes series

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All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation and Rider Generation 2

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Pachinko Kamen Rider Go-On

Takeshi Goon.jpg


Takeshi Hongo is a heroic man with a kind heart, having sworn to protect the innocent as a Kamen Rider. Since his early years, Takeshi has a rather mild and outgoing attitude, with a tendency to act on his own accord[4][5]. When forcibly converted into a cyborg, Takeshi initially struggled to accept his newfound powers, feeling distressed of his physical alteration. Worse, burdened as the sole protector of humanity gave Takeshi a sense of desolation, despairing his lack of allies against Shocker.

From Tobei and his newfound friends' support though, Takeshi gradually regained his cheerful attitude, overcoming his somberness. Recognizing himself to no longer be alone, Takeshi became more open toward his allies, mentoring several members of the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, Takeshi takes motorcycle racing very seriously, spending much of his free time practicing under Tobei's coaching. Equaling this is Takeshi's interest in science, with his expert field of study being bio-chemistry.

As the first Kamen Rider, Takeshi shows much care and concern toward his successors, wishing for each to learn and grow as protectors of the innocent. Though unwilling to allow anyone to suffer as he did, Takeshi shows little hesitation in accepting others as a Kamen Rider, provided that they choose to do so on their own accord.

When reappearing in Kamen Rider Gaim though, Takeshi acted very differently than how he was in the original series. Deriding emotional attachments as detrimental, Takeshi suddenly denies the Heisei Riders as worthy heroes, believing them to be a danger if left unchecked. Upon witnessing Gaim sacrificing himself for a single flower, Takeshi retracts his previous statement, admitting defeat in their battle and re-accepting the Heisei Riders as true Kamen Riders.

In Kamen Rider Ghost, Takeshi is portrayed as a very hot-blooded figure. Feeling guilty for neglecting Mayu, Takeshi promised her to stop fighting as a Kamen Rider, refusing to help Ghost and Specter in their battle against Nova-Shocker, despite the countless lives at stake. However, upon learning of Mayu's connection to the Alexander Eyecon, Takeshi musters his remaining strength to protect her, losing his life in the process. Upon his miraculous revival, Takeshi's fighting spirit is fully reignited, allowing him to defeat Nova Shocker.

Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: From Shocker's modifications, Takeshi Hongo gained superhuman abilities, augmented far beyond even the most gifted athletes. His durability alone proved enough to completely withstand oxygen deprivation, absolute zero[6], a nuclear bomb[7], and even an explosion powerful enough to blast Takeshi into outer space[8]. Evidently, by combining his might with other Kamen Riders, Takeshi can somehow warp reality itself, usually done via the "Rider Synchro/Syndrome" technique[9][8][10][11].
  • Appearance Duplication: Like Shocker's other cyborgs, Takeshi possesses the ability to change his appearance into other individuals[12].


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Having an IQ of 600 and expertise in biochemistry, Takeshi is a brilliant man. Some of his most impressive feats include: creating antidotes for rare and exotic poisons, co-designing the New Cyclone, and converting Shiro Kazami into Kamen Rider V3.
  • Exceptional Leader: As the first Kamen Rider, Takeshi normally takes command when fighting alongside his successors, providing not only insight and wisdom, but also strategy and tact to outwit their foes.
  • Expert Detective: In contrast to his somewhat eccentric nature, Takeshi displays surprising focus when investigating Shocker's activities, using given clues to figure out their secret plans. When required, Takeshi will go undercover to spy on his foes, disguising himself to fool others.
  • Ace Driver: Since before his cybernetic enhancements, Takeshi was an excellent bike racer, with Tobei himself stating Takeshi's skills to be immense. As a Kamen Rider, Takeshi's bike skills improved significantly, swiftly defeating several Shocker Combatmen on their own modified bikes[13].
  • Master Combatant: After becoming a Kamen Rider, Takeshi rigorously trained himself to face his foes, being essentially unmatched in pure skill. In his final clash against Gel-Shocker, Takeshi proved himself capable of simultaneously defeating several revived cyborgs alone, all far surpassing Shocker's soldiers. Since then, Takeshi's combat skills have grown further, easily overwhelming Marshal Machine[14], Armored Knight, and Commander Jijaku[9] in combat, despite their powers alone rivaling Stronger in Charge-Up Form.
  • Weapon Mastery: While normally a hand-to-hand fighter, Takeshi is also a master weapon user, displaying expert skill and precision on multiple occasions.


Kamen Rider 1

Original Kamen Rider 1

Original Kamen Rider 1 (modern suit)

Rider Statistics
Rider Senses
Ability Parameters (Initial → Trained)

Because he was meant to be Shocker’s greatest altered human, Kamen Rider 1's capabilities are far greater than a normal man. He has the ability to hear at distances up to 4 kilometers away. He can break a meter thick tree trunk or a metal rod 10 cm thick with his Rider Chop. His Rider Kick has enough power to bend steel supports of buildings. Even when he wasn't fully transformed, this form was strong enough to withstand a 50,000 volt electric shock.

Unlike in his later forms, Takeshi can't transform automatically in this form, needing external wind to jump start the Typhoon's turbine and give him access to his suit and most of his fighting strength. That wind is generally generated by riding his bike, but it also can come from other sources, like an explosion that pushes hot wind towards the Typhoon belt. It is thinkable that becoming Kamen Rider 1 has granted him a degree of immortality and immunity to organic diseases, viruses, bacteria and poison due to becoming a cybernetic human.

As seen in the middle of Hongo's transformation in Kamen Rider Taisen.

The original form of Kamen Rider 1 returned in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, as a part of Hongo's transformation into his New Kamen Rider 1 form before the battle between the Showa Riders and Heisei Riders.

To distinguish from his later upgrades, this form is usually referred to as Old 1 (旧1号, Kyū Ichigō).

Kamen Rider 1 consists of the following parts:[23]

  • Super Tactile Antenna (超触覚アンテナ, Chō Shokkaku Antena): A tactile antenna that can catch radio waves in 4km square. It can also be used for radio communication.
  • Cat's eye (キャッツアイ, Kyattsuai): A compound-eye detector with three times the eyesight of a normal person. It emits infrared rays and can catch the movement of the enemy even in the dark.
  • O Signal (Oシグナル, O Shigunaru): The danger detector. When an enemy monster approaches within a radius of 100m, it catches the special wavelength emitted by them and the lamp blinks.
  • Super Auditory Device (超聴覚器, Chō Chōkakuki): A sound collector that has 40 times the hearing of ordinary people. Kamen Rider 1 can hear the sound of the surrounding area in 4km.
  • Crusher (クラッシャー, Kurasshā): A jaw-shaped cutting device with sharp fangs that can even bite through steel chains.
  • Converter Lung (コンバーターラング, Konbātārangu): The wind power sent from the wind turbine dynamo is converted into energy and stored in the energy converter. At the same time, activates an ultra-small nuclear reactor and generates the power of artificial muscles throughout the body.

This form has the following techniques:

  • Rider Kick (ライダーキック, Raidā Kikku): Kamen Rider 1 delivers a kick powerful enough to destroy a monster.
    • Denko Rider Kick (電光ライダーキック, Denkō Raidā Kikku): A more powerful version of Rider Kick.
  • Rider Nage (ライダーネイジ, Raidā Nage): Kamen Rider 1 can throw monsters hard enough to kill them.
    • Rider Gaeshi (ライダー返し, Raidā Gāeshi): It is a version of Rider Nage where Kamen Rider 1 throws his enemy during a jump.
  • Rider Scissors (ライダーシザース, Raidā Shizāsu): Kamen Rider 1 leglocks the enemy during a jump and throws them away.
  • Rider Chop (ライダーチョップ, Raidā Choppu): Kamen Rider 1 hits his enemy with a chop.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Episode 1, Special Episode: Escape, Kamen Rider 2-13, Missing Link, April 3, 1971, Kamen Rider Taisen, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Sakurajima Kamen Rider 1

Sakurajima Kamen Rider 1

Rider Statistics
  • Rider Height: 180 cm
  • Rider Weight: 70 kg

The form Takeshi shows after fighting against Shocker in Europe for some time. His appearance changed due to the effects of the constant fighting on his physical appearance and acceptance of himself.

In the TV show, this form doesn't seem to be any stronger than the original Kamen Rider 1 form, but with stronger combat power due to Hongo's experience by this point. However, in the movie Kamen Rider vs. Shocker, this form was shown to be able to transform without needing external wind sources.

This version of Kamen Rider 1 is referred to as Sakurajima 1 (桜島 1号, Sakurajima Ichigō), due to the story arc where it debuted mostly taking place there. [Quiz! Distinguishing the First Rider]

This form has the following techniques:

  • Rider Double Kick (ライダーダブルキック, Raidā Daburu Kikku): A Rider Kick along with Kamen Rider 2
  • Rider Gaeshi (ライダー返し, Raidā Gāeshi): Kamen Rider 1 throws his enemy during a jump.
  • Rider Sharin (ライダー車輪, Raidā Sharin):
Appearances: Kamen Rider Episodes 40, 41, 49, 51, Kamen Rider vs. Shocker, 52, From Here to Eternity.

New Kamen Rider 1

New Kamen Rider 1

Giant Kamen Rider 1

Rider Statistics[16][18][19]
  • Rider Height: 180 cm
  • Rider Weight: 70 kg
Rider Senses
Ability Parameters (Initial → Trained)

New 1 (新1号, Shin Ichigō) is the third form of Kamen Rider 1. Takeshi Hongo is captured by Shocker and taken for a second reconstruction surgery, which gives him abilities surpassing his original ones. Hongo uses self-hypnosis to escape Shocker's brainwashing, turning their own power against them once again. [From Here to Eternity]

The upgrade allows Hongo to transform instantly, without needing external wind sources, gives him enough power and durability to survive a subzero trap and even a nuclear bomb close range with no apparent damage, and gives Hongo the versatility for different techniques that can satisfy demands otherwise unattainable in his previous forms, giving Takeshi the nickname "Skill of 1" (技の1号, Waza no Ichigō); this capability was later passed to Kamen Rider V3.

Ready Ultra Rider 1.jpg

This form also gives Hongo access to Rider Power, a temporary boost in Kamen Rider 1's battle power, triggered with a switch in his new Typhoon belt, that greatly increases his strength, making Kamen Rider 1 superior to Shocker's other creations.

In Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 1 gains the ability to grow to Ultraman's size in order to balance out their size differences.

New 1 consists of the following parts:[26]

  • Super Tactile Antenna (超触覚アンテナ, Chō Shokkaku Antena): A radar antenna that captures all radio waves and sound waves.
  • Cat's eye (キャッツアイ, Kyattsuai): A compound eye that has a wider vision than humans and can see through the darkness with its infrared radiation function. It also has a zoom function to see the details of the object.
  • O Signal (Oシグナル, O Shigunaru): A danger detector that can search up to 4km around. When an enemy monster approaches within a radius of 100m, it catches the special wavelength emitted by them and the lamp blinks. It also has a telepathic function with other Kamen Riders.
  • Super Auditory Device (超聴覚器, Chō Chōkakuki): A sound collector that has 40 times the hearing of ordinary people. New 1 can hear the sound of the surrounding area in 4km.
  • Crusher (クラッシャー, Kurasshā): A jaw-shaped cutting device with sharp fangs that shatter even steel into pieces.
  • Converter Lung (コンバーターラング, Konbātārangu): The wind power sent from the wind turbine dynamo is converted into energy and stored in the energy converter. At the same time, a device activates an ultra-small nuclear reactor and generates the power of artificial muscles throughout the body. It also has the function of a radiator that releases heat from the body.

This form has the following techniques:

  • Rider Kick (ライダーキック, Raidā Kikku): New 1 delivers a kick powerful enough to destroy a monster.
    • Denko Rider Kick (電光ライダーキック, Denkō Raidā Kikku): A more powerful version of Rider Kick.
    • Rider Hanten Kick (ライダー反転キック, Raidā Hanten Kikku):
    • Rider Inazuma Kick (ライダー稲妻キック, Raidā Inazuma Kikku):
    • Rider Drop Kick (ライダードロップキック, Raidā Doroppu Kikku):
    • Rider Screw Kick (ライダースクリューキック, Raidā Sukuryū Kikku):
    • Rider Fusha Sandan Kick (ライダー風車3段キック, Raidā Fūsha Sandan Kikku):
    • Rider Point Kick (ライダーポイントキック, Raidā Pointo Kikku):
    • Rider Getsumen Kick (ライダー月面キック, Raidā Getsumen Kikku):
    • Rider Double Kick (ライダーダブルキック, Raidā Daburu Kikku) (with Rider 2): A Rider Kick along with Kamen Rider 2
    • Rider Triple Kick (ライダートリプルキック, Raidā Toripuru Kikku) (with Rider 2 and V3): Used to defeat multiple enemies at once
      • Can also be done alongside Rider 3 in place of V3.
    • X Rider Super Five Kick (Xライダースーパーファイブキック, Ekkusu Raidā Supā Faibu Kikku) (with Rider 2, V3, Riderman and X):
  • Rider Synchro (ライダーシンクロ, Raidā Shinkuro) (in conjunction with multiple Riders):
  • Rider Nage (ライダーネイジ, Raidā Nage): New 1 can throw monsters hard enough to kill them.
    • Rider Gaeshi (ライダー返し, Raidā Gāeshi): It is a version of Rider Nage where New 1 throws his enemy during a jump.
  • Rider Scissors (ライダーシザース, Raidā Shizāsu): New 1 leglocks the enemy during a jump and throws them away.
  • Rider Chop (ライダーチョップ, Raidā Choppu): New 1 hits his enemy with a chop.
    • Rider Flying Chop (ライダーフライングチョップ, Raidā Furaingu Choppu):
    • Rider Double Chop (ライダーダブルチョップ, Raidā Daburu Choppu) (with Rider 2):
  • Rider Sharin (ライダー車輪, Raidā Sharin):
  • Rider Punch (ライダーパンチ, Raidā Panchi):
  • Rider Head Crusher (ライダーヘッドクラッシャー, Raidā Heddo Kurashā):
  • Rider Jump (ライダージャンプ, Raidā Janpu):
  • Rider Back Jump (ライダーバックジャンプ, Raidā Bakku Janpu):
  • Rider Hammer (ライダーハンマー, Raidā Hanmā):
  • Rider Crash (ライダークラッシュ, Raidā Kurasshu):
  • Rider Knee Block (ライダーニーブロック, Raidā Nī Burokku):
  • Rider Screw Block (ライダースクリューブロック, Raidā Sukuryū Burokku):
Appearances: Kamen Rider Episodes 53-68, Kamen Rider vs. Jigoku Taishi, Kamen Rider 69-98, V3 Episode 1, Kamen Rider Episode 99, V3 2, 21, V3 vs. Destron Mutants, V3 33 & 34, Riderman Another After, Five Riders vs. Kingdark, Stronger Episodes 38 & 39, All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!, Eight Riders vs. GingaOh, Skyrider Episodes 27, 28, 54, Kamen Rider Super-1: The Movie, Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!, Dragon Road, Black RX Episodes 41-47, 11 Kamen Riders Senki, Space-Time Hero: Kamen Rider, Space 11: Kamen Rider Galaxy Great Decisive Battle, Kamen Rider Live 2000, Cho Henshin Battle, April 3, 1971, All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, All Riders vs. Dr. Shinigami, The Fearful Global Warming Plan, Let's Go Kamen Riders, Fourze Episode 2, Movie War Mega Max, Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png, Fourze Special Event, Super Hero Taisen ZIcon-crosswiki.png, Wizard Special Event ZIcon-crosswiki.png, ToQger Vs. GaimIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider Taisen, Super Hero Taisen GPIcon-crosswiki.png, Drive Special Event, Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Power Up Kamen Rider 1

Power Up Kamen Rider 1

Rider Statistics[18][27]
  • Rider Height: 219 cm
  • Rider Weight: 219 kg
Ability Parameters[18][27]
  • Punching Power: 100 t
  • Kicking Power: 145 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.5 seconds[18][27]

In the Kamen Rider 1 film, Kamen Rider 1 appears with a further upgrade known as Power Up (パワーアップ, Pawā Appu), which is heavily armored and features a color scheme similar to Sakurajima 1. The suit also sports an updated version of the Typhoon, which has a shielded metal cover to protect the belt's fan turbine when Takeshi isn't transformed. It is unknown how this form was obtained.

Appearances: Ghost Episode 24, Kamen Rider 1.

Grasshopper Man 1

Hongo's true form as Shocker's Grasshopper Man 1 (バッタ男1号, Batta Otoko Ichigo).

Appearances: Kamen Rider: 1971-1973

Segata Sanshiro.jpg

Segata Sanshiro (せがた三四郎 Segata Sanshirō) is a fictional advertising mascot created by Sega for the Sega Saturn. He is a mysterious martial artist who travels the land to hone his skills at playing video games and mercilessly beats up anyone who isn't playing a Sega Saturn.

"Segata Sanshiro" does Kamen Rider 1's transformation pose before becoming Kamen Rider 1.

During the 49th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen with Segata Sanshiro, Ika Devil appeared and attacked with a platoon of Shocker Combatmen. Segata revealed that he was actually Takeshi Hongo and transformed into Kamen Rider 1 to fight Ika Devil's forces alongside Kamen Riders 2, V3 and Black RX.

This "form change" is mostly a comedic reference to the fact that Hiroshi Fujioka portrays both Segata and Kamen Rider 1.


Kamen Rider 1 uses the power of the wind to fight. To transform, Takeshi originally sped on his motorcycle, Cyclone, and leaps into the air, creating wind-pressure against his Typhoon belt. The pressure spins the wheel in the center of his belt which then activates the micro-nuclear engine and allows him to transform.

Later on as he grew more powerful he learned to transform by absorbing the wind by himself (although he can still use any source of wind generated outside of his powers) thus getting rid of a major weakness. Like Kamen Riders 2 and V3, Takeshi has a weakness to the cold and can't transform properly when hit by sub-zero coldness as shown in episode 98 of his series.

The "old" Rider did not have a shout or a pose when he transforms.

Rider Transformation

―Hongo's most recent transformation call into Kamen Rider 1[src]

In his upgraded forms, Takeshi shouts and throws his right arm at a diagonal to his right then rotates it clockwise until it's a diagonal to his left, then he retracts it to his waist and thrusts out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. After that pose, Takeshi leaps into the air where the wind-pressure activates his transformation. In several instances, however, the transformation can be activated instantly after his transformation pose, without the need for him to leap into the air.




Legend Rider Devices

KamenRide: 1

With the KamenRide: 1 (カメンライド1号, Kamenraido Ichigō) card, Kamen Rider Decade transforms into Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png. Previously, in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation performed the Final Dimension Kick, a variation of the Dimension Kick, transforming the Shōwa, including Kamen Rider 1, and Heisei Riders into Kamen Ride cards for Decade to travel through as opposed to Final Attack Ride cards before hitting the target. Unlike his other Kamen Rides, Decade's Decadriver changes along with his costume, taking on the appearance of the Typhoon Belt. However, when Captain Marvelous (as Akarenger) strikes the "Typhoon" during battle, it seems to short out and changes back into the Decadriver, revealing "Rider 1" to be Decade after all.

In World of OOO, this Rider Card is consists of a modified green-colored Batta Medal. Used as O Medal by Eiji to utilize Legend TaToBa Combo (Batta Leg).

Final AttackRide: 1

Final AttackRide: 1 (ファイナルアタックライド1号, Fainaru Attakuraido Ichigō)

1 Switch

1 Switch (1号 スイッチ, Ichigō Suitchi, Cross): An Astroswitch bearing the likeness of Kamen Rider 1. In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride, it can be used by Kamen Rider Fourze to arm him with the 1 Module (1号モジュール, Ichigō Mojūru) on his right leg, boosting his kicking power and jumping height.

The 1 Switch appears on-screen in Movie War Mega Max, when the Seven Legendary Riders are captured by Lem Kannagi. Rider 1, along with Rider 2, V3, and Riderman, were turned into Switches (while X, Amazon, and Stronger were turned into Core Medals) and kept in a suitcase by a member of Foundation X. The Riders were able to return back to normal when Fourze inserted the Switches into the Fourze Driver and performed a Limit Break.

1 Ring

This Rider Ring which bears the likeness of Kamen Rider 1 is exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard's Wizard Ring toyline. When used by a Wizardriver wearer, it would be able to summon Kamen Rider 1.

Kamen Rider 1 Lockseed (仮面ライダー1号ロックシード, Kamen Raidā Ichigō Rokkushīdo): A Lockseed bearing the likeness of Kamen Rider 1, created when Rider 1 was defeated in the battle between the Showa Riders and Heisei Riders. [Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai] The core image depicts the Typhoon while the lid backside image depicts Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick gesture. When inserted into a Sengoku Driver or when channeled through the Showa Rider Lockseed, it would allow an Armored Rider to assume 1go Arms (1号アームズ, Ichigō Āmuzu). It is styled for Gaim, Kurokage, Bujin Gaim, and Kamuro in the toyline.

  • Transformation: 1 (Ichigō) Arms: Waza no Ichigō, Let's go!
    • Squash: Rider Punch (ライダーパンチ, Raidā Panchi)
    • Au Lait: Cyclone (サイクロン号, Saikuron-gō)
    • Sparking: Rider Kick (ライダーキック, Raidā Kikku)

Legend 1 Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend 1 (シグナルレジェンド1号, Shigunaru Rejendo Ichigō, Based on Rider 1's New Cyclone): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Showa Rider.

"Let's Go Ichi Gou! (Typhoon warble to deep-pitched flashing sound)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride!? I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! Rider Punch! Rider Kick! Rider, Rider, Action Go! (Mighty Action X-styled song and Typhoon activation noise)"
Level 2 announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Cy-Cy-Cy-Cyclone de Gekisou! Henshin da! Iku ze, Rider Fight! (Bakusou Bike-styled song and Heavy Metal and Typhoon mid-transformation noise)"
Level 3 announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Let's Go Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Let's Go Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Ichi Gou Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

Let's Go Ichigou Gashat

  • Let's Go Ichi Gou! Gashat (レッツゴー1号!ガシャット, Rettsu Gō Ichigō! Gashatto, lit. Let's Go 1 Gashat): Based on Kamen Rider 1. Used to activate Ichi Gou Gamer Level 1, advances to Level 2 after pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver.

"(Digital beeping) 1!"
―Activation announcement[src]

1 Ridewatch (1号ライドウォッチ, Ichigo Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider 1, this Ridewatch would provide access to the 1Armor. It is dated 1971.

This Ridewatch was obtained by Hiryu Kakogawa through unknown means and was one of the Ridewatches absorbed by him to become Another Ohma Zi-O.

1 Anotherwatch

Another 1 Watch (アナザー1号ウォッチ, Anazā Ichigō Wotchi): A twisted version of the 1 Ridewatch used to transform into Another 1.

"Hajimari no Kamen Rider 1gou!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Toaru otoko wa jiyū to heiwa no tame ni aku to notatakai o kakenuketa.[28]

Translation: A certain man runs through a fight against evil for the sake of freedom and peace. (とある男は自由と平和のために悪との戦いを駆け抜けた.)"
―Story announcement[src]

Hajimari no Kamen Rider 1gou Wonder Ride Book (はじまりの仮面ライダー1号ワンダーライドブック, Hajimari no kamen raidā 1-gō wandāraidobukku, lit. "Kamen Rider 1 of the Beginning Wonder Ride Book") is based on Kamen Rider 1. The Book's name is shortened to "1" the Swordriver's announcements.

"Batta! (バッタ!)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Dominate up! Batta! Genomix! (ドミネートアップ!バッタ!ゲノミクス!, Dominēto Appu! Batta! Genomikusu!)"
―Genomix Change announcement with the Demons Driver[src]

"Batta Demons Requiem! (バッタデモンズレクイエム, Batta Demonzu Rekuiemu!)"
―Genomix finisher announcement[src]

"Come on! Ba-Ba-Batta! (カモン!バ!バ!バッタ!, Kamon! Ba-Ba-Batta)"
―Looping standby announcement with the Revice Driver[src]

"Buddy Up! Densetsu to natta! Saisho no batta! Top batta! Semaru hopper! Henshin!
(バディアップ! 伝説となつた!最初のバッタ!トップバッター!迫るホッパー!変身!, Badi Appu! Densetsu to natta! Saisho no batta! Toppu batta! Semaru hoppā! Henshin!)

Translation: Buddy Up! It's a legend! The first grasshopper! Top grasshopper! Hopper approaching! Transform!"
―Transformation announcement with the Revice Driver[src]

"Batta Stamping Finish! (バッタスタンピングフィニッシュ!, Batta Sutanpingu Finisshu!)"
―Revice Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Remix! Buddy Up! Hissatsu! Rider! Kick da! Batta!
(リミックス!バディアップ!必殺!ライダー!キックだ!バッタ!, Rimikkusu! Badi Appu! Hissatsu! Raidā! Kikku da! Batta!)

Translation: Remix! Buddy Up! Certain kill! Rider! It's a kick! Grasshopper!"
―Remix transformation announcement[src]

"Hissatsu Shonin! Batta Stamping Strike! (必殺承認!バッタスタンピングストライク!, Hissatsu Shōnin! Batta Sutanpingu Sutoraiku!, Deadly Approval! Grasshopper Stamping Strike!)"
―Finisher announcement with the Ohinbuster50 in Gun Mode[src]

"Hissatsu Shonin! Batta Stamping Slash! (必殺承認!バッタスタンピングスラッシュ!, Hissatsu Shōnin! Batta Sutanpingu Surasshu!, Deadly Approval! Grasshopper Stamping Slash!)"
―Finisher announcement with the Ohinbuster50 in Axe Mode[src]

Batta Vistamp[29] (バッタバイスタンプ, Batta Baisutanpu, lit. "Grasshopper Vistamp"): Allows Demons to access his Batta Genomix. It contains the genetic information of a grasshopper and is based on Kamen Rider 1.


  • Showa
    • Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2: After being rescued from Shocker by Takeshi, Hayato becomes his replacement to fight Shocker in Japan. Since Takeshi's return, the two worked together to stop Shocker and its successors. The two are the best of friends and have fought together since 1971.
    • Tobei Tachibana: Takeshi sees Tobei as his mentor and father-figure. Having lost his family members in a car accident, Tobei also sees Takeshi as a son. When Takeshi became a Kamen Rider, Tobei was the first ally in his crusade. Among all the Kamen Riders, Takeshi is likely Tobei's favorite.
    • Kazuya Taki: Takeshi's other best friend, Kazuya was originally his rival at bike racing. The two have great trust in each other, with Kazuya having helped Takeshi many times.
    • Shiro Kazami/Kamen Rider V3: Takeshi's junior at Johnan University, he is made into Kamen Rider V3 through the combined efforts of Kamen Riders 1 and 2. He later replaces Takeshi and Hayato, leading the next generation of Showa riders. The two are very close friends, with Takeshi referring to Shiro as a brother at one point.
  • Other Kamen Riders: Throughout the series, Takeshi interacts with all of the Kamen Riders, acting as a leader, mentor, and partner, helping them to become better, stronger heroes.

Behind the Scenes


Takeshi Hongo is portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka (藤岡 弘、, Fujioka Hiroshi), who originally had performed his own stunts for Kamen Rider 1 until he shattered his leg in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong. The injury forced him to take a long-term hiatus from acting, and Takeshi Sasaki was brought on to replace Fujioka as Hayato Ichimonji. Unused footage of Fujioka would be used to gradually phase out Takeshi and fully establish Hayato as the new protagonist. After Fujioka recovered and the show becoming a moderate success, the story wrote in his return and he reprised his role alongside Sasaki's as the Double Riders in time for several finale episodes. After the conclusion of the original series, Fujioka reprised his role in both Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider Stronger, with archived footage of him being utilized in Five Riders vs. Kingdark while he provided new voice lines.

Since then, Takeshi had been voiced by several replacements as Fujioka had been unable to reprise the role in some capacity:

Fujioka provided a voice role of the character in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, and returned to a physical reprisal in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, followed by Kamen Rider 1, and most recently in Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png. The same year as Superhero Senki, Fujioka's son Maito portrayed the role in Takeshi's younger appearances in Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations.

Cultural Recognition

Kamen Rider is featured as #27 in the 1986 archive compilation video Toei 100 Great Heroes Super FightIcon-crosswiki.png.

He first appeared in Kamen Rider, the first installment in the long-running Kamen Rider franchise of tokusatsu programs. Each episode sees Takeshi meeting another of Shocker's soldiers, interacting with supporting characters (such as his mentor, Tobei Tachibana), and ultimately defeating the enemy, often with the trademark "Rider Kick" or "Rider Punch" attacks.

The primary protagonist of the series, Kamen Rider 1 is a motorcycle-riding superhero modeled after a Grasshopper. One of the most recognizable and iconic characters in Japanese entertainment, Kamen Rider 1 is as irrecoverably burnt into the cultural subconscious as the series itself.

The Kamen Rider statue still standing amidst the 2011 earthquake.

A statue of Kamen Rider stands outside the Ishinomori Manga Museum in Miyagi, a city neighboring Tome, where Shotaro Ishinomori was born. This statue was observed still standing amongst the rubble after the Tōhoku earthquake and resulting tsunami in 2011, and became the subject of a well-known photo.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Takeshi is not the first Kamen Rider to utilize the hand motions that would later be iconic for transformations in the Kamen Rider series. The honor actually belongs to Hayato Ichimonji, transforming in episode 14, via the hand motions.
  • Recent Heisei and Neo-Heisei developments in the in-series universe timeline indicate that Takeshi is not the first Kamen Rider, as other heroes have come long before he was born (ex. the first Kuuga, Riku).
  • In the Malaysian English dub, both he and Kamen Rider 2 are called "Black Mask Rider".
  • In 1996, Takeshi Hongo appeared in a Children's Day stage show, fighting Shocker Combatmen and getting dragged into a plot where he teamed up with Kamen Rider Black RX, Kamen Rider J, Ultraman, UltraSevenIcon-crosswiki.png, Ultraman Taro, CarrangerIcon-crosswiki.png, and Godzilla to stop an invasion plot.


Main article: Takeshi Hongo/Appearances

See also


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