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Takeshi Homura (穂村 武志 Homura Takeshi) is a captain of the fire department who is hired by ZAIA Japan to compete against 119 Nosuke in the 4th round of the Workplace Competition.


Takeshi and his crew were chosen to make the commercial of the ZAIA Spec for the commercial during the rescue attempt on the burned building. During the competition against 119 Nosuke, Takeshi showed his resolve to not be beaten by the A.I until the commotion occured after rescuing the females only in the middle of the simulation challenge. Takeshi got angry on 119 Nosuke for neglecting the victim due the lowest chance of surviving and couldn't accept his place as the firefighter.

When Gai changed the route of the competition, Takeshi started to get cower as the ZAIA Spec had analyzed the impossible probability for him to breakthrough a crumbled wall and a locked door to save Jun and his co. 119 Nosuke impressed him by showing his singularity result, sacrificing itself to give a chance for Takeshi and the rests to rescue them, leading ZAIA Japan to win the competition.

Takeshi couldn't accept the result during the discussion of the victory and told Gai that HumaGear had a value, but Gai refused his opinion and only caring his victory despite it was tainted even when Yua convinced Gai to accept the loss. But Takeshi's victory was revoked as Gai changed his mind after the culprit behind the real burning incident was revealed to be his own co-worker.


Homura is a man who takes his job as a firefighter very seriously and cares greatly for people. Initially, he did not like the idea of Humagears being firefighters, as they are not logical and generally don't act on human emotions. After 119 Nosuke demonstrated a true act of heroism, which ultimately resulted in his destruction, Homura posthumously praised his actions and called him a true firefighter.

Behind the Scenes


Takeshi Homura is portrayed by Ryohei Abe (阿部亮平 Abe Ryōhei) who previously portrayed Ōi (大井) in Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 3 and 4.


  • Homura is the second ZAIA Enterprise representative of the Workplace Competition to not become a Raider after Naoto Ichimori.
  • Takeshi Homura is the second ZAIA Enterprise representative to have his victory to be revoked by Gai after Rentaro Tachibana.
    • Unlike Rentaro, Takeshi completely lost while Rentaro claimed his victory by pure effort after his cheating had been exposed.



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