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Takeshi Asakura (浅倉 威 Asakura Takeshi) is Kamen Rider Ouja (仮面ライダー王蛇 Kamen Raidā Ōja, lit. "King Snake"), a Rider in the Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Ryuki. He is the sixth of the 13 Kamen Riders the story revolves around and serves as one of the main villains in the series.



Asakura was born in 1977. At age 13, he murdered his entire family in a fire, though his younger brother survived. Since, Asakura developed a reputation as a sadistic felon with a love to fight, maim and otherwise destroy anything in his random fits of rage. As a result of his sadistic nature, prior to becoming a Rider, Asakura was personally responsible for both ending the piano career of Tezuka's friend Yuichi Saito and murdering the older sister of Miho Kirishima. Eventually, his arrogant personality results with his defense attorney, Shuichi Kitaoka refusing to represent him and left him to rot in jail. Because he was in prison and could not feed his destructive nature, Takeshi gladly accepted Kanzaki's offer to join the Rider War and forms a pact with Venosnaker, using his newfound powers as Ouja in its many forms to break out of jail, avoid the law, and get his revenge on Kitaoka.


Ouja and his Mirror Monsters.

Ouja fought only to fight and was the first Rider to actually kill other Riders, killing Kamen Rider Gai and Kamen Rider Raia and taking their Contract Monster afterwards. Ouja also destroyed Kamen Rider Imperer's deck, causing him to die in the Mirror World. While the other Riders had a desire that would be granted if they won the Rider War, Asakura was simply having fun, and said that if he won, he would wish for the Rider War to start over so he could keep enjoying himself.

Ren helped Asakura fake his death once so he can fight in the Rider War without police interference. But when he was publicly revealed to be alive, Asakura was soon later captured, going in and out of jail for several instances. In one such case, he uses Metalgelas while in a police van to dispose of his police captors before escaping into the Mirror World. After a fight with Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive and Kamen Rider Tiger, he had been seriously injured and handed back to the authorities once again by Shinji. Soon he escaped again, with aid of his lawyer at that time whom he had knocked out and switched clothes with the lawyer to escape.

In the process of learning of Kitaoka's identity as a Rider, Asakura attempted to lure him by staging a hostage situation to get Kitaoka. Asakura had Venosnaker kidnap Goro Yura so Ouja can pressure Zolda into bringing Knight, Ryuki and Raia to a specific meeting place. However, Goro escapes by picking the lock of the handcuffs. Though he lost to Zolda, Ouja survived and senselessly killed Kamen Rider Gai in the process.

Upon learning of Kitaoka's identity as a Rider, he formed a personal grudge against him that manifested in many attempts to harm Kitaoka. The two would fight many times throughout the series. Miyuki Tezuka (Kamen Rider Raia) also held a personal grudge against Asakura for ending the piano career of his friend, Yuichi Saito.

During the series, he came under fire from his three monsters when they were hungry for life energy. They came close to devouring Asakura if not for his strong determination. After hunting down three Mirror Monsters, Ouja was able to feed his contract monsters. Kamen Rider Knight and Zolda tried to prevent his monsters from feeding so that they would turn on him and remove Asakura from the Rider War. but Kamen Rider Ryuki intervened and allowed the monsters to feed because Asakura had actually saved a small girl from the three monsters they hunted.

Asakura before his death


At the end of the series he finally has his showdown with Zolda. Ouja, using his "Doomsday" Final Vent, destroys Magnugiga before fatally injuring Zolda. Though happy with his victory, Ouja finds out seconds later that "Zolda" was actually Goro, as Kitaoka gave him his vent deck prior to succumbing to his cancer during the fight. Just as he returned to the real world in utter disarray of being denied the right to kill the man he hated the most, Asakura finds himself surrounded by the authorities in the warehouse he was in with snipers covering them. Defiant to the end, Asakura grabs a metal rod and runs at the cops screaming as they gun him down, brought to justice at last.

But because Kanzaki restored time to its proper course after Yui's death, Asakura was given a second chance in life with no memory of being a Rider and keeping a low profile, but still having a rude personality, as he was kicking Shinji's bike because it was in the way.

Post Series and other events

Hyper Battle Video - Ryuki vs Agito

Ryuki vs agito 082

Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, Ouja, & Agito team up

Zolda, Knight and Ouja fighting the rest back. They apologize for being late; when Ryuki accuses Ouja of being a villain, they all claim that as Kamen Riders they are the protectors of humanity, all completely out of character. They rush in to keep fighting the Monsters as Ryuki stands in confusion, but he eventually joins in. As they fight the monsters down, explosions knock them all back, and the mysterious figure appears, named by Knight as Kamen Rider Agito, and by Zolda as the ruler of the "Miracle World". Burning Agito attacks them with fire before a gold figure jumps in, introducing himself as the real Kamen Rider Agito, saying Burning Form is a Miracle World illusion. The five Riders strike a pose and rush forward to fight the Fake Agito and his Mirror Monsters. the real Agito appears in Ground Form and teams up with Kamen Rider Ryuki, who imitates Agito's Rider Kick to destroy the imposter. In the end, this is revealed to be Shinji's dream.

S.I.C. Hero Saga

Advent Calendar


Ouja Survive

With the Rider War reaching its climax, Ryuki, Knight, Ouja, Zolda and Odin are the surviving Riders left. While Ouja is fighting Knight, he crushes him under some rubble. Ryuki shows up and challenges Ouja into a fight. Using the Survive Shippu card he stole from Knight, Ouja transforms into his Survive form, with Venosnaker evolving into Venoviper.


Dragredder attacks Venoviper

As Yui happened to be nearby, Ouja summons Venoviper while holding Yui as its hostage. He then uses his new Unite Vent card with all the Advent cards he's gathered up until now from the Riders he defeated, with the Darkwing card also stolen from Knight. All of his monsters, as well as Dragreder, who just happened to be nearby, combine to form Genosurviver. However, since Dragreder still belongs to Ryuki, its head starts snapping at Venoviper's head. When Genosurviver starts to run out of control, it tries to attack and destroy Mirror World. Kitaoka shows up saying that he knew "something weird" was going on in Mirror World, since he was in his car when its windscreen just cracked. He transforms into Zolda, summons Magnugiga and performs the End of World, killing Ouja, Genosurviver and himself. Ryuki sees the rubble with Knight under it. At that moment, he is possessed by the spirit of his deceased older brother, Shinichi Kido. Looking at the dead bodies of Ouja and Zolda, Yui says he did it, and while it happened, he and Dragreder had turned black.

World of If

In this S.I.C. alternate retelling of the story, the remaining Riders are Ryuki (now Ryuga), Knight, Tiger, Ouja and Odin. Meanwhile, when Knight and Ouja are fighting, Ren's cellphone rings. The doctor says that Eri's condition is deteriorating fast, and heads off to the hospital, abandoning the fight and dropping his Survive card. With the Survive Shippu card in his hand, Ouja, as the final Rider, stands before Odin. His wish is for the Rider War to continue for all eternity.


Ouja Survive facing Odin.

In the middle of the battle, Alternative Zero jumps in and joins forces with Ouja in order to fight Odin. Ouja activates his Final Vent; Venoviper transforms into a bike and charges at Odin, spitting poison along the way. A moment before it hits him, though, Odin activates his Time Vent and vanishes, then reappears on Venoviper's seat and strikes him quickly.

Right before he dies, Asakura sees Odin's face, through the hole in his helmet melted by Venoviper's poison, revealing Ren's face.

Kamen Rider Decade

Ending Journey


Ouja in the World of Hibiki.

In Kamen Rider Decade, Ouja is summoned in the World of Hibiki by Kiva-la, wielding a kanabō which he uses to summon a Bakegani from the mountain side after knocking Kiva-la aside.

Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship

G3 Caucasus Ouja summoned

Ouja, Caucasus, and G3 being summoned

Diend appears long enough to summon Kamen Riders Ouja, G3, and Caucasus as wild cards in the fight and Kuchihiko reassembles the Oni's Trump Stone with Mimihiko activating the Demon's Warship in the present and using it to return to the past. The Oni Brothers are able to defeat them until Tsukasa and Sieg arrive, allowing Den-O to assume Wing form as Momotaros possess Tsukasa to fight as Decade. The other Tarōs do the same with Diend's summoned Riders (Urataros with G3, Kintaros with Caucasus, and Ryutaros with Ouja) Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker


Asakura later appears in All Riders VS Dai-Shocker to fight the organization. However due to his sadistic nature he sides with Dai-Shocker along with KickHopper (Yaguruma). He attempts to stop Diend and Natsumi only for Diend to summon Gai, Raia, and PunchHopper to fight him and Yaguruma. He fought Gai and Raia, the two riders he killed in the series. The outcome of the fight is unknown.

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ouja in Legend War

Kamen Rider Ouja was part of a group of reinforcement riders led by Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth to aid the primary riders in defeating the Rock Great Leader. All the Kamen Riders got on their bikes and performed the All Rider Break attack which destroyed the Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4

Duel! The True Identity of Shocker's Great Leader


Due to the re-alterations of time made by Shocker, Ouja later appeared, along with Kamen Riders 4, Sasword, Dark Kiva, and Baron to fight against the Kamen Riders as they catch onto Shocker's latest schemes. During the final loop, Ouja is destroyed alongside Dark Kiva by Deadheat Mach's Hit Macher Full Throttle. Duel! The True Identity of Shocker's Great Leader

Appearances in other media

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Super Spin-off

That One! Jiro Okamoto: Final Blow Diet!!


Kamen Rider Ouja appears with Leangle, Caucasus, IXA and Bkack, cited as examples of the costumes I use Eitoku, later in the beginning of the questionnaire and Kenichi asks which Rider is Jiro referring to five Riders, it is finally discovered that it is Black.

Transform! Ryuki is a Changing Cut!!


Takeshi Asakura appears with Kamen Rider Ryuga at the end of episodie,in the Mirror World to figth against Gunji Koriyama the temporary user of the Kamen Rider Ryuki powers.

Stage Show

Kamen Rider Ghost Special Event



Asakura is a violent, bad-tempered, murderous, and sadistic man, finding joy in fighting, maiming, killing, or otherwise destroying anything in his random fits of rage. He is actually so drawn to violence that he feels an unbearable tension which can only be eased through fighting. He has no sympathy or remorse for his actions, and will attack anyone simply because he is "vexed". In fact, when he's "vexed", he would even go as far as to hurt himself, just to ease his tension. This is shown when he is confined in a jail cell, he becomes so frustrated that he begins banging his head on the wall until he draws blood. 

His unhinged nature is such that he kills his entire family without any sign of repentance in a fire when he's only 13 years old. Furthermore, upon finding out his brother survives the event, he tracks him down only to feed him to Venosnaker. In fact, Asakura's wild personality even allows him to tame his three Mirror Monsters (two of which previously belong to the Riders he has killed). Asakura alone racks up the highest body count of all the Riders in Kamen Rider Ryuki, being directly responsible for the deaths of Gai, Raia, Imperer and Zolda.

His love for fighting is so much it is all it takes for him to join the Rider War. Unlike other Riders who join in order to have their wishes fulfilled, Asakura is just simply having fun with killing and fighting. In fact, he does not even know there is a "wish" for the winner until near the end-game stages of the War. Even upon learning that fact, he only states his wish is to make the Rider War endless, so that he can continue his destructive routine more and more to feed his urge for violence.

Despite his mad and deranged personality, Asakura is far from being mindless. He is perfectly capable of intelligent manipulation and does not make stupid decisions. This is shown when he uses Gai as a human shield, then kills him in cold blood right after he has served his purpose. He is even perfectly willing to use a young girl as a bait for three Mirror Monsters for his own benefit, and when he does not need her anymore, he leaves her without a word.

Asakura's utter disragard for human life, the versatility of his Advent Deck, along with his murderous and manipulative tendencies make him one of (if not the most) suitable candidates chosen by Shiro Kanzaki for the Rider War.

Fighting Style

Ouja is a melee based Rider like majority of the Kamen Riders. However, he is extremely sadistic, showing no mercy as well as superior tactics over his opponents. He fights relentlessly, but only if he is sure he will win, and isn't hesitant to use other Riders as factors or pawns in his battles. His Sword Vent is his most frequently used weapon. He becomes even more powerful when he forms Contracts with Metalgelas and Evildiver. This allows him access to Gai's Strike Vent and Raia's Swing Vent, making him a more versatile as well as a more deadly force. His Contract Monster Venosnaker participates in his battles, and is often seen as Dragreder's evil equivalent in the series (this has been replaced by Dragblacker). His durability due his wild nature also allows him to keep on fighting despite he is already in the state of dying and no longer a rider, proven when he almost killed Miho despite she is still in her Rider form and still hold enough time to kill Ren after being fatally wounded by Hishouzan and Magnugiga Launcher shoot vent.

However, Ouja is not without weaknesses. He's more vulnerable towards long-ranged opponents, his own unstable nature outclasses his fighting potential, he rarely uses his special card Steal Vent (possibly because he is comfortable with his choice of weapon, as well as only using it to disarm Riders, which is an ineffective strategy), and he rarely takes advantage of the more powerful Genocider, using the united Contract Monster as a more menacing or intimidating distraction in the battlefield. This may also prove that the united Contract Monster is difficult to control, but is restrainable.


Blank Form
KR-Ouja Blank Form

Blank Form

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.[1]
  • Rider Weight: 90 kg.[1]

Rider Senses:

  • Eyesight: 5 km.[1]
  • Hearing: 5 km.[1]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 50 AP[1] (2.5 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 100 AP[1] (5 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 15 m.[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 8 sec.[1]

Blank Form (ブランク体 Buranku-tai) is the form Ouja takes when he does not have a Contract Monster. Ouja is reverted to Blank Form in Episode Final when Ryuga destroys Genocider, his combined Contract Monster.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final


Kamen Rider Ouja

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.[2]
  • Rider Weight: 98 kg.[2]

Rider Senses:

  • Eyesight: 15 km.[2]
  • Hearing: 15 km.[2]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 250 AP[2] (12.5 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 400 AP[2] (20 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m.[2]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5 sec.[2]

Special Attacks:

  • Veno Saber: 3000 AP[2] (150 t.)
  • Metal Horn: 2000 AP[2] (100 t.)
  • Evil Whip: 2000 AP[2] (100 t.)
  • Veno Crash: 6000 AP[2] (300 t.)
  • Hide Venom: 5000 AP[2] (250 t.)
  • Heavy Pressure: 5000 AP[2] (250 t.)
  • Doomsday: 8000 AP[3] (400 t.)
  • Advent: Venosnaker: 5000 AP[3] (250 t.)
  • Advent: Metalgelas: 4000 AP[3] (200 t.)
  • Advent: Evildiver: 4000 AP[3] (200 t.)
  • Advent: Genocider: 7000 AP[3] (350 t.)

Asekura can transform into Kamen Rider Ouja using his Advent Deck and V-Buckle upon forming a contract with Venosnaker. His Visor is a scepter named the Veno Visor (ベノバイザー Beno Baizā). Ouja's kicking power and running speed are identical to Ryuki's, while his jump punching power and jump height are slightly higher.

Through the use of his Sword Vent Advent Card, Ouja can arm himself with the Veno Saber (ベノサーベル Beno Sāberu), a sword derived from Venosnaker's tail.

Asakura later forms additional contracts with Evildiver and Metalgelas after the Riders they were previously contracted to, Raia and Gai, are killed. This enables to to use all of Raia and Gai's Advent Cards. Thus, he is able to arm himself with Raia's Evil Whip (エビルウィップ Ebiru Wippu), a whip derived from Evildiver's tail, and Gai's Metal Horn (メタルホーン Metaru Hōn), a gauntlet derived from Metalgelas' head. Ouja is also able to perform the Riders' respective finishers.

By using Venosnaker's Final Vent, Ouja can execute his primary finisher, the Veno Crash (ベノクラッシュ Beno Kurasshu), in which Ouja runs toward the opponent with Venosnaker slithering behind him before jumping into the air. Venosnaker then spits a stream of venom at Ouja, propelling him into a flying bicycle kick that strikes the enemy. By using Evildiver's Final Vent, Ouja can execute Raia's finisher, Hide Venom (ハイドベノン Haido Benon), in which he rides on Evildiver's back and rams into the enemy. By using Metalgelas' Final Vent, Ouja can execute Gai's finisher, Heavy Pressure (ヘビープレッシャー Hebī Puresshā), which equips him with the Metal Horn if he does not already possess it. Ouja next grabs onto Metalgelas' head with his legs and points the Metal Horn in front of him. Metalgelas then runs into the enemy, resulting in Ouja striking it with the Metal Horn.

By using the Unite Vent Advent Card, Ouja can combine Venosnaker, Evildiver, and Metalgelas into Genocider. This grants Ouja another Final Vent, which Ouja uses to perform his strongest finisher, Doomsday: A hole leading to a void opens on Genociders's chest, creating a vortex that begins sucking surrounding objects into it. Ouja then delivers a corkscrew kick to the opponent, pushing them into the vortex and thus into the void, completing destroying the enemy.

Appearances: Ryuki Episodes 18-28, 31, 32, 34-36, 40, 41, 43-45, 50, Episode Final, 13 Riders, Ryuki vs Kamen Rider Agito & Brave: ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad!~, Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki Episodes 1 - 3

Ouja Survive
SIC Ouja Survive

Ouja Survive

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 198 cm.[4]
  • Rider Weight: 97 kg.[4]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 350 AP[4] (17.5 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 550 AP[4] (27.5 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 60 m.[4]

Special Attacks:

  • Poison Tornado Crash: 9000 AP[4] (450 t.)
  • Advent: Genosurviver: 15000 AP[4] (750 t.)

Kamen Rider Ouja Survive (仮面ライダー王蛇サバイブ Kamen Raidā Ōja Sabaibu) is Ouja's final form, assumed by using the Survive Shippu Advent Card. Transforming into Survive Form also causes Venosnaker to transform into Venoviper (ベノバイパー Benobaipā). Ouja's Survive Form gives him more strength than Odin, making him the strongest out of all of the 13 Riders,

Venoviper can combine with all other Contract Monsters, with the exception of Magnugiga, Goldphoenix, and Dragblacker, to form Genosurviver (ジェノサバイバー Jenosabaibā).

This form is exclusive to the S.I.C. Hero Saga story Advent Calendar.

Contract Monsters



  • Ride Shooter - Motorcycle used by any Rider to enter the Mirror World

Legend Rider Devices

Kamen Ride Ouja

KamenRide: Ouja

"(Digital beeping) Ouja!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"To be announced"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! Advent! Ouja!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! Advent! Ouja!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"To be announced"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Ouja Ridewatch (王蛇ライドウォッチ Ōja Raidowotchi)[5]: Based on Kamen Rider Ouja, this Ridewatch would provide access to the OujaArmor. It is dated 2002. This Ridewatch was one of the five winners of a poll held by Bandai to select Riders to be used in a five-pack of DX Ridewatches.[6]


Kamen Riders

  • Shuuichi Kitaoka/Zolda: Asakura's enemy who refuses to be his lawyer until he escapes from jail thanks to Shiro Kanzaki. Throughout the series, he is hellbent on killing Kitaoka, seeing it as one of the main reasons why he entered the War. However, in Rider Time: Ryuki, Asakura admits he has never really hated Kitaoka, but it is Kitaoka who always hates him instead.
  • Ren Akiyama/Knight: Ren helps Asakura escape from the police on one occasion just so that he can fight him without interference. However, when Asakura crosses the line by injuring Shinji's arm in a fight prior to transforming, Ren fights him to claim Ryuki for himself fairly. In Rider Time: Ryuki, Asakura states that he and Ren are "so close that they have to kill each other". Asakura finally manages to kill Ren by impaling him with his Sword Vent, but Ren also fatally wounds him with his Final Vent, which ultimately results in his death.
  • Shinji Kido/Ryuki: At first, Asakura sees Shinji as a bumbling fool. Nevertheless, after learning his identity as a rider and having fought him twice (with the second time resulted in his nearly losing), he feels vexed of his righteousness yet intrigued and sees him as one of his rivals that he has to kill personally. However, Asakura fails to do so either in the TV Series or In the Movies. In Rider Time: Ryuki, Asakura himself disintegrates in front of Shinji before inflicting him any harm.
  • Satoru Tojo/Tiger: After Tiger injures him badly in a sneak attack, which results in his being thrown into jail once more, Asakura takes it upon himself to eliminate Tojo. In fact, on more than one occasion, Asakura chooses to fight and kill Tiger first even while in the process of battling his archenemy Kitaoka, emphasizing his hate towards the backstabber.


  • Shiro Kanzaki: Despite his destructive nature and love for fighting, Asakura is surprisingly civil (and even somewhat friendly) towards Shiro. He even offers him food on two occasions. This is possibly because Shiro is the one who gave him his powers in the first place.

Behind the scenes


Takeshi Asakura is portrayed by Takashi Hagino (萩野 崇 Hagino Takashi). As Kamen Rider Ouja, his suit actor was Jiro Okamoto (岡元 次郎 Okamoto Jirō), his sub was Keizo Yabe (矢部 敬三 Yabe Keizō).


  • Ouja's name is variably written as "Oja", "Ohja", and "Ohjya" in media released by TV Asahi, Toei Company, and Bandai.
    • His Rider name, Ouja, could also literally mean "King Evil" (王邪 Ōja), as he is the long standing evil Kamen Rider in this series.
  • Asakura translates to 'Morning Storehouse.' It is the name of a former village, a city, and a district in Japan, as well as that of a daimyō clan.
  • He shares his first name with Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1, the first Kamen Rider.

Dub names

In the Korean dub of Kamen Rider Ryuki entitled Masked Rider Dragon, which aired in South Korea, Kamen Rider Ouja is renamed Masked Rider Viper (가면라이더 바이퍼 Gamyeon Raideo Baipeo).



Kamen Rider Ouja Concept Art


  • Kamen Rider Ouja is also based on the Shocker monster, Cobra Man where both individuals share a dominant purple color.
    • Ouja's Contract Monster, Venosnaker also shared this motif to the point where it can also spit dangerous venoms like the said Shocker monster.
    • A homage to Ouja appears in Kamen Rider Den-O in the form of the Cobra Imagin, who not only shares Ouja's cobra motif but is also voiced by Ouja's actor, Takashi Hagino. As pointed out in the design book Imagin: Say Your Wish..., the Cobra Imagin is designed to resemble Ouja.
  • Gen Urobuchi, the head writer of Kamen Rider Gaim, used Ouja to describe Takatora Kureshima (Kamen Rider Zangetsu), referring to him as 'the Ouja' of the series. Although, it was later revealed that Urobuchi refers to the second Zangetsu, Mitsuzane Kureshima, especially in Gaim's second act.
  • The kanabo he used in Kamen Rider Decade is similar to the one used by Tohki.
  • Asakura is the only Ryuki Rider that does not have an A.R. World counterpart, at least not seen in the Ryuki arc, and that the Ouja that is summoned by Kiva-la in World of Hibiki and later by Diend in World of Decade is Asakura himself.
  • Just like the other Kamen Riders, he died an ironic death: he killed the most Riders in the war, but never the ones he wanted to kill the most: Shinji, Tojo and Kitaoka. He originally entered the war to kill Kitaoka, but when he finally, technically achieved his goal by killing Zolda (who was, in truth, Goro Yura), he went mad with dissatisfaction and was himself killed by the cops. This was still true in Rider Time: Ryuki, Asakura still had the highest kill count, but he never managed to kill the ones he wanted to kill.
    • While he has killed the most, he has also died the most deaths among the Kamen Riders in Ryuki: he was killed by the authorities after losing his cool in the TV series, impaled by Femme in Episode Final, defeated by Kamen Rider (Deadheat) Mach's finisher in D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4, killed by Brave's Level 4 form in the Beast Rider Squad special and lastly succumbed to his injuries after receiving Zolda's Shoot Vent and Knight's Final Vent in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki.
  • Strangely, Ouja's Blank Form does not lose the Snake motifs as Ryuki's loses his Dragon motifs upon reverting to Blank Form. Ouja's Blank Form instead is his standard form desaturated to gray tones.
  • Asakura claims to have developed omnivorous traits to survive on the streets. He is shown eating raw egg yolks and oyster shells (both in Kitaoka's house) without showing any signs of frustration.
  • In the original series and movies, Ouja is always left-handed. However, in any of his appearances following Ryuki, save for his sole appearance in Decade, he is right-handed. The reason for this is unknown.



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Wild Mirror Monsters: Spiders (Dispider - Mispider - Respider - Solospider) - Zelles (Gigazelle - Megazelle - Magazelle - Negazelle - Omegazelle) - Zebraskulls (Iron - Bronze) - Boarders (Wildboarder - Shieldboarder) - Biters (Zenobiter - Terabiter) - Krakens (Bakraken - Wiskraken) - Gulds (GuldThunder - GuldStorm - GuldMirage) - Abyss (Abysshammer - Abysslasher - Abyssodon) - Buzzstingers (Hornet - Bee - Wasp - Frost - Broom) - Sheerghosts (Sheerghost - Raydragoon - Hydragoon) - Deadlemur - Gelnewt - Sonorabuma - Brobajell - Fake Kamen Rider Agito
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Icon-decade Kamen Rider Decade
Kamen Riders
Primary: Tsukasa Kadoya - Daiki Kaito - Natsumi Hikari (movie only)
A.R. World Heroes: Yusuke Onodera - Wataru - Shinji Tatsumi - Kazuma Kendate - Takumi Ogami - Shouichi Ashikawa - Momotaros - Ryotaro Nogami - Souji - Asumu - Kotaro Minami (Black RX) - Kotaro Minami (Black) - Daisuke Yamamoto - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Joji Yuki
A.R. World Evil Riders: Chinomanako - Mimihiko - Kuchihiko - Kamen Rider Abyss - Dark Kiva - Ryuga - Orga - Dark Kabuto - Alternative
Other A.R. World Riders: Ren Haguro - Scissors - Zolda - Femme - Verde - Tiger - Imperer - Odin - Raia - Gai - Sakuya Hishigata - Mutsuki Kuroba - G3-X - Kotaro Nogami - Arata - Ibuki - Zanki - Todoroki - Akira - Junichi Kaito - Haruka Miwa - Shin Magaki - X - Ixa - Saga
Prime Universe Kamen Riders: Shun Kageyama - Sou Yaguruma - Masato Kusaka - Takeshi Asakura - Wataru Kurenai - Kazuma Kenzaki - Shouichi Tsugami - Kohtaro Minami - Kotaro Nogami - Shinji Kido - Yuto Sakurai - Dark Shinji - Riotrooper
Hikari Studio
Natsumi Hikari - Kiva-la - Eijiro Hikari
Other Allies
Ai Yashiro - Kivat-bat the 3rd - Garulu - Basshaa - Dogga - Reiko Momoi - Ai - Mai - Mi - Yuri Tomoda - Toko Yashiro - Urataros - Kintaros - Ryutaros - Sieg - Deneb - Teddy - Kohana - Naomi - Owner - Toki - Yu - Grandma - Mayu - Natsumi Hikari - Chinatsu - Hikoma KusakabeIcon-crosswiki - KurokoIcon-crosswiki - Kurando TaniIcon-crosswiki - Masahiko Okamura (A.R. World) - Ritsuko Okamura (A.R. World)
Doctor Shinigami - Ambassador Hell - Apollo Geist - Ten-Faced Demon Llumu Qhimil - Shadow Moon - King Dark - General Jark - Bishium - Yuki - Schwarian - Televi Bae-Kun
Worlds of Black & Black RX: Scorpion Imagin - Seamoon Fangire - Mantis Fangire - Rhinoceros Mutant - Ox Orphnoch - Worm Orphnoch - Frilled Lizard Orphnoch - Brachypelma Worm Aurantium - Brachypelma Worm Viridis - Tarantes Worm Purpura
World of Decade: Shiomaneking - Ganikomol - Doras - Garai - Me-Badjisu-Ba - Zu-Mebio-Da - Me-Ginoga-De - Go-Gadoru-Ba - Leiurus Acutia - Formica Regia - Formica Pedes - Sheerghosts - Raydragoons - Psycorogue - Butterfly Orphnoch - Giraffe Orphnoch - Longhorn Orphnoch - Slug Orphnoch - Wild Boar Orphnoch - Pelican Orphnoch - Stinkbug Orphnoch - Arch Orphnoch - Elephant Undead - Giraffa Undead - Darkroaches - Kappa - Bakeneko - Hitotsumi - Coleoptera Worm Aeneus - Coleoptera Worm Croceus - Coleoptera Worm Argentum - Geophilid Worm - Subst Worm - Cassis Worm Gladius - Albinoleo Imagin - Mole Imagin - Rat Fangire - Sungazer Fangire - Bat Fangire
World of Amazon: Go-Jaraji-Da - Propheta Cruentus - Camponotus Worm Maxilla - Bakeneko - Yobuko
Dai-Shocker Combatmen - Dai-Shocker Scientists - Destron Combatmen
Super Shocker
Narutaki - Bee Woman - Neo Organism
Zanjioh - Jaguarman - Poison Lizard Man - Hiruchameleon - Zu-Gooma-Gu - Go-Jaraji-Da - Volucris Falco - Solospider - Scorpion Orphnoch - Titan Undead - Kodama - Sectio Worm Acuere - Cobra Imagin - Gecko Imagin - Sungazer Fangire
Super Shocker Combatmen
World of Kuuga: Me-Gyarido-Gi - Ra-Dorudo-Gu - Go-Baberu-Da - Go-Bemiu-Gi - Me-Biran-Gi
World of Agito: Me-Badjisu-Ba - Zu-Mebio-Da - Me-Ginoga-De
The Lords
Taurus Ballista
Formica Regia - Formica Pedes
Mirror Monsters
The Contract Monsters
World of Ryuki: Darkwing - Volcancer - Destwilder - Gigazelle - Abyssodon (Abysshammer - Abysslasher)
World of Negatives: Dragblacker
Wild Mirror Monsters
World of Ryuki: GuldThunder - Zebraskull Bronze - Megazelle - Negazelle - Omegazelle - Magazelle
World of Den-O: Gelnewt
World of Negatives: Raydragoons
Orphnochs / Lucky Clover
Momose - Shukawa - Genda - Shirogane
Butterfly Orphnoch
The Undead
World of Blade: Kamata - Hajime Shijo
Buffalo Undead - Elephant Undead - Capricorn Undead
World of Diend: Fourteen - Bossroach - Darkroaches
World of the Rider War: Deer Undead - Scarab Undead - Lizard Undead
魔化魍 Makamou
Gyuki - Bakegani
Kappa - Bakeneko - Ooari - Tengu - Ubume
Sou Otogiri
Coleoptera Worm Argentum - Geophilid Worm - Subst Worm
The Imagin
Alligator Imagin - New Mole Imagin
The Fangires
Beetle Fangire - Yuki
World of Kiva: Ryo Itoya - Swallowtail Fangire - Lion Fangire
World of the Rider War: Shark Fangire - Silkmoth Fangire - Horsefly Fangire - Warthog Fangire
Icon-exaid Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Kamen Riders
Emu Hojo - Hiiro Kagami (Game World) - Taiga Hanaya - Kiriya Kujo - Kuroto Dan - Parado - Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo - Masamune Dan - Ride-Players (Nico Saiba - Haima Kagami) - Genm (Bakusou Treasure) - Kagenari Nagumo - Ninja-Player - Black Parado
Game Scope - Gamer Driver - Kimewaza Slot Holder - Rider Gashat - Energy Items - Buggle Driver (II) - Bugster Buckle - Gashat Gear Dual (β - Another) - Rider Gauges - Rider Gashat Case - Energy Item Holder
Gashacon Weapons
Gashacon Breaker - Gashacon Sword - Gashacon Magnum - Gashacon Sparrow - Gashacon Bugvisor (II - G) - Gashacon Key Slasher - Ride Weapon - Gashacon Parabragun - Fuma Sōzantō - Genin Weapon
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Asuna Karino - Haima Kagami - Kyotaro Hinata - Ginko Yumita - Nico Saiba - Satsuki Ogimachi - Mizuki Nishikikoji - Tsukuru Koboshi
Others: Saki Momose - Sakurako Dan - Eight Kirino - Saiko Yaotome
Locations: Seito University Hospital - CR - Ministry of Health - Genm Corp. - Game World - Machina Vision - Next Genome Institute
Generals: Parado - Graphite - Ren Amagasaki - Gamedeus
Movie-exclusive: Michihiko Zaizen - Pac-Man Virus - Hatena Bugster - Soji Kuruse - Kazushige Ryuzaki - Ageha Takeda - Johnny Maxima - Nebula Bugster
Stageshow-exlusive: Futago Bugster
Regular Bugsters: Bugster Virus - Bugster Union - Salty Bugster - Aranbura Bugster - Revol Bugster - Motors Bugster - Collabos Bugsters (Gekitotsu - DoReMiFa - Giri Giri - Jet - Kamen Rider Genm series) - Burgermon Bugster - Gatton Bugster - Vernier Bugster - Kaiden Bugster - Charlie Bugster
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Legend Games: Pac Adventure - Famista - Xevious - Taiko no Tatsujin - Galaxian
Other Games: Hatesate Puzzle - Buddhist Priest of Temple - Chou Super Hero Taisen - Chou Shocker Taisen - Bakusou Treasure - WayoseTUNE - Nazo Toki Labyrinth
Sougo Tokiwa (Ohma Zi-O, Mirror World, Leader of Quartzer) - Geiz Myokoin - Woz (black, white) - Tsukuyomi
Future Kamen Riders
2022: Rentaro Kagura - Isamichi Konjo
2040: Mondo Douan
2121: Rento Makina
Rider Time Ryuki Riders
Ishihashi - Tozuka - Kimura - Ishida - Abyss - Odin
Another World Riders
G4 - Fuma - Dark Ghost - Rey - Katsumi Daido - White Woz - Yuuki
Other Riders
G3 Team - Shun Kageyama (Worm)
Movie-exclusive Riders
SOUGO Tokiwa - Kagen - Jogen
Ziku-Driver - Ohma Zi-O Driver - Ridewatches - BeyonDriver - Mirai Driver (Shinobi, Hattari, Quiz, Kikai, Ginga) - Zikan Girade - Zikan Zax - Ride HeiSaber - Zikan Despear - Saikyo Girade - Zikan Jaclaw - Faizphone X - Taka Watchroid - Kodama Suika Arms - Ride Striker - Time Mazine - Kurogane Oogama - Unnamed Giant Wasp Mecha - Neo Decadriver - Neo Diendriver
Rider Armors - Ridewatch Holder - Oma Advent Calendar - Future Note - Time Break/Burst/Explosion
9 5 DO: Geiz Myokoin - Tsukuyomi - Junichiro Tokiwa
Futaros - Ataru Hisanaga - Shingo Hisanaga - Iroha Kagura - Master Gamano - Sara - Ms. Sailor - Oda Nobunaga - Clara Steinbelt
Resistance: Resistance Captain
Agito: Shouichi Tsugami - Takahiro Omuro
Ryuki: Shinji Kido - Dark Shinji - Ren Akiyama - Takeshi Asakura - Miyuki Tezuka - Jun Shibaura - Goro Yura
555: Takumi Inui - Masato Kusaka
Blade: Kazuma Kenzaki - Hajime Aikawa
Hibiki: Tomizo Todayama - Kyosuke Kiriya
Kabuto: Arata Kagami - Sou Yaguruma
Den-O: Ryotaro Nogami - Yuto Sakurai
Kiva: Jiro
Decade: Tsukasa Kadoya - Daiki Kaito
OOO: Eiji Hino - Michal Minato
Fourze: Gentaro Kisaragi
Wizard: Haruto Soma - Kosuke Nitoh
Gaim: Kouta Kazuraba - Kaito Kumon
Drive: Go Shijima - Chase
Ghost: Takeru Tenkuji - Makoto Fukami
Ex-Aid: Emu Hojo - Hiiro Kagami - Kuroto Dan
Build: Sento Kiryu - Ryuga Banjo - Kazumi Sawatari - Gentoku Himuro
Zero-One: Aruto Hiden
Chuta Ohsugi - Daita Kondou - Chikao Nezu - Hina Izumi - Shibuya Hachioji - Narita Kisarazu - Misora Isurugi - Master of Fumen - Owner - Momotaros - Urataros - Kintaros - Ryutaros - Daisuke Okubo - Amane Kurihara - Mana Kazaya - Riki - Ramon - Deneb - Krim Steinbelt - Takeshi Kinashi
Swartz - Heure - Ora
Movie Exclusive
SOUGO Tokiwa - Kagen - Jogen - Woz
Another Build - Another Ex-Aid - Another Fourze - Another Faiz - Another Wizard - Another OOO - Another Gaim - Another Den-O - Another Double - Another Kuuga - Another Ghost - Another Shinobi - Another Quiz - Another Ryuga - Another Kikai - Another Zi-O (II) - Another Ryuki - Another Blade - Another Agito (troops) - Another Hibiki - Another Kiva - Another Kabuto - Another Drive - Another Decade
Other Villains
Kasshine - Humanoise - Yaminin - Dustards - Worms
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