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Takato Daimonji (Left) with his son, Shun

Takato Daimonji (大文字 高人 Daimonji Takato) is Shun's strict father.


Takato is a stern man who wants his son and family name to be on top. He is so obsessed with this, he makes all of his son's decisions: which club to join based on its popularity, who his girlfriend can be, what plays he can do in football, who he can use for something, etc. He has no qualms on who's involved, only caring about Shun's positon.


For most of Shun's life, Takato controlled it. Shun would take every word his father says in order to please him and meet his expectations. However by the time he got into Takashi Satake's detention and took advice from Gentaro and witnessing the Hound Zodiarts, Shun decided to abandon his father's advice for his own choices.

Behind the scenes


Takato Daimonji is portrayed by Ryo Kamon (加門 良 Kamon Ryō).