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Takashi Satake (佐竹 剛) is the teacher in charge of the Sunday remedial class/detention session and father of Teruhiko Satake.


Satake is a cruel and unforgiving man who makes his purpose to teach those in his class to become productive members of society. Mr. Satake also has an extreme intolerance towards delinquents which started with his own son Teruhiko Satake, likening them to spots of dirt in a clean campus. He went so far to even call Gentaro a "bad boy" (バッドボーイ baddo bōi) for his appearance alone, as well as giving him more severe punishments than all others in his class. Whenever he sees someone doing things he does not allow, he automatically calls them delinquents. However, his strict upbringings caused Teruhiko to become the Hound Zodiarts in order to break from his father's chain.

He later returns during the climax of the Horoscopes, dismissing Chuta Ohsugi's accusations of the director being the mastermind of the Zodiarts Switches until Gamou announced it a few seconds later. During the end credits, he and the fellow teachers will run the school in the absence of both Gamou and Hayami.

Five years later, Satake has become the principal of AGHS. He greets Gentaro on the first day of the new semester, jokingly using his old nickname "bad boy", before affirming that Gentaro is a "good man" and entrusting him with the new students.


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