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"Amazons who eat humans, Jin Takayama who eats Amazons, and Haruka Mizusawa who eats both of them! A new ecosystem has born in this city! THIS IS TRULY WHAT I, TAKAAKI TENJO, WANTED!"
―Tenjo expressing his excitement at the success of Amazons project.[src]

Takaaki Tenjo (天条 隆顕 Tenjō Takaaki) is the chairman of Nozama Pharmacy and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Amazons. He was the one who developed the Amazons, by keeping their existence covered up and responsible for releasing them from their lab.

Character History


Takaaki is a power-hungry businessman who has little concern for the lives of others and considers the city his company is in as nothing more than a "testing facility" for his projects. He also prioritizes the Amazon experiment over public safety. It was he who let the Amazons escape to see their full potential. As such, there is question to his sanity as he laughed maniacally when Tachibana realized it was him who let the Amazons out. He also seems to have a fascination with ecology and the Darwinist philosophies of survival and natural selection, as he views the Amazons eliminating one another or being killed off by humans a form of man-made ecology with whatever results being evolution or survival of the fittest.

Behind the Scenes


Takaaki Tenjo is portrayed by Takashi Fujiki (藤木 孝 Fujiki Takashi).




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