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The Club's Logo, which is also the emblem of the Double Riders

Tachibana Racing Club is a racing club led by Tobei Tachibana that Takeshi Hongo was part of. The racing club's official logo also became the Rider emblem for the Double Riders.

Additional Members

After Takeshi Hongo's departure, several women would join the Racing Club, initially friends of Ruriko's friend Hiromi, and act as support throughout the series.  Several of them would appear and disappear throughout the series without explanation.

  • Mari (14 - 25, 29 - 38) - Aspiring model, has experience in fencing.
  • Yuri (14 - 59, 61-64, 66, 67, 69 - 98) - 1st dan black belt in karate.
  • Michi (14 - 18, 20, 21, 24, & 25) - Small-displacement rider and aikido practicioner
  • Goro (14 - 62, 65) - Yuri's kid brother, and a junior member of the racing club.
  • Emi (40 - 66, 68) - One of Hongo's assistants from his battles in Europe.
  • Mika (40 - 52) - Emi's partner and Hongo's other assistant from Europe.

Tachibana Racing Team

The Tachibana Racing Team is a racing team affiliated with and sponsored by the Tachibana Racing Club. It regularly participates in formula racing tournaments, while receiving support from organizations such as BOARD. Kyoichiro Kuroi, who was Kamen Rider 3 in an alternate timelineIcon-crosswiki, is currently a member of the racing team.



The Tachibana Racing Club as one of Kyoichiro's sponsors.

Tachibana's Jacket
  • In Kamen Rider Spirits, when Kazuya Taki visits Tobei for the first time in years, Tobei is wearing a jacket with the Club's insigina on it.


A commemorative zippo lighter labeled the Tahibana Racing Team in English

  • A Zippo Lighter made for the 30th anniversary of the original series has the Racing club in English as the "Tachibana Racing Team".


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