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Tabata (田端) is a member of Foundation X, who was given the briefcase of the T2 Gaia Memories by fellow member Jun Kazu.


-Movie- Kamen Rider W AtoZ Gaia Memory Destiny - Directors Cut Version.avi snapshot 00.00.24 -2012.09.16 12.56.22-

Tabata in the helicopter shortly before his death.

Tabata picks up the T2 Gaia Memories from Kazu to take to the Foundation's headquarters. However, as revealed in the opening of Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, he is attacked en route in a helicopter to Foundation X's headquarters by Katsumi Daido who takes the T2 Eternal Memory as he escapes death when Tabata activated the suitcase's self destruct, killing himself as helicopter explodes and the other T2 Gaia Memories spread throughout Futo.

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