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For the reboot version in the Kamen Rider The First film series, see Tōbei Tachibana (reboot).

Tōbei Tachibana[Citation needed] (立花 藤兵衛 Tachibana Tōbee), or more commonly known as Tobee Tachibana[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9], is a fictional character appearing in the Shōwa Kamen Rider Series from Kamen Rider to Kamen Rider Stronger and in Kamen Rider SD, acting as a confidant to the various Kamen Riders (later known as the Seven Legendary Riders) and supplying them with their motorcycles and other equipment.


Originally a racing mentor of Takeshi Hongo, Tobei was the one who helped Takeshi during tough times including his parents' deaths and acted as a father figure for him. He was one of the few humans to know his identity as Kamen Rider 1 and supported him in fighting Shocker. He also acts as a father figure towards Hayato Ichimonji and Kazuya Taki. He serves as chief of the Kamen Rider Kids Corps. during the second half of the original series, and continues to maintain this position while assisting Shiro Kazami in the fight against Destron, also providing training and support for Kazami in order to learn new techniques during his battle. Not long after the fall of Destron, Tachibana comes across Keisuke Jin during one of G.O.D.'s schemes by sheer chance, soon working as a mentor and close ally during Keisuke's fight while teaching him about his Rider predecessors. During the events of Kamen Rider Amazon, Tōbei is ambushed by the Geddon's Kamakiri Beast Man when he is saved by a man named "Amazon". Wishing to pay him back, Tōbei managed to help Amazon overcome his fear of bikes before providing him his own motorcycle, the Jungler. He plays a bigger role in Kamen Rider Stronger.

Personality and abilities

A friendly individual to others, Tachibana acted as a father figure for the Seven Legendary Riders whom all respect and care for Tobei in return. Although strict when necessary, Tachibana isn't a cruel person, and is often very humorous. While seemingly not having any powers of his own, he is a very proficient trainer who helped train all Seven Legendary Riders in their time of need and was even forced by Ika Devil to be his trainer. He was never afraid to put himself in danger for the greater good, as well: A master of disguise, Tachibana frequently went undercover or acted as a decoy for targetted civilians, helping the Riders to track down enemies or thwart their evil schemes.

He also helped upgrade Takeshi's Cyclone as well as seemingly created Amazon's Jungler by himself. He is also a good coffee maker as not only do the Seven Legendary Riders like said coffee, but even Apollogeist in human form admitted it was good. Along with these abilities, Tachibana is skilled beyond a normal human as he can easily defeat Shocker Combatmen as well as cut off Ino Kabuton's horn with a knife.


Kamen Rider

As the mentor of Takeshi Hongo, Hayato Ichimonji and Kazuya Taki, Tachibana had quite a huge role in this series. As well as helping the Kamen Riders train against tough opponents, he was also the one who helped them when they doubted themselves or lost their fighting spirit. Although he initially would meet up with Hongo at the Amigo Snack Bar, he later founded the Tachibana Racing Club, which would become the hub for their operations througout the figh against Shocker. Tachibana also established the "Kamen Rider Kids Corp", a nationwide organization for children to relay messages about potential Shocker activity, and to serve as the foundation for a support group to aid Riders 1 and 2. Despite being harsh at times, Tachibana was the one who would welcome them the most warmly when they passed their trials. He along with the Double Riders and members of the Kamen Rider Squad later go with Kazuya to the airport as he goes to America.


It was shown that after the defeat of Gel Shocker, Tachibana went to sell Sporting Goods while along with Takeshi, mentored Shiro in bike racing. This would change when Shiro Kazami's life was threatened by a mysterious organization. While he along with Takeshi and Hayato decided to protect Shiro's life by keeping a close eye on him, they didn`t realize his family was also in danger. After learning what happened to Shiro, his family and the Double Riders, Tachibana helped Shiro fight this new evil. Maintaining his position as head of the Kamen Rider Kids Corp, he used his sports shop as the front for their secret base of operations, relaying information on Destron attacks to Shiro throughout his batle. He would later be relived when he along with Shiro learned of the Double Riders survival as they helped their predecessor fight Destron. He then thought to himself that the Kamen Riders only stay in Japan when evil wasn`t threatening the world. Later on in the series Tachibana helped Riderman when he decided to help Shiro fight their enemies. He later saw Shiro ride off in his Hurricane.


When he rides a bike on the road, he notices someone whose driving skills are pretty good. Later he notices something strange with a kindergarten bus which moves to the mountains. At his coffee house, COL, a passerby slaps his shoulder lightly but he gets hurt. At first he thinks the passerby is a cyborg from Destron. Hovewever he forgot Destron was destroyed and orders his passerby to leave his shop. He rides to the same area where he saw the mysterious bus which carry the children before. When the bus passed the tunnel, a mysterious girl coming out from the tunnel screaming for help, stating there was an accident in the tunnel. However his previous passerby stops them, telling this is a trap and the mysterious girl shoots them and then escapes to the tunnel. A G.O.D. kaijin named Cyclops attacks them on the tunnel. When he hiding on the grass he witneses the previous passerby transformed into Kamen Rider X and he thinks he is dreaming but he suddenly knocked out by G.O.D. Warfare Agents. After he regains consciousness, he mistakes another woman who looks similar to the one who tried to kill him as an enemy, but his passerby says she is different person. After Kiriko leaves the shop he asks the passerby Are you Kamen Rider? and he introduces himself to the passerby. Telling he is used to be the President of the Rider Team, Kamen Rider 1, 2, V3, and Riderman but he says to the passerby he is not any one of them. The passerby introduces himself as Keisuke Jin, telling he was killed with his father by an organization called G.O.D. and revived as a cyborg, his name being Kamen Rider X. Both of them shake hands and supports him in fighting G.O.D. Later he disguises himself as a truck driver and is captured by G.O.D. soldiers so they can find G.O.D.'s base. Cyclops ordered his soldiers to freeze him until Keisuke interferes and breaks the glass. He saves the rest of the kidnapped children and thanks the Rider. Tachibana would remain Keisuke's closest comrade in the fight against G.O.D., having him undertake harsh training to learn new techniques, going undercover to investigate strange occurrences tied to the organization, and later recounting the tales of #1, #2, V3 and Riderman to Keisuke and he others. He would later meet Hayato and Shiro again when they returned to assist Keisuke against his enemies, introducing X to his predecessors.


In this series he introduced himself to Daisuke Yamamoto and Masahiko after Daisuke helped him out of trouble. He told Masahiko that he was a friend of his father and knew Masahiko when he was even younger. After calling Daisuke as Amazon Rider, Tachibana helped him overcome his culture shock and his fear of bikes as he built the Jungler for him. He then helped Amazon fight his enemies until they were defeated. As everyone parted with Amazon when he went back to the Amazon rainforest, Tachibana was assured he will come back when his help was truly needed.


Tachibana becomes a fellow member of bikers after Kikkaijin Gorongame possessed him with Satan Bugs and interferes with the ambulance carrying the child while he was riding Yuriko Misaki's Tentolaw to chase the bikers who were actually Black Satan Soldiers. He helped Shigeru Jo through hardships including Yuriko`s death and saw him mature as a man. He would later be overjoyed when he re-encountered Stronger`s predecessors as they defeated the Great Leader and saved the world.

Immortal Kamen Rider Special

Tobei Tachibana visited a Kamen Rider museum where he talked to children about the Kamen Riders. Scenes from Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider X, Kamen Rider Amazon and Kamen Rider Stronger are shown. He's about to introduce a new Kamen Rider when some of the kids remind him that he forgot Kamen Rider V3. The movie Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants is shown. After the movie Tobei Tachibana introduces Skyrider with previews of New Kamen Rider.


The Tachibana Racing Club was one of Kyoichiro Kuroi's sponsors.

Takeshi Hongo and Mayu Tachibana.

Tobei Tachibana ultimately died at some point. Kamen Rider 1 (movie) The Tachibana Racing Club survived as his legacy, however, and was a sponsor for the racer Kyoichiro Kuroi in 2015. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3 Obligated to the late Tachibana, Takeshi Hongo watched over his granddaughter, Mayu, whose parents were also dead, until she would mature. Circa 2013, however, Hongo left Japan to fight what remained of Shocker across the world. Around the same time, the ghost of Jigoku Taishi, recognizing the strength of the Tachibana bloodline, secretly hosted the Alexander Eyecon that had been given to him by the Dark Mind within the girl, instructing Beaded Lizard Man to eventually bring forth the Eyecon from her to coincide with the revival of his body in three years' time. Kamen Rider 1 (movie)

The older Takeshi Hongo recovers a photo of himself with Tobei Tachibana.

45 years after his first transformation into Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo remembers Tobei Tachibana as he returns to protect his granddaughter Mayu Tachibana, who had become a student at Jounan University. Though Tachibana had passed away, he would leave one final parting gift for Hongo - the Neo Cyclone, hidden away in an old facility containing items belonging to Tachibana. Kamen Rider 1 (movie)

Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

"Tobei Tachibana".

In the alternate timeline created when Shocker used the History Modifying Machine to send back Kamen Rider 3 to assassinate the Double Riders on February 10th 1973, General Black used his chameleonic power to adopt the guise of a "Tobei Tachibana", butler of the Hongo house, in Shocker's bid to wipe out the rebel Kamen Riders in 2015. As "Tobei Tachibana", General Black welcomed Yuto Sakurai to the Hongo house which he came to having been lured to the "Rider Town", where the surviving brains of the Double Riders supposedly resided, by Kyoichiro Kuroi. Soon enough, General Black dropped the "Tobei Tachibana" persona with Yuto discovering he had been lured into a trap as the Great Leader of Shocker's spirit was waiting for him. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Across the series/special


Appearances in video games

Kamen Rider (Super Famicom)

Kamen Rider SNES Screenshot 4.jpg

Tobei Tachibana appears as an NPC support character in the Super Famicom Kamen Rider game.

Kamen Rider V3 video game

Tobei Tachibana appears as a support character in the Kamen Rider V3 video game.

Incarnations in other media

Kamen Rider SD

SD Tachibana

Main article: Tobei Tachibana (SD)

Tachibana Tobei: The mentor and racing coach of the Kamen Riders, he is apparently living with them at the same time. He spends his time trying to instruct the Riders throughout the movie, although they do not seem to be listening. He is the only human in the whole movie who actually matches the Riders in height, while everyone else is normal-sized.

Kamen Rider The First

Tobei Tachibana (The First).

Main article: Tōbei Tachibana (reboot)

Tachibana also cameos in the reboot movie Kamen Rider The First, where he gives Takeshi Hongo the Cyclone.

Behind the scenes


From the original Kamen Rider to Kamen Rider Stronger, as well as the Immortal Kamen Rider Special, Tōbei Tachibana was played by Akiji Kobayashi (小林昭二 Kobayashi Akiji), who was the only actor to reprise his role vocally in the animated short Kamen Rider SD: Strange!? Kumo Otoko, his final appearance in the role before his death in 1996.

The version of Tachibana seen in the reboot movie Kamen Rider The First was played by Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋 Miyauchi Hiroshi), who originally played Shiro Kazami/V3 in Kamen Rider V3.

The "Tobei Tachibana" guise adopted by Hilchameleon in Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3 was portrayed by Rakkyo Ide (井手 らっきょ Ide Rakkyo).


In New Kamen Rider, Skyrider's mentor was initially Keitarō Shido, a scientist targeted by Neo-Shocker who was responsible for Tsukuba becoming Skyrider. He was last seen in episode 13. He was to be replaced by Tachibana, but Kobayashi refused to return, so a new character called Genjiro Tani was created to take a role similar to Tachibana's. Genjiro Tani was also the mentor to the next rider, Kazuya Oki, in Kamen Rider Super-1.


A famous character from the Kamen Rider franchise, Tōbei Tachibana has had characters and locations in the Heisei Era Series named after him. All of them portrayed mentor-like figures and, perhaps as homage to the first character, preformed some sort of betrayal.


  • Having appeared in around 240 episodes as well as several movies and specials across the original Seven Legendary Riders' five series, Tobei Tachibana is by a wide margin the most prolific character in the Kamen Rider Series.
  • Tachibana's most recurring trademark is his pipe, which he can be seen smoking throughout his various appearances.
  • The manga version of Tōbei appears to be a butler of Takeshi Hongo.



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