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Syuya Sunagawa (砂川 脩弥, Sunagawa Syuya) is a Japanese actor who portrayed Horobi in Kamen Rider Zero-One. He is directly affiliated with Avex Group's entertainment agency.


Sunagawa began acting at an early age in his hometown of Okinawa. He won the Avex Boys Award in 2016 and moved to Tokyo, where his finalist status landed him several roles. He made his television drama debut as Horobi.

Post Kamen Rider

After the end of his tenure as Horobi, Sunagawa portrayed Shou Himuro in Road59, a multimedia product by Bushiroad.[1]. The project also stars Masahiro Inoue and Yuki Kimisawa.




Personal Life

  • During his audition for Zero-One, Sunagawa was going to retire from acting if he didn't get a role. His brother later encouraged him to try out for a villain role due to his intimidating stare, which worked well for Horobi's character casting call.
  • Sunagawa enjoys playing sports such as bowling, volleyball, and basketball.


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