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Sworz (スウォルツ Suworutsu, alternatively spelt Swortz, Suworutsu or Schwartz[1]), is the leader of the Time Jackers.


Sworz appears to be the tallest and oldest Time Jacker while his subordinates are much younger, of whom he sees as inferior to him. Of the three, he is cold and calculating, and is more cruel and callous than Heure. He's solely motivated on creating the new King replacing Ohma Zi-O in the future and create Another Rider's by forcing them. He also simply looked at any Another Rider's host as mere guinea pigs.

Powers and Abilities

Time Jackers Powers
Time Travel
He can freely travel back and forward in time.
Time Freezing
He can stop the movements of everything around him. When this ability is on, he can, completely or partially, spare people of his choosing from its effect. Significantly, this ability can even work against other Time Jackers.
Sworz demonstrates the ability to brainwash and mind-control anyone with a touch in the head. As shown when he revives and orders Kasshin to kill Sougo Tokiwa.


Time Jackers:

  • Heure: Sworz sees Heure as nothing but a mere child.
  • Ora:

Enemies/Kamen Riders:

  • Sougo Tokiwa/Zi-O
  • Geiz Myoukouin
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Woz

Behind the Scenes


Sworz is portrayed by Kentaro Kanesaki (兼崎 健太郎 Kanesaki Kentarō).


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  • Sworz is the only Time Jacker whose name is not derived from another word for "time" or any other word relating to "time".



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