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Switch On! 2011 (スイッチオン!2011 Suitchi On! Nisen-jūichi) is the fifth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O. It is the first part of the Kamen Rider Fourze and Kamen Rider 555 tribute arcs. Thus, it features the return of Chuta Ohsugi, Daita Kondo, Chikao Nezu, Takumi Inui, and Masato Kusaka, portrayed by Takushi Tanaka, Kazuyoshi Nagazawa, Yuya Hara, Kento Handa, and Kohei Murakami respectively. It also features the debut of the Fourze Ridewatch, Zi-O FourzeArmor, Geiz BuildArmor and Time Jacker leader Swartz.

This episode is accompanied by the fifth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan web series, Sougo Tokiwa and the Mysterious Phone.


Geiz and Tsukuyomi investigate a case of young girls mysteriously disappearing from Amanogawa High School, and are confident that an Another Rider is involved. When their suspicions are proven true, they receive a handful of support from the school's Kamen Rider Club .

Continuity and Placement


"According to this book, in September of 2018, average high schooler Sougo Tokiwa embarks on a path which lead him to become the demonic king of time, Ohma Zi-O. By solving the case of an unbeatable game that caused players to fall into a coma, our hero procured the power of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. And awaiting Sougo Tokiwa are two legendary Riders. The keyword is... “Shooting Star”."

Ora and Uhr are bickering about their recent failure to stop Zi-O, when the third member of their group, Swartz, appears after freezing them and everyone around them. He offers Uhr chocolate and treats both of them like children, then reminds the two that the events that led to Ohma Zi-O are still going as intended. They must maintain their plans to crown a new king and stem the flow of time to what they desire. Swartz then takes his leave and time restarts, with Uhr frustrated he was looked down upon.

Elsewhere, Sougo is wondering if Tsukuyomi and Geiz can be counted as his friends after two of his classmates pass by and talk about helping each other with exams, reflecting on Tsukuyomi's conversation with him about guiding him to be a hero.

At Kujigoji-do, Junichiro is trying to explain to a customer on the phone that he only fixes clocks, not stereos. The unheard customer wants the clock on the stereo fixed, but Junichiro tries to explain that isn't a necessary function of the device and is more of an accessory. He finally gives in and agrees to fix it and hangs up the phone. Sougo wonders why his uncle agreed to a job that he didn't want to do, to which Junichiro responds that it isn't because he doesn't want to, but rather he prefers to fix clocks. Tsukuyomi and Geiz are about to leave, with Sougo wondering why they were not observing him today at school. Sougo figures out quickly that they are going out to find Another Rider and accompanies them, much to the chagrin of Geiz. As they walk, Tsukuyomi explains that there have been disappearances of 18 year old high school girls who all were born under the horoscope of Libra. Sougo deduces that all the Another Riders have a pattern when it comes to their victims, based on their previous encounters with them. If a pattern emerges, they can figure out where or who the Another Rider will strike next.

The trio head to Amanogawa High School, where Tsukuyomi had received a missing persons flier from one of the teachers. Geiz did his own research and all the kidnapping seem to happen on or near the school. Tsukuyomi then provides them with the official school uniforms, as they are going to go undercover as students to investigate. At first, they try asking the students about their age and birth sign, with no results as Geiz scares away students with his intimidating brooding face, while Tsukuyomi and Sougo get little results due to the fact it is a new school year and not many classmate know each other that well. Geiz gets the idea to beak into a teacher's office and hack the school computer to find what they need. Sougo has a slightly better idea to gain access to school record by injuring himself to distract the nurse long enough for them to read the medical records of the students. Outside, a man in a hooded brown coat is lurking outside the school, with a creepy smile on his face. After distracting the nurse, Geiz and Tsukuyomi find the only Libra in Ama High is a student Karin Yamabuki. Sougo runs into Karin after talking to the nurse, who seems sickly and barely able to stand. When she falls, Sougo catches her and then Karin panics and runs off. When Sougo tries to chase after her, Woz freezes time and appears to greet his future master. Sougo realizes this means the disappearances do have a connection to Another Rider and the Time Jackers. Woz confirms this but says that his info on this time is clouded (though it is possible he is lying), he states there is only one clue he can offer, the keyword: "Shooting Star" and then vanishes.

Karin tries to relax on a rooftop, only for the man in the brown coat to run towards her and attempt to choke her. This man is revealed to be Masato Kusaka, who then tosses her off the roof, which Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi witness from a hallway window nearby. They race to what they fear will be Karin's body, only to find she has been saved by Another Fourze. Geiz and Sougo transform and fight, only to discover that Another Fourze is a tough opponent due to his ability to summon Fourze's Astroswitch Modules by driving them back with the Chain Array power. Zi-O drops his Build Ridewatch after getting hit, which Geiz swipes from him and uses to change into Kamen Rider Geiz Build Armor. He uses the Vortex Time Burst to drive back Another Fourze, with two students looking at the fight before Karin runs up to the monster and seemingly tries to hold it down. Geiz sees the date 2011 on Another Fourze during the struggle as Another Fourze pushes Karin away and uses the Launcher Module to make an escape. Karin asks who the people that saved her are, and they try to explain they are here to help, but she does not trust them and runs away frightened.

Daita and Chikao, the two students, celebrate the fact they have seen two real Kamen Riders in action and give the secret friendship handshake of the Kamen Rider Club to Geiz and Sougo. Daita and Chikao explain to them what the Kamen Rider Club is and are excited to meet them, as they have never seen a real Kamen Rider fight. They decide to bring them to the Club and Geiz returns the Build Ridewatch to Sougo. Once they reach the club room, Daita explains that the Club's purpose is to investigate the urban legends about the Kamen Riders. Sougo sees a bulletin board with old scrap photos of the original members of the Club, noticing a boy named Ryusei was one of the members and thinking there must be a connection to the keyword he was given. Sougo asks Daita about him, who replies that Ryusei was a club member seven years ago when it was first founded. Geiz figures out that date matches 2011. Mr. Osugi enters the room and greet what he assumes are new members of the Club, but Daita tells Mr. Osugi that Geiz and Sougo are Kamen Riders. Mr. Osugi sees Geiz's Drive Ridewatch and recognizes it, opening an old keepsake box and shows Sougo the Fourze Ridewatch. Geiz wonders why a teacher has it, with Mr. Osugi explaining that a co-worker of his who is much younger gave him the Ridewatch and told him that "someone awesome is going to show up someday, and when they do, give them that!". Mr. Osugi says that Gentaro isn't on campus right now as he has gone off looking for the missing students and entrusts the Ridewatch to Sougo.

Tsukuyomi looks at her tablet and discovers from archived news reports the first four girls went missing in 2011. So Geiz and Sougo time travel to 2011 to stop Another Fourze while Tsukuyomi stays behind and guards Karin from her attacker. In 2011, a boy named Sakuma is struggling to get to an abandoned building and tries to use his powers on a young girl. But he is upset as his powers are fading and walks outside, only to see Kamen Rider Fourze and the Scorpion Zodiarts engaged in combat with each other. The battle is interrupted by a time freeze created by Swartz, who makes the boy his volunteer in an "experiment". The boy agrees to it as he wants more power, with Swartz placing the Another Fourze Anotherwatch inside of him to change him into Another Fourze. This causes Gentaro to lose his powers and for the Scorpion Zordiarts to vanish from time, much to Gentaro's confusion as Swartz proclaims that history has been altered as the boy is now Fourze.

Another Fourze claims the first female victim, whom he absorbs by changing into Cosmic Energy using a duplicate of the Core Switch. Zi-O and Geiz arrive too late to save her, but battle Another Fourze to stop him. Another Fourze is stronger this time, using the Rocket module to punch both Riders and then hurl it to send Zi-O flying. Geiz uses the DriveArmor to try to outmaneuver Another Fourze, but he counters with the Chainsaw module. Zi-O tries to equip the FourzeArmor, but Another Fourze attacks him before he can place the Ridewatch in the Ziku Driver. Woz intervenes to ensure that Zi-O "inherits" the power of Fourze by blocking a punch and striking the savage monster with a flame like energy blast that knocks Another Fourze back. This gives Zi-O time to change into the FourzeArmor, which Another Fourze tries to shoot with his Launcher module, only for Zi-O to deflect the missiles.

Meanwhile in 2018, Tsukuyomi finds the abandoned building and enters it, only for Masato to follow her from the bushes. She finds Karin sitting on a bed and tries to convince her to leave but Tsukuyomi is suddenly ambushed by Masato. She draws out her Faiz Phone X and threatens to fire, only to be saved by a stranger who tussles with Masato.

Back in 2011, Zi-O quickly executes the Limit Time Break, transforming into a rocket to blast Another Fourze into space, then does his own version of a Fourze style Rider Kick. Another Fourze plummets back to Earth and hits the ground, exploding once Zi-O lands. But, to his shock, Another Fourze molts into another Another Rider....Another Faiz!

Back in 2018, Masato finally manages to get the stranger he's been fighting off of him, only to be revealed that it is the one person in the world Masato Kusaka hates the most...Takumi Inui aka Kamen Rider Faiz!


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  • In the corner where Ryuichi Sakuma is watching Fourze fight the Scorpion Zodiarts, that is the same very corner in which Kengo Utahoshi would be hiding and watching the same very battle, so it's weird he did not see Sakuma or Swartz.
  • When Geiz in his build armor tries to finish another Fourze you hear "Vortex time break" in the background you'll also hear "Rider Time"


Zi-O Fourze CS.png

  • Closing Screen Ridewatches:
    • Kamen Rider: Zi-O & Geiz
    • Ridewatches:
      • Zi-O: Fourze
      • Geiz: Drive, Build
  • Count at episode end
    • Watches in Zi-O's possession: Zi-O, Build, Ex-Aid, Fourze, Bike
    • Watches in Geiz's possession: Geiz, Ghost, Drive, Cross-Z, Bike, Phone
    • Watches in Tsukuyomi's possession: Phone
  • This is the first Zi-O episode and the first anniversary episode overall that is a tribute episode to two separate Kamen Rider series, as Kamen Rider Decade previously did not attempt this.
    • This is also the first episode to not feature one of the main riders as well as the secondary Rider. In this case, Sota Fukushi was unable to return as Gentaro Kisaragi and Ryo Yoshizawa was also unable to return as Ryusei Sakuta, due to both being preoccupied with the filming of the live Bleach film. However, this is the first episode to have the main Riders' allies appearing instead. And much like previous episode, Gentaro only shows his back to audience with a stand-in actor in the role instead.
      • Ryusei, Sarina Sonoda and the former Kamen Rider Club members appear in photos instead.
      • To explain Gentaro's absence in this episode, his allies simply state that he is currently out of campus searching for the missing students.
      • Tsukuyomi and Gentaro.png
        When Tsukuyomi receives a missing persons poster, the person giving it to her is in fact Gentaro Kisaragi, albeit his face obscured.
  • Like the previous episode, this episode reuses footage from the third episode of Kamen Rider Fourze.
  • The return of Daita Kondou and Chikao Nezu refers to their characters as students of Gentaro Kisaragi five years in the future as of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum, or one year ago as of this episode.
  • Hayabusa-kun, Yuki's plush of the Japanese robot spacecraft, can be seen in the Kamen Rider Club on a table next to the Astroswitch Case.
  • So Okuno celebrated his 18th birthday during the filming of this episode.[1]

Time Jacker is watching you.png

  • The opening sequence has been updated to clearly include Swartz and Ora's faces in the shot.
  • When using BuildArmor's Vortex Time Burst, Geiz is able to materialize multiple formulas and equations to the same degree as original Kamen Rider Build, which seems that Geiz is both proficient in science and is able utilize Build better than Zi-O can. Ironically this is similar to how Snipe and Brave were able use Full Dragon better than Ex-Aid, a form that was intended more for the main protagonist to used.
  • In this episode, the idea is proposed that when Another Riders are born, not only are the Kamen Riders in which the affiliated power source disappears, but also the enemies of the Rider as shown with the Scorpion Zodiarts. It is unknown at this time what this means, but could indicate that either the villains of a respective Rider are somehow erased from time as well in some fashion, or they simply do not engage in activities related to the events presented in the original timeline, thus are unseen at the points at which Sougo and company interact with the altered timeline.
    • With regards to Scorpio's disappearance, it could be that with Gentaro no longer bearing the powers of Fourze, they had no reason to be there at that specific point in the altered timeline, so vanished to where they would have been sans that encounter.
  • The Rider Armors used relate to Riders who obtained their Ultimate Forms after they were brought back.
    • Fourze - Gentaro was able to access Cosmic States after he was killed by Ryusei Sakuta and brought back to life by Kengo Utahoshi using the Cosmic Astroswitch.
    • Drive - Shinnosuke Tomari was able to access Type Tridoron after he and Mr. Belt were killed by Freeze but then both being revived by the efforts of the members of the Special Investigation Unit.
    • Build - Sento Kiryu was able to access Genius Form after he was changed back to Takumi Katsuragi then turning back into Sento after assimilating his mind with Takumi's.
      • Build is the only one of the 3 riders who didn't die before obtaining his ultimate form.

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