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"You don't get a say in this!"
―Swartz when asserting his dominance, and ultimately his last words.[src]

Swartz (スウォルツ, Suworutsu)[1], alternatively spelled Schwartz or Suworutsu[2], is the leader of the Time Jackers and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Zi-O. He is a denizen from another timeline and the eldest child of a mysterious royal family. However, after he was denied succession to the throne in favor of his sister, Alpina, Swartz orchestrated a plan which instigated a majority of events by indoctrinating Sougo Tokiwa to pursue the destiny of a "king" as Ohma Zi-O; all for the goal of becoming the king of time itself and saving his world. After absorbing Tsukasa Kadoya's powers, he becomes Another Decade (アナザーディケイド, Anazā Dikeido), an Another Rider derived from Kamen Rider Decade.



Swartz is a resident from an alternate timeline where he and his younger sister Alpina were members of a royal family with temporal abilities. Realizing their timeline was on the verge of destruction, Swartz sought to save his world which involves the power of Kamen Riders from other timelines. Before he could enact the plan, Alpina had been chosen as successor to the family throne for possessing greater power than him. Consumed by jealousy, Swartz had his sister's memories erased and left her stranded in the year 2068, where she is found by the Resistance.

Swartz planting the idea of kingship to a young Sougo Tokiwa.

"Boy...You were born to be a king. You will become a king and destined to save the world from destruction."
―Swartz planting the idea of kingship to a young Sougo Tokiwa[src]

On April 24, 2009, Swartz orchestrated a bus accident to abduct the children aboard and leaving the adults to die once the bus crashed into a tunnel. He later brought them to an alternate future where a city under attack by several Dai Mazines, challenging them to survive. After seeing Sougo Tokiwa saving Hiryu Kakogawa using his unconscious temporal abilities, Swartz foretold the young boy that it was his destiny to become king before using his powers to make Sougo believe the ordeal was a dream. He transports the young Sougo and Hiryu back to the site of the bus crash, making it look like a traffic accident.

Swartz eventually founded the Time Jackers and recruited Heure and Ora from different timelines. They traveled to different periods within the Heisei era and created Another Riders by taking away the Kamen Riders' powers and granting them to their contracts whom the Time Jackers will manipulate. While he led the accomplices to believe they are crowning a new ruler to replace Ohma Zi-O, Swartz's true intentions were to make Sougo Tokiwa stronger by collecting the Kamen Riders' powers and become the "King of Time" himself.

The History Heist

Swartz made his first presence in the year 2018, where he meets up with Heure and Ora by freezing them in frozen time. He picked up a chocolate candy from a passerby and mockingly offered it to Heure, treating him as a child before leaving. Swartz later becomes responsible for the creations of Another Faiz and Another Gaim. He acknowledges how Ohma Zi-O succeeded in ruling over time is because he always believed his ambitions, never doubting his right as king.

When Geiz Myokoin became more distant with Sougo Tokiwa, Swartz tried to recruit Geiz seeing how he wants to save the future from Ohma Zi-O's tyranny. Much to Swartz's disappointment, Geiz remained steadfast to fight the Time Jackers due to their disregard towards the innocent bystanders harmed by the Another Riders. Meanwhile, Woz begins to collude with Swartz and the Time Jackers, and through him recuits the Destroyer of Worlds, Tsukasa Kadoya to their cause.

Following Sougo Tokiwa's decision to give up the Ziku-Driver after his encounter with his future self, the Time Jackers were free to do whatever the desired. However, Swartz planned to have Sougo eliminated to ensure nothing will disrupt the Time Jackers' intentions. Swartz reactivates and brainwashes Kasshine to kill Sougo, only for Geiz and Tsukuyomi to arrive and convince Sougo to become Zi-O once more. However, the decision for Sougo to temporarily give up the Ziku-Driver began to diverge the timeline to new outcomes.

The Divergent Paths

After the new year had begun, Swartz and the Time Jackers became aware that the original timeline had changed caused by Sougo's actions. He remarked that despite this, it could be beneficial to them. Swartz led the Time Jackers to create Another Riders based on the Future Kamen Riders. In addition to the changes to the timeline, it also manifested another Woz, aptly to referred as White Woz, who recovers their powers as Kamen Rider Woz.

Swartz became responsible for the creation of Another Shinobi and forces Rentaro Kagura to become the Another Rider, before he was completely defeated by White Woz using the Shinobi Miridewatch. When Another Kikai made his mysterious emergence, Swartz intends to harvest its powers by forcing its power onto Heure. He even challenges the Riders to create the Kikai Miridewatch before he does. White Woz eventually harvest the Kikai Miridewatch successfully, and manage to destroy Another Kikai once and for all.

As Oma's Day was approaching, Swartz decided to create Another Zi-O and chose the host to be Hiryu Kakogawa, the other child who survived the bus accident back in 2009. Hiryu does not know the truth behind the accident, and he assumed that Sougo is the reason why his parents are dead. This action makes Heure extremely concerned, and starts to think that Swartz may have a hidden agenda. It is also around this time when Tsukuyomi and Tsukasa Kadoya discovered Swartz's involvement of the bus accident that killed Sougo and Hiryu's parents which resulted in Sougo's childhood nightmares.

After White Woz lost his powers and loses his faith with Geiz, Swartz began to collaborate with him. The next morning, he passes an Anotherwatch for White Woz to create Another Blade. He remarks to White Woz that to human, there are those who make use of power and those who are used by power. Another Blade would be defeated by the arrival of Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity and White Woz is erased from the timeline, not before warning Black Woz to be wary of Swartz.

The Grand Obstacle

During Sougo's quest to gather the remaining Ridewatches, Swartz and the other Time Jackers continued to gather the Kamen Riders' powers to create Another Riders. But instead of stealing and erasing the Kamen Riders' powers, they instead replicated their powers from present day to create Another Riders in 2019 instead. Swartz was responsible for the creation for Another Agito and became aware of Tsukuyomi's sudden temporal abilities. When Woz confronted him about her abilities, Swartz cryptically hinted a connection between the two of them.

As the Worms are beginning to terrorize the city, Tsukuyomi uses her temporal abilities to save a mother and child from falling rubble. Swartz observes her and notes that her power is becoming more powerful. When she and Tsukasa Kadoya investigated her past, Swartz arrived to the year 2058 to force them back to 2019 by giving them the stolen Fourze and Ginga Watches to stop an incoming meteorite. Swartz remarks and confirmed to himself that Tsukuyomi is indeed his younger sister. He sees that the meteorite is just another test for Tsukuyomi to awaken her true power.

Eventually, Sougo managed to acquire the nineteen Ridewatches, resulting in the creation of the GrandZi-O Ridewatch and the presence of Kamen Rider GrandZ-O. Although this appeared to be a major setback on the Time Jacker's side, this became a victory on Swartz's side as he somewhat succeeded in having Sougo gather the powers of all the Heisei Kamen Riders, for him to take away one day.

The Time-Space Conspiracy

Swartz stealing Decade's power.

Sometime after Sougo acquired the power of GrandZi-O, Swartz contracts with Hiryu Kakogawa once more to become Another Zi-O II, creating a reality where he ruled the world with an iron fist. When Daiki Kaito broke into Hiryu's castle, Swartz grants him the ability to stop time for his services. After having Tsukuyomi captured, he revealed to her that they are siblings and their family heritage. Swartz showcased his true colors by trying to take Heure, Ora, and Tsukuyomi's powers for himself. When Kamen Rider Decade engaged the Another Rider army, he took the opportunity to rob Tsukasa of his powers and abandons Hiryu believing he served his purpose. With the Decade Anotherwatch in his possession, Swartz proclaims his reign will finally begin.

Another Decade's first appearance.

With Kamen Rider Decade's powers in his hands, Swartz was granted access with the Another Worlds by trapping civilian victims in a neverending loop as a means to revive the Dark Riders. He also recruits the Paradox Roidmude to become Another Drive with the task to dispose Heure and Ora. Swartz showcases his transformation into Another Decade and becomes a formidable opponent to the Kamen Riders. After murdering Ora and Michal Minato, Swartz reveals to Sougo that he is the one who imparted his dream to become king. He also gave Sougo the three impossible choices to either defeat him and let Tsukuyomi be erased from existence, let Swartz take his powers, or let history take course and become Ohma Zi-O.

"Now, you only have three choices. One for Tsukuyomi's sake, one for your own sake, and one is...to become Ohma Zi-O!... "
―Swartz on the choices that Sougo has to take [src]

Meanwhle, elements related to the previous Heisei Riders began to surface, and monsters began spawning all over the city. While investigating, the heroes learnt of Swartz's true agenda and how he has groomed Sougo as a catalyst to gather the Kamen Riders' powers for Swartz to take himself. As the world is on the verge of destruction, the Kamen Riders embarked to destroy the world but save the residents to Swartz and Tsukuyomi's homeworld. While the plan intended for Tsukuyomi to become a Kamen Rider to link both worlds, Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi suddenly turns to Swartz's servitude instead, musing the Time Jacker indeed.

Final Battle and Death

"Sister...! You don't get a say in this...!"
―Swartz's last words[src]

Another Decade's demise

With his homeworld safe from destruction and Tsukuyomi beside him, Swartz proceeded to march his destruction. Another Decade led his army of villains against the Kamen Riders and had the upperhand against GrandZi-O. While he unleashed a deadly attack on Sougo, Geiz sacrifices himself to shield from his attack. This enrages Sougo to become Ohma Zi-O, delighting Swartz as he could absorb his powers. However, Swartz didn't account that the Demon King's powers were far too great for him, having the powers of every Kamen Rider in existence. Another Decade becomes overwhelmed and tries to escape, only to be attacked by Tsukuyomi from behind. After Swartz obliterated his sister in retaliation, this further angered Ohma Zi-O and led to Another Decade's demise. In the end, Sougo chose to use Ohma Zi-O's power to recreate and rewrite the world's history, restoring the world back into twenty Earths and reversing Swartz's actions for good.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty

Swartz New Timeline.png

Continued after Ohma Zi-O's reverting the Rider timelines back to normal, Swartz was revealed to be alive in the new timeline as the ordinary principal of Hikarigamori High School. He visits with the Geiz of the new timeline and talks to him about his aspirations in the future. He also starts having private conversation with Heure and Ora that were still unknown. Upon learning Geiz's aspirations of being a savior, he begins to chuckle. It is implied that even in the reset timeline, Swartz still has memories of his previous life.

Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O VS Decade -7 of Zi-O!-

When Hikarigamori High School was brought into an alternate dimension, Swartz found himself and his students trapped in this new realm which is surrounded by Elementary Inves. Swartz has forbidden anyone from leaving the school to preserve their own safety. Swartz is worried the rest of the school cannot stand hunger for more extended periods. He then tells the students to try enjoying school life because that is the only way to survive together in such a situation and even help open a school romance club.

After meeting with different versions of Sougo Tokiwa, Swartz organized a competition among all the Sougos to select the worthy one to become class president. Due to the shortage of food on campus, Swartz decides to cook Inves meat for the school. Sougo A is horrified by this at first, but ends up helping Swartz with his cooking. When Heure is dragged by Sougo C into the ground, Ora shows up to protect him from the Inves, accidentally wiping them out in the process. Swartz, having seen everything, notes that Ora is finally beginning to remember her power.

As more Sougo Tokiwas show up at school, Swartz invites them to join the race for student president. The following day, when Inves outside invade the school, Swartz fends off some monsters to protect his students. At the same time, a child identifies himself as Ohma Zi-O, who has become weakened due to having destroyed and created too many worlds. Swartz arrives and reveals Sougo A is the winner of the student president position. As a massive battle breaks out, and Swartz joins the fray to help Sougo as Another Decade. After Sougo manages to defeat Ohma Zi-O, the world returns to normal. Swartz and Ora were part ways, with the former saying they will meet Heure again, who had been killed by Ohma Zi-O prior.


Of all the Time Jackers, Swartz is extremely cold and calculating, always having tricks up his sleeve. He is also very arrogant and does not leave room for anyone "lower than him" to express their opinion. At first, he appears to be solely motivated on creating the new King replacing Ohma Zi-O in the future by creating Another Riders by force. Any Another Rider hosts are nothing but mere guinea pigs to him, and even Heure is no exception. As the series progresses, Swartz's actions makes it more and more evident that he is secretly preparing for a personal agenda, a fact that even the Time Jackers gradually and vaguely become aware of. This is even further affirmed by White Woz, who shortly before his disappearance has warned Sougo's team that Swartz is up to something dark. Eventually, it is revealed that Swartz wants to set himself up to be the new King, reclaiming the throne he has been denied from his royal family by amassing as much power as possible. Furthermore, by merging the Riders' worlds together, he is able to save his own timeline from destruction. Most of the events in the series is the result of Swartz's meticulous calculation: The Another Riders, for example, are purposely made for Zi-O to defeat so that he must gather the power of other Kamen Riders. When Zi-O has collected such power, Swartz will come in and steal his power at its most powerful state for himself. Also, the gathering of Ridewatches have made the merging of the timelines of other Kamen Riders complete, impeccably bringing Swartz's plan into effect.

Swartz is a no-nonsense, serious and ruthless man who is more than willing to go through extreme lengths to achieve his goals, even if it means hurting his allies, his own blood, and innocent people (including children). This is shown by his actions in 2009, where he sabotages the bus just to "test" the children and indoctrinate Sougo into becoming a king. He is cruel, heartless, and treacherous enough to betray and steal the powers of his own allies Heure and Ora, even making the Another Riders and Daiki Kaito go after them to kill them just to be certain. This is further extended to the point where he shows no remorse or guilt in hurting his own sister to get what he wants, and simply laughs in joy after he steals her powers. In fact, he is even slightly surprised when his sister does not get herself killed in Ohma Zi-O's timeline. In yet another proof of how cruel he can be, he ends up killing Ora when she tries to kill him to survive, showing that for him to become king, he does not mind killing one of his own, a proof of his facinorous depravity.

On a couple of side notes, he becomes flabbergasted if someone with higher authority than him appears, and he does not mind allowing that person to voice out their opinion, much to Heure's amusement. In fact, he even politely addresses them with honourifics, and is perfectly willing to listen to their demands. The two prime examples of this are Yuko Kitajima and Hiryu Kakogawa (as Another Zi-O II). He shows no hesitation in obeying their commands, and doing their bidding, to the point of forcing his Time Jacker allies to comply with him (He forces Ora to kneel before Yuko along with him and Heure). However, all of this so-called "obedient" manners only last as long as the person(s) in question proves to be an asset for him to further his goals. The instant he sees them as expendable and hindering to his objectives, he returns to his cold, ruthless self, and is more than eager to discard them. This goes to show how tolerant Swartz can be to manipulate others for his own sake.

His evil intentions as well as his disapproval of Alpina being chosen instead of him has actually taken root since his teenaged years. By then he had already been mentally prepared to wipe her memories and dump her into an another timeline, when she began to pose a threat to his own ambitions. However, Swartz did not completely disregard Alpina's powers as he believes that if he can control them, it would prove beneficial for his plan to "save the world", though he is completely willing to kill her should she ultimately become an hindrance to his plans. This implies that despite his noble intention of saving his kind, he is rather selfish and only cares for his own well-being and no one else.

Swartz, while confident in his ability as a Time Jacker and schemer, is not beyond being cautious and vigilant. Whenever something that is not within his calculation appears (White Woz, Kamen Rider Ginga, Tsukuyomi's awakening time power, Tsukasa Kadoya), he would not take his chances with it hastily, but rather chooses to wait and see whether he can use such things to his own advantage. In fact, most of the times, he is successful at doing this, further emphasizing his cunningness. Despite this, Swartz is not without weaknesses, with his own hubris ultimately leading to his downfall -- to which his own sister taking advantage of his delusions of grandeur, allowing Sougo, as Ohma Zi-O to defeat him once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


Swartz never engages in close quarters combat which is normally done by the Time Jackers as they have neither the forms of a monster nor a Kamen Rider. He often resorts to dirty attacks, which at one point included freezing time and attempting to throw Geiz off a cliff. After becoming Another Decade, Swartz continued using dirty tactical techniques. Every time his opponent is about to land a deadly blow, Swartz will always create a part or full scale of dimensional wall to teleport the blow, something that not even Tsukasa and Daiki will do.

  • Time Travel: Swartz is the only Time Jacker with the natural ability to freely travel back and forward in time. He can even travel to points in alternative timelines, which not even a Time Mazine could go to. Apparently, he does not seem to need a Time Mazine to do this, as shown when he teleports the children on the bus to another space/time.
  • Temporal Awareness: He is the only one who somehow knows about GeizRevive's timeline and other ones.
  • Time Manipulation: Being a member of the royal family, he possesses the innate power to stop the movements of everything around him. When this ability is on, he can, completely or partially, spare people of his choosing from its effect. He states that his time manipulation power is the strongest in his family.
    • Power Bestowal: Swartz can bestow time manipulation powers to others through a painful method, albeit a weaker version of his own. It is unknown what happens to those powers whose users die (say, Heure).
    • Power Absorption: Swartz can absorb time manipulation powers from any person who possesses them, like Ora and Tsukuyomi. Doing so also results in an exponential increase in his own powers.
  • Memory Alteration: Swartz also has the ability to alter and or erase memories. He altered Sougo's memories in 2009 so that he'd only recall such an event as a dream. He also erased Tsukuyomi's memories before dumping her into a different timeline.
  • AI Reactivating: Swartz demonstrates the ability to revive and put Kasshine under his control with a touch in the head in order to kill Sougo Tokiwa.
  • Telekinesis: Swartz is also able to use telekinetic powers as means of offensive ability.


  • Expert Tactician:
  • Expert Manipulator: Over the course of the series, Swartz has proven himself to be more than capable as a schemer. In fact, a majority of the events that has happened in the series is the result of Swartz's manipulation so that he is able to crown himself as the new king.


  • Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi is also a member of the royal family, her time manipulation abilities rivals Swartz, something that Heure and Ora cannot do as they are not royalty since he has bestowed them these powers to begin with. Tsukuyomi also can steal time manipulation abilities from others as well, and can very well do it to Swartz.
  • Daiki Kaito: Like Tsukuyomi, Swartz is also vulnerable to his Time Stop ability (although, it was almost weaker) after he bestowed him with his power.
  • Tsukasa Kadoya: Whether contingent or precautionary, Tsukasa had partitioned half of his Rider Powers into the Decade Ridewatch before entrusting it to Sougo. This limited Swartz's control over Tsukasa's Rider powers when he stole them and also unknowingly established a remote connection with Tsukasa. This enabled Tsukasa to freely manipulate any active Aurora Curtains produced by Swartz and with greater skill.


Another Decade

Another Decade

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Rider Height: 192 cm[3]
  • Rider Weight: 83 kg[3]
  • Creator: Himself
  • Year of Origin: 2019
  • Position of year: Right Pectoral (Underneath Name)
  • Name and position: "DECADE"; Right Pectoral (Above Year).
Powers and Abilities
  • World Creation: Another Decade's existence brings forth the materialization of the World of Lost Possibilities known as Another Worlds, a world under Another Decade's control with an army of Dark Riders that follow his will[3].
  • Summoning: Another Decade can summon Dark Riders from his Another World. They're copies of their counterparts from the main universe, but loyal to him. Another Decade can also summon the final villains of different Kamen Riders. Like the Dark Riders, they are loyal to him.
  • Dimensional Teleportation: Another Decade can teleport themself and their opponent to a random location of their choosing using Aurora Curtains.
  • Strong Resistance: Another Decade's armor is strong enough to block most attacks, such as Geiz Revive Goretsu's Zikan Zaclaw. He is even able to (at least) defend against Ohma Zi-O's Ohma Zi-O Hisatssu Geki, whereas other monster simply destroyed within one hit.
  • Dimension Kick: Another Decade is capable of executing a Rider Kick based on Kamen Rider Decade's Dimension Kick. The kick is powerful enough to kill an armored warrior, such as Kamen Rider Aqua and Mashin Chaser, with the resulting explosion strong enough to knock Sougo out of his GrandZi-O form.
  • Dimension Blast: Another Decade can be able to generate a purple energy ball that is powerful enough to crack Geiz's helmet open and mortally wound him.
  • Rider Punch: Another Decade uses a Rider Punch based on Kamen Rider Decade's Dimension Punch. However, the force of his punch was backfired by the initial Ohma Zi-O's Ohma Zi-O Hissatsu Geki.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 41-43 (statue), 44-46, 48-49, Zi-O VS Decade



Time Jackers:

  • Heure: Swartz sees Heure as nothing but a mere child. He also does not mind using Heure to be the host of Another Kikai. After Swartz reveals his true intentions and takes Ora's powers, Heure begins to see Swartz as an enemy, vowing to get even with him for his manipulation.
  • Ora: Ora sees Swartz as her superior, and shows some dislike towards him. On the other hand, Swartz allows Ora to do as she pleases, even going as far as to reuse Heure as Another Kikai's host. However, Ora is not beyond being spared by Swartz, as after he takes away her powers, he sent Another Riders and Diend to kill her and Heure. Ora comes to resent Swartz because of this, even returning the GrandZi-O Watch to Sougo to thwart Swartz's plan. She becomes one of his victims, because trying to kill him with her own hands, she ends up being murdered by him.


  • Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O: Perhaps the biggest obstacle to him, he works to dethrone him. Despite this, Swartz is the one responsible for putting Sougo on the path to become a king. It is eventually revealed that he has purposely created enemies for Sougo to fight, just so that he can steal Sougo's power for himself when his power is at its peak. After Sougo learns about his malicious schemes, Swartz gives Sougo a triple-lose condition, prompting the former to consider him his primary enemy that he has to defeat at all costs. In the end, by killing both Geiz and Tsukuyomi, an enraged Sougo embraces his destiny as Ohma Zi-O and successfully killed him.
  • Geiz Myokoin: Originally these two have the same goal and Swartz, along with Ora, even invites Geiz to join the Time Jackers. Thankfully, Geiz wises up and views the man as his enemy.
  • Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi / Alpina is Swartz's younger sister. Not much is known about their relationship in the past, though it is implied that they used to have a good relationship until some point. When Tsukuyomi is chosen to be the new ruler of their bloodline, Swartz's jealousy gets the better of him, and he erases Tsukuyomi's memories and sends her into a dystopian timeline, hoping she will get killed. However years later, Swartz is unaware that she had managed to survive until her powers reawaken. With Tsukuyomi unprepared to face the facts of their relationship, Swartz takes advantage of this and strips her of her powers. Tsukuyomi genuinely desires to put a stop to her brother's evil schemes, to the point of feigning loyalty, only to backstab him in the end. With the death of Swartz, Tsukuyomi also disappeared, but she's revived thanks to Sougo's use of Ohma Zi-O's power.
  • (Black) Woz: Seeing the man as nothing more than a nuisance, Swartz does not care much about Woz, yet when he offers to help, if their goals are lined up similarly, he will work with the record keeper until their objectives are met. Woz is also seemingly the only one wise enough to be aware of Swartz's tricks, as shown when he steals the Ginga Watch from Swartz before the latter could make use of it.


  • Hiryu Kakogawa: Using him to try and destroy Sougo, Swartz creates Another Zi-O using a child from the bus incident that he himself caused, using his own hate and rage to control him. Hiryu is unaware of the fact that Swartz was the one who caused the accident that cost him his parents. In fact, Swartz only sees Hiryu as nothing but another means to an end. When he has outlived his usefulness, Swartz discards him at once, even allowing Diend to take away his Another Zi-O II Watch and mocking him for his failure, saying that he has never had any qualities of a King to begin with.
  • (White) Woz: Swartz and White Woz joined forces in discreet after the latter loses his power as Kamen Rider Woz to his counterpart. Both are now hellbent to create a future they desire. However, after several repeated failures, Swartz gives White Woz one last chance and exclaim that whether he was using Swartz or being used by Swartz is up to him. Upon Zi-O acquiring the Zi-OTrinity Ridewatch from White Woz and he himself was about to be erased, he warns his counterpart about Swartz’s plan and to be cautious to him, effectively betraying Swartz.

Behind the Scenes


Swartz is portrayed by Kentaro Kanesaki (兼崎 健太郎, Kanesaki Kentarō).


  • Swartz is a portmanteau of Swatch, a brand of Swiss watches, and quartz, the mineral used to regulate the electronic oscillator installed in clocks and watches.
  • Swartz is also referring to Aaron Swartz, a well-known computer scientist, in the same way Woz is referring Steve Wozniak.

Concept Art

Another Decade concept art

Another Decade was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保, Shinohara Tamotsu).


The statue of Another Decade.

  • The existence of Another Decade was foreshadowed by the erection of his statue shown outside Another Zi-O II's residence.
  • As with most Another Riders, Swartz as Another Decade is an antithesis and similar to Tsukasa Kadoya. The both of them were leaders of their season's evil organization. While Tsukasa had an uncontrollable ability to merge the A.R. Worlds he travels to and Swartz is intentionally altering the Kamen Riders' history by creating Another Riders and combining the A.R. Worlds into one. Tsukasa continues to guide Sougo to a better future, while Swartz was secretly trying to manipulate Sougo to become Ohma Zi-O.
    • By extension, he is similar to Daiki Kaito as well. Both commit acts of thievery, mostly stealing a Rider's power. Both Kamen Rider Diend and Another Decade have the ability to summon past Kamen Riders. Daiki also has a sibling who opposes him as well.
    • Like Narutaki, Another Decade has the ability to summon Riders by shifting dimensions, either transporting them to the dimension where his targets are. Both share the ability to summon dark-type villain Riders who can be hostile enough to fight their opponents, but the difference is while the dark-type villain Riders summoned by Swartz become his loyal servants, those summoned by Narutaki have questionable loyalty.
    • Both have a younger sister who opposes them (Sayo Kadoya and Tsukuyomi), although Swartz is willing to hurt Tsukuyomi for his own goals, whereas Tsukasa hesitated in harming Sayo.
    • His demise also mirrors the way Tsukasa himself fell in Movie War 2010, as both died/fatally wounded in the "end" of their series by the hands of a female Rider, incidentally via a fatal stab through their torso (Tsukasa by Kiva-la and Swartz by Tsukuyomi). Both were heroines of their respective series, obtained their Rider power just for the purpose of defeating said Riders.
  • Another Decade's demonic design reflects to Tsukasa being called a "Devil" by the Decade cast several times.
  • The legs of Another Decade resembles that of Decade Complete Form.
  • Another Decade's belt is the twisted version of Decadriver that is shaped as an eye. It vaguely resembles the cyclops' eye of Great Leader of Shocker.
  • The head of Another Decade resembles Decade's logo due to the barcode-like lines, as well as his eyes resembles the eyes of Decade Violent Emotion Form.
  • Out of all Kamen Rider Zi-O characters to appear in Battle Spirits, Another Decade is the only Another Rider to appear.
  • In Episode 46, Swartz gave Sougo Tokiwa three impossible choices when it came to facing him. If he defeats Swartz, Tsukuyomi will cease to exist as their worlds will vanish. If Swartz defeats Sougo, he would proceed to lose his powers. The last option is to let the original history take course and become Ohma Zi-O. Ironically, all three of those outcomes would become Swartz's downfall in the final episode:
    • While Sougo does defeat Swartz, Tsukuyomi would sacrifice herself in an attempt to land a blow on Another Decade. She gracefully ceases to exist assuring Sougo to protect the future.
    • Swartz attempts to take away the powers Sougo Tokiwa collected upon his transformation into Ohma Zi-O, but failed to account that he has the powers of every Kamen Rider in existance, making him unable to fully grasp Sougo's powers.
    • Swartz was the one who drove Sougo into becoming Ohma Zi-O after he murdered Geiz Myokoin and would be swiftly overwhelmed by the Demon King's strength.
  • As of Rider Time: Zi-O VS Decade, Another Decade is the only known Another Rider to become an ally to the Kamen Riders.


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