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"You don't get a say in this!"
―Swartz when asserting his dominance, and ultimately his last words.[src]

Swartz (スウォルツ Suworutsu)[1], alternatively spelled Schwartz or Suworutsu[2], is the leader of the Time Jackers and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Zi-O. He is a denizen from another timeline and the eldest child of a mysterious royal family. However, after he was denied succession to the throne in favor of his sister, Alpina, Swartz orchestrated a plan which instigated a majority of events by indoctrinating Sougo Tokiwa to pursue the destiny of a "king" as Ohma Zi-O; all for the goal of becoming the king of time itself and saving his world. After absorbing Tsukasa Kadoya's powers, he becomes Another Decade (アナザーディケイド Anazā Dikeido), an Another Rider derived from Kamen Rider Decade.




Hailing from an alternate timeline, Swartz is the eldest of two children in an unknown royal family, with a younger sister named Alpina. His timeline was on the verge of destruction due to unknown circumstances and Swartz sought to save it, which involves the power of Kamen Riders from other timelines. Before he began the plan, and despite that Swartz possesses greater power, Alpina is chosen as successor to the throne. Consumed by jealousy, Swartz erases Alpina's memories and transports her to the year 2068 of Ohma Zi-O's timeline where she is eventually found by the Resistance. From this point on, Swartz began to formulate a scheme to save his timeline while achieve kingship from himself, which involved using someone "worthy" enough to retrieve the powers of the Kamen Riders and taking the powers for himself.

The Fateful Bus Accident

For the first phase of his plan, Swartz began to find that "worthy" person. Traveling to April 24, 2009, Swartz boarded a tour bus full of people (which is coincidentally driven by Tsukasa Kadoya) who are on a school field trip. Swartz targeted this bus in particular because all of the children aboard (including Sougo Tokiwa and Hiryu Kakogawa) were born in the year 2000. Swartz stops time and gets on the bus, causing Tsukasa to lose control. Swartz then states that the event is a trial for the children inside, whom he deems eligible to become future kings. Sougo's father, along with another father, stands up to Swartz, but they are swiftly pushed aside by his power. A young Sougo also summons the courage to fight against the Time Jacker, but to no avail. Swartz lifts the boy up and threatens him. At the same time, a time-traveling Tsukuyomi makes her presence known to Swartz as she shoots her Faizphone X gun at him in order to protect the young boy. Swartz uses his hat to block the shot, and then pushes Tsukuyomi away, saying that she was an "uninvited passenger". Swartz later teleports the children to a time/place where the world is being destroyed by Dai Mazines, leaving the adults to die as the bus crashes.

"Little boy...You were born to be a King. You will become a King and are destined to save the world from destruction."
―Swartz planting the idea of kingship into a young Sougo Tokiwa[src]

As the Dai Mazines are destroying the children's surroundings, Swartz tells the children that only the future king can survive the event. Rubble is about to hit Hiryu, but Sougo, not wanting him to get hurt, awakens his powers, stops time and saves him from the falling rubble. Right after that, Sougo uses his sheer will to make a Dai Mazine turn into dust. Witnessing Sougo's potential, Swartz appears next to him and says to the boy that it was his destiny from birth to become a king and save the world. He then alters Sougo's mind, making him think that the entire ordeal is just a dream. In the process, he also bestows his time manipulation power unto the young boy. This explains Sougo's "childhood dream" of a man in black, saying he would definitely become a king in the future. Swartz then transports all the children back to the scene of the bus crash, apparently making it look like a normal traffic accident.


Another Fourze/Another Faiz

In the present, Swartz first appears during the case of Ryusei High School. He talks to his subordinates for a short moment, offering some chocolate to Heure (in a condescending manner) before leaving. He is responsible for making Ryuichi Sakuma (who, at that point, has already had the power of Another Faiz thanks to Ora earlier) become Another Fourze. As Ryuichi's Another Faiz powers start to fade away gradually, Swartz offers him the chance to become Another Fourze, so that he may still be able to save his girlfriend. Ryuichi is perfectly willing to accept the deal.

Another Wizard

During the Another Wizard incident, Geiz Myokoin, on the way to deal with the threat, unexpectedly encounter the Time Jacker on the top of a building. Swartz attempts to take Geiz out by pushing him out of the rooftop and letting him fall to his death. Luckily for Geiz, Woz arrives just in time and saves him from Swartz. The Time Jacker is surprised the two become allies, then remarks that the arrival of Woz is not within calculation. He promptly takes his leave without causing further trouble.

Another OOO

Swartz has a brief talk with Heure and Ora, after the fall of Another Wizard. He says that Zi-O can become the King because he believes in his ambition, and never once doubts his ambition. This prompts Heure to search for the ideal candidate for Another OOO, a man who also never once doubts his ambition: Kuroto Dan, who is originally Kamen Rider Genm.

Another Gaim

As Geiz decides to detach from Sougo and kill him for the sake of the future, after witnessing his actions in the OOO tribute arc, Swartz invites the Kamen Rider to join the Time Jackers in overthrowing Zi-O. Geiz states that he just wants to save the future from the tyranny of Ohma Zi-O, but Swartz reminds him of his defeat at the hands of Sougo earlier, and suggests that Geiz should accept their invitation. Swartz takes Geiz's silence as a "yes". Swartz allows Geiz to see his newest creation: Another Gaim. He thinks that with the power of Kamen Rider and Another Rider combined, Zi-O will definitely be defeated. However, as Another Gaim starts attacking bystanders, Geiz jumps out and saves them from it, realizing that he can never join the Time Jackers due to their disregard for human life. Swartz leaves the scene, disappointed, as he previously thinks Geiz was "more intelligent".

Meanwhile, Woz, seeing that his master has messed up the timeline quite a bit by time travelling, decides to side himself with Swartz in order to get him back on to the path of becoming Ohma Zi-O. He provides the Time Jacker with the information on Sougo's plan to acquire the Gaim Ridewatch. When Sougo is about to use it, Swartz appears right behind him. Sougo shoots him, but he stops the bullets midair and bounces them back at Zi-O. Swartz then takes the Ridewatch and throws it into Helheim Forest. However, Sougo is still able to gain the Watch and defeat the Another Rider.

Another Ghost

After the fall of Another Gaim, Woz comes to find Swartz and the gang again at a coffee restaurant, offering his assistance so that he may lead Sougo back on the path of becoming Ohma Zi-O. He provides them with information on the Destroyer of Worlds, who can be a threat to his King: Tsukasa Kadoya. For a short while, Tsukasa joins the Time Jackers and fights Zi-O. However, it is later revealed that Tsukasa's main goal is to stop Ohma Zi-O himself, and that he never intends to side with Swartz to begin with.

After the defeat of Another Ghost, Swartz notes that Oma's Day is coming even earlier than originally expected. He wonders whether Zi-O is aware of the Time Jackers' interference.

A new timeline

When Sougo has finally met his future self, he becomes terrified of what he might become, so he destroys his Ziku-Driver. Due to this act, the Time Jackers are free to do as they want. However, Swartz wants to remove everything that still has the potential to cause them harm, so he reactivates and brainwashes Ohma Zi-O's then-inactive servant, Kasshine, to kill Sougo for good. Fortunately, Geiz and Tsukuyomi arrive in time to save Sougo and convince him to take up arms once again. Sougo agrees, but his actions cause the existence of a new timeline where Zi-O is defeated for good by Geiz.

Another Shinobi

At the start of the new year, 2019, Swartz is seen with his subordinates, who ask him what to do from then on. Swartz is aware of the changes in the original timeline caused by Sougo's earlier actions, saying that the changes might be beneficial to them. He then hands Heure the Another Shinobi Ridewatch as a "New Year's gift". Heure would later use it on Rentaro Kagura.

Due to the aforementioned changes in the timeline, another Woz, dressed in white, arrives from the future where Ohma Zi-O does not exist. He swears loyalty to Geiz, saying that Geiz is the one who will defeat Zi-O and bring about his future instead of the original future where Ohma Zi-O is supposed to rule with an iron fist. He transforms into Kamen Rider Woz and defeats Another Shinobi. Swartz seems to have expected this Woz's arrival, and reactivates the Another Shinobi Ridewatch.

Later that night, Swartz meets a distraught Rentaro, telling him not to worry, as the Riders have no way to obtain the corresponding Ridewatch to defeat him, as Kamen Rider Shinobi is technically not even born yet. However, Rentaro asks Swartz whether he can really use this power to protect the weak or not. Swartz's only response is that Rentaro, at the time, is basically invincible.

The next day, as Another Shinobi wreaks havoc, White Woz comes and sees Swartz. Swartz notes that it is impossible for the former to acquire Shinobi's powers because of the reasons mentioned above. White Woz does not waver, and he suggests asking Ohma Zi-O. Zi-O faces and defeats Another Shinobi once again that day, but Swartz states that his effort is useles as he reactivates the Watch again. However, after the third defeat, Rentaro begins to resist Swartz's attempt at transforming him, thanks to Zi-O's encouragement. Swartz still forces the watch on him anyway. Nevertheless, White Woz has managed to create the Shinobi Miridewatch, much to Swartz's surprise. Another Shinobi is finally defeated for good by Kamen Rider Woz.

Another Ryuga

As Another Quiz is defeated at the hands of the Riders, Swartz tells Heure that White Woz's appearance has caused them a lot of trouble lately, while Heure keeps throwing a rock at a mirror again and again using his time-stopping and reversal powers. Swartz gets agitated, then asks what the young Time Jacker is doing. He says that he is trying to unlock the Mirror World from the information that Tsukasa has given him earlier. Heure meets Dark Shinji inside the Mirror World, and offers him the Another Ryuga Ridewatch.

Another Kikai

When Another Kikai appears in the city, the Time Jackers do not know where or when it comes from. Swartz intends to harvest its powers, by turning it into an Anotherwatch. As Zi-O destroys Another Kikai for the second time, Swartz catches the "bug", which is the catalyst for its power, and forces it onto Heure, so that he may be able to gain an Anotherwatch later. He even challenges the Riders to create the Kikai Miridewatch before he does. The Riders eventually harvest the Kikai Miridewatch successfully, and manage to destroy Another Kikai once and for all.

Another Zi-O

With the three Miridewatches at hand, White Woz has finally been able to create the GeizRevive Ridewatch for his savior. Swartz notes to Heure and Ora that Regulus (the "Star of kingship") will be at its brightest at the end of April, and that Oma's Day is coming closer and closer. Swartz decides to create Another Zi-O by using the Zi-O Anotherwatch on Hiryu Kakogawa, the child from the bus accident back in 2000. Apparently, Hiryu does not know the truth behind the accident, and he assumes that Sougo is the reason why his parents are dead. This action makes Heure extremely concerned, and starts to think that Swartz may have a hidden agenda.

Swartz later meets White Woz, who has lost his Kamen Rider power to Black Woz, stating that the Oma's Day that he wants to bring about will not be likely to occur. White Woz compliments Swartz on his "craftiness", and everything will eventually be in Swartz's favor in the long run. White Woz also notes that he needs to follow the Time Jacker's actions closely from that time on. Swartz only replies that he does not ask for White Woz's opinion.

Another Blade

On another morning, Swartz allows White Woz, now an ally, to use the Another Blade Ridewatch freely. However, he also notes to Woz that, to a human, there are ones who make use of power and ones who are used by power. The former group will think about righteous purposes, and the latter group will fail to understand their own purposes in life. Swartz wonders which group White Woz belongs to. After the defeat of Another Blade, Swartz and his two subordinates are seen in a coffee shop, with Heure wondering what Swartz has been up to all this time. Swartz takes no notice of his opinion, only remarking that it is inevitable to collect more Ridewatches, as Sougo Tokiwa has already experienced Oma's Day and is still on his way to become a King. Ora responds that Swartz's words do not sound pleasant at all, but Swartz assures that a plan is in motion at the time.

Another Agito

As Another Agitos are assauting the G3 team, Swartz stands on the sideline, and watches the whole event happen. When Tsukuyomi is about to be hit by one of the Another Agitos, she manages to inexplicably freeze time to stop the monster in the air, much to Swartz's surprise and bewilderment. Swartz then decides to "test" Tsukuyomi once again.

Swartz approaches Tsukuyomi as the latter is sitting on a bench. He asks whether the young girl is feeling anxious because of her power. Tsukuyomi says it is none of the Time Jacker's concern. However, Swartz reaffirms that it is indeed his concern, because he has taken his time to come and test her. Just as he finishes, an Another Agito appears and forces Tsukuyomi to run. Swartz wants the girl to show him her power again. He asks for her real name, as "Tsukuyomi" is just an alias, but she has no clue because she has lost her memory. Swartz remarks it would be better if she does not remember her past, as she would be happier that way. 

When Shoichi Tsugami comes to save a cornered Tsukuyomi, Swartz compliments him on his performance as Kamen Rider Agito, but he also reveals that he has created the Another Agitos in order to be able to harvest the power of the original Agito by force. He then orders the Another Agitos to attack Shouichi. Shouichi transforms into Agito Storm and Flame Form and manages to gain the upper hand. However, Ora and Heure interrupt and hold Tsukuyomi hostage. Agito is then distracted, and knocked down by an Another Agito. Swartz says he did not ask for his subordinates' support, only for them to reply that Swartz's plan is not very effective in the first place. After Heure steals the power of Agito and creates an Agito Ridewatch, Tsukuyomi accidentally stops time once again, freezing everyone, including Swartz, much to the villain's bewilderment. Heure still manages to take the power of Agito and leaves with it. Tsukuyomi wants to know whether Swartz is aware of her past or not. Swartz does not respond and silently exits the scene with Ora.

Later, as hordes and hordes of Another Agitos are terrorizing the city, Woz comes and talks to Swartz about Tsukuyomi's time powers. He asks whether the Time Jacker wants to turn the young girl into one of them, to which Swartz replies that he has nothing to do with the matter. Woz knows that the time manipulation ability originally belongs to Swartz, and only he can bestow such a power on someone else. Swartz affirms this, hinting that Tsukuyomi and him may be from "the same group".

Another Kiva

After the birth of Another Kiva, who starts to disobey Ora, Swartz is seen eating ice cream with Heure, commenting on Yuko's ferocity with amusement. This does not last long, however, when he is alarmed of the advent of a new and formidable foe from space: Kamen Rider Ginga. When Zi-OTrinity is utterly defeated by the space Rider's overwhelming power, Swartz suggests that the protagonists team up with him, because Ginga's presence is a huge hindrance to both sides. However, he secretly plans to take Ginga's powers for himself. The group then goes to Yuko for extra assistance. Swartz compliments Yuko on her looks, and even politely addresses her with honourifics. Yuko agrees to help defeat Ginga on one condition: Everyone must kneel before her. Swartz complies, and even forces Ora to kneel with him and Heure. Nevertheless, Yuko decides not to help anyway and leaves. Swartz angrily asks whether she knows how severe the situation is, only for Yuko to say that she does not care for his opinion, much to the Time Jacker's shock. Heure is amused at how his senior's words are thrown right back at him.

During the battle with Ginga, the Time Jackers offer support by providing cover fire. Swartz and Woz manage to land two hits on Ginga, just as dark clouds start to emerge. Ginga, being powered by the sun, is turned into stone and immobilized. As the clouds clear, Ginga returns to action, overpowering Swartz, Woz, GeizRevive and Zi-O II simultaneously. Yuko finally decides to step in and help at this point, but she is also no match for Ginga's might. However, she is able to distract him long enough to create an opening for a triple Rider Kick. Ginga flees into space, and some of the Rider's essence manifests itself in the form of a Miridewatch, which lands on Swartz’s hand. Woz, having anticipated this all along, swiftly takes the Ginga Watch and escapes to fight Another Kiva, leaving Swartz agitated.

Another Kabuto

As the Worms are beginning to terrorize the city, Tsukuyomi uses her time powers to save a mother and her child from some falling rubble. Swartz stands on top of a building and observes, noting that her power is becoming more powerful, and that her "awakening" is just a matter of time. Tsukasa Kadoya suddenly makes his presence known to Swartz, asking what the Time Jacker really means by "awakening". Swartz even dares Tsukasa to "keep playing detective", to which the Rider responds that he certainly will find out the relationship between Swartz and Tsukuyomi.

Swartz appears before the duo when they are in the year 2058 searching for the truth, and knocks out an untransformed Tsukasa, while giving back Tsukuyomi the Fourze and Ginga Ridewatches (both of which have previously been stolen with the help of Another Kabuto). He tells Tsukuyomi to come back to the current timeline to help Sougo and Woz destroy the gigantic meteorite which is about to crash into Earth, as the Time Jackers do not wish for the Earth to be destroyed. He notes when the King of Time's power and her power unite, a brand new era is able to begin. As he returns to the current timeline, he sees that the meteorite is just another test for Tsukuyomi to awaken her true power.

Another Zi-O II

After Zi-O successfully obtains the power of all the previous main Heisei Kamen Riders, Swartz chooses not to play around anymore and starts to heavily tamper with the timeline, resulting in a new one where everybody (but Woz, the Time Jackers, Hiryu Kakogawa, Daiki Kaito and Tsukasa Kadoya) has lost their memories about Sougo. This timeline is ruled with an iron fist by none other than Hiryu Kakogawa himself, complete with a new and improved power set in the form of the Another Zi-O II Watch. He entrusts Ora with the duty of standing by the new King.

Daiki Kaito sees the new and chaotic timeline as an opportunity for him to steal more treasures, so he breaks into Hiryu's castle and steals the Another Zi-O II watch from him. Just as he is about to escape, Swartz stops time then returns the Watch to Hiryu. He ensures Hiryu that he can be counted on to deal with matters other than destroying Zi-O. After Hiryu and Ora leave, Swartz brainwashes Daiki and gives him time powers, telling the intruder that he has an even better treasure for him to steal. This later proves to be true, as Daiki is able to easily steal the GrandZi-O Ridewatch with his new time powers bestowed upon by Swartz.

"Don't be afraid. I just want to ask you a few things... My dear little sister."
―Swartz reveals his relationship to Tsukuyomi in person[src]

As Zi-O II, without access to his final form, Sougo fights a hopeless battle against Another Zi-O II, Geiz deciding to step in and save Zi-O, taking him away from the battle. Swartz mockingly asks Hiryu whether he has lost to Zi-O. Hiryu justifies by pointing out that Sougo decided to run away, rather than continue the fight. Swartz pushes him further with his sarcastic questions, then he turns his eyes on Tsukuyomi, apparently having some plans to use her to his advantage. The girl realizes this and runs. Ultimately, Heure is able to catch Tsukuyomi and bring her back to Swartz. At the castle, Swartz reveals the fact that he and Tsukuyomi are siblings, much to both Heure and the girl's surprise and bewilderment.

Swartz soon exposes to her that they are both members of a royal family in an alternate timeline, that the time manipulation powers are a gift bestowed upon this royal family's bloodline, and that the "King"'s title will eventually belong upon him. Heure is shocked by this statement, because Time Jackers are supposed to dethrone Ohma Zi-O rather than making someone among themselves the ruler. Swartz only smiles in response as he knocks Heure down. Just then, Ora also enters the room, asking why Daiki Kaito can use time powers. As she demands answers, the Time Jacker superior proceeds to take away her own powers, much to Heure's shock. Swartz discloses that he is the one who gives Heure and Ora powers in the first place, so naturally he is able to take it back as well. Heure, still appalled, grabs the Faizphone X and shoots Swartz, and manages to escape. Swartz tells Daiki to dispose of them, which he agrees to do.

Now that Swartz and Tsukuyomi are the only ones left, he continues to tell her about her past. He states that although his time power is the strongest in the family, Tsukuyomi is chosen to become the ruler instead of him, so he wipes his sister's memory and sends her to Ohma Zi-O's timeline, hoping for her to get herself killed. In fact, he is surprised that his sister actually manages to survive until this day. Swartz attempts to take away Tsukuyomi's time power for himself, but Woz arrives in time to disrupt the process. However, Swartz knows from the start that Woz only follows Hiryu to spy on him, and subsequently knocks Woz crashing into a wall. Eventually, Swartz is able to absorb all of Tsukuyomi's powers into himself, becoming drastically more powerful as a result.

Swartz stealing Decade's power.

He is later seen observing Decade and Diend's battle. Just as Decade is about to finish Diend off, the latter stops time, freezing the former in place. Swartz pulls out a blank Anotherwatch and successfully takes away the power of Kamen Rider Decade.

After Sougo defeats Another Zi-O II and resets the timeline, Swartz allows Daiki to take the Another Zi-O II Watch as his treasure. He tells Hiryu that he has never had the qualities of a King to begin with. He also assures Tsukuyomi they will meet again and that he has taken Tsukasa's powers. With the Another Decade Watch in his possession, Swartz proclaims that his reign will finally begin. 

Another Drive

Another Decade's first appearance.

Swartz makes his next move as he creates Another Drive and has it terrorize around the city. It is, however, defeated by Zi-O and Geiz, revealing Ora as the Another Rider's host. Heure expresses his confusion, as both him and her have agreed to conspire against their former leader earlier. Just then, Swartz appears and transforms into Another Decade. He uses a Aurora Curtain to transport Zi-O and Geiz to another world, where he summons Kamen Riders Rey, G4, Fuma and Dark Ghost to fight the duo. Swartz then proceeds to overpower them with his newfound power. However, Woz somehow manages to gain access into Swartz's world and is able to free the duo from the onslaught.

Later on, Swartz uses his power to make one of Sougo's friends-Owada, disappear, and he summons Katsumi Daido - Kamen Rider Eternal to fight the young man. As Eternal gains the upper hand, Tsukasa appears, but Swartz is not concerned, as he has already stolen Decade's power. However, Tsukasa notes that his power is not only the power of a Kamen Rider, but also his own existence itself. Then, Tsukasa quickly takes control of Swartz's Aurora Curtain and frees Zi-O from his fight with Eternal, surprising the Time Jacker.

Seeing that Tsukuyomi has to return to the future, Michal Minato - Kamen Rider Aqua - takes her to Swartz so that she can have a chance to take back her time power. However, he has to face Kamen Rider Eternal. As they battle, Aqua uses water to bind Swartz in place, creating an opening for Tsukuyomi to absorb his time power. Her effort proves to be futile when Swartz transforms into Another Decade, cancelling the absorption. Before he manages to harm the girl, Geiz shows up to defend her. Unfortunately, Swartz has planned his arrival, and he uses his power to trap Geiz inside his Another World. From the newly-formed Aurora Curtain, the Time Jacker summons none other than White Woz, much to the shock of the girl. Black Woz also shows up to protect her, and manages to free her from Another Decade.

True goal and plans revealed

Swartz is still on his way to summon more villain Riders to aid him. This time, he is able to summon Kamen Rider Yuuki, by trapping a man named Yukihiro in his Another World. Later, Ora comes to meet him, proving to him that she has killed Heure. Swartz is amused by this, and he gives Ora her time power back.

Black Woz faces White Woz in battle, and the latter is thoroughly outclassed by the former's GingaFinaly form. Black Woz destroys White Woz with a Rider Kick, but Swartz appears and simply summons another White Woz from Another World. This White Woz uses the newly-formed Aurora Curtain to transport Black Woz and Tsukuyomi into Another World, where Geiz is being trapped. Zi-O, who is fighting Swartz's Yuuki at the time, is outraged by this and he attempts to strike the Time Jacker. Eternal interferes, and Swartz continues to mock Sougo that he will never see Black Woz and Tsukuyomi again. He leaves Zi-O to Eternal.

However, everything is just White Woz's plan to save Geiz - his "savior" - from Another World. Following his guidance, Zi-O is able to use Eternal's power to destroy several Another Worlds and free the people trapped inside, including Geiz. The Riders Swartz summons, Eternal and Yuuki, eventually disappear from reality as a result. White Woz intends to say something about Swartz's evil plan before he vanishes also, but he is destroyed prematurely by Swartz's energy blast before he can disclose anything to Sougo's group. The Time Jacker is annoyed at the fact that he has been tricked, but he also summons the other villain Riders whose Another Worlds have not yet been destroyed: G4, Fuuma, Dark Ghost and Rey. Geiz and Black Woz transform and engage the four of them, leaving Sougo alone with Swartz.

He asks whether the young man wants to fight, now that they are all alone. Sougo replies that he is not alone, and Aqua appears from behind Swartz to strike. However, Swartz is also not without allies, as Ora makes her presence known and uses her power to freeze both Aqua and Sougo in place. At this point, Swartz finally reveals to Sougo that he is the "man in black" in Sougo's childhood dreams, the one responsible for placing the idea of becoming a King and saving the world into his head, and that he is also the culprit behind the bus accident and all the events that follow on April 24, 2009. Sougo is appalled by the revelation, not knowing why Swartz would do that. He replies that he has been watching Sougo's steps since day one, and he has actually helped Sougo to collect the power of the Heisei Kamen Riders by creating corresponding Another Riders for him to fight. Now that Sougo's power is at its peak, Swartz intends to steal that power so that he can become the King in his place.

"You have collected the power of a great number of Kamen Riders. Now, let me keep that power for you...so that I can become the King! "
―Swartz reveals his true intention to Sougo

After all that revelation of his schemes, Swartz is frozen in time by Ora. It turns out that Ora only feigns her allegiance to the Time Jacker so that she can kill him if the chance comes. She now knows his ultimate purpose and prepares to kill him for vengeance. Nevertheless, Swartz easily breaks free from being frozen, having already anticipated Ora's backstabbing. He transforms into Another Decade and kills Ora effortlessly with a simple kick to the head, even sarcastically wishing her and Heure a "happy life in hell".

As Ora is dead, Sougo is freed from being frozen as well, remarking that Swartz is not fit to become a King. The latter assures him that he has enough power to rule over all. Sougo retorts that a King's power is supposed to make the world a better place. He transforms into GrandZi-O and attacks Another Decade in anger.

The two fight to a standstill. Swartz tells Sougo that if he defeats and kills him, his timeline will cease to exist, which also means that Tsukuyomi will cease to exist along with him. He tells the young Rider that there is only one way that she can be allowed to keep living. In the middle of the explanation, Aqua comes to Sougo's aid and prepares a Rider Kick aimed at Another Decade. Unfortunately, Another Decade is able to easily counterattack with the power of a Aurora Curtain and a Rider Kick. The force of his Rider Kick is powerful enough to kill Aqua and knock GrandZi-O out of his transformation.

"Now, you only have three choices. One for Tsukuyomi's sake, one for your own sake, and one is...to become Ohma Zi-O!... "
―Swartz on the choices that Sougo has to take [src]

Sougo mourns the death of Minato, the latter disclosing Tsukuyomi's real name "Alpina" to him before his passing. Swartz informs Sougo that he only has three choices at the time: Let Swartz take his power, and Tsukuyomi will get to live for the time being, but Swartz will rule the world; or kill Swartz and let Tsukuyomi be erased along with him for good; or let the original future take its course - Sougo becomes Ohma Zi-O and rules the world with an iron fist just like he is destined to be. The young Rider, devastated, can do nothing but scream Swartz's name in grief and anger. The Time Jacker even notes that Sougo does not have much time left to decide on his options, as the Sky Wall suddenly appears before his eyes. The Guardians and Smash also appear along with the Wall, and they start terrorizing the city.

It is revealed that the situation at hand is because of Sougo's Ridewatches (the Build Ridewatch in particular) cracking. The Drive Ridewatch also cracks some time later, releasing the Roidmudes into the world. Swartz notes in the middle of the chaos that everything is up to Sougo's decision now.

His younger self in 2058

"Only the strong can become King! I will become King!"
―2058 Swartz on his ideology[src]

When Tsukasa Kadoya brings Sougo and Tsukuyomi back to 2058 to talk to the girl's younger self, a younger Swartz is also present to discuss the circumstances. He states that his world is going to come to an end, but he will prevent it from happening by destroying the other worlds, one by one. Sougo asks how the young Swartz can do such a thing, to which he responds he is going to combine the other worlds into one. As there is a Kamen Rider in each world, when all of the worlds merge, his world will be saved from destruction. After the explanation, he takes the young Alpina with him, but Sougo asks what he would do if Alpina becomes more powerful. He further explains that with Alpina's help, Swartz’s plan can come into fruition a lot more easily. However, the young Swartz outright states that should Alpina become powerful enough to challenge him, he will dump her into another timeline after wiping her memory.

Tsukuyomi intends to kill the young Swartz in the year 2058 to end the trouble before it starts, but she is ultimately unable to pull the trigger. Swartz fires an energy blast, also with the intention to kill the girl, only for Tsukasa to step in and take the blast for her, killing himself as a result.

Just then, Daiki Kaito also arrives at 2058 via a Aurora Curtain. The young Swartz retreats after dodging a few shots of his Neodiendriver. Tsukasa is later revived by Daiki's Another Zi-O II Watch.

The Final Battle

Back in the present day, more and more monsters from various Kamen Rider series emerge and the world is on the verge of destruction. Geiz is trying his best to save as many people as he can. Amidst the chaos, Swartz shows up, transforms into Another Decade to challenge GeizRevive to a battle. The two fight for a while before Tsukasa comes to help Geiz. In the middle of the fight, Geiz and Tsukasa note that Swartz's timeline will be saved from destruction, but not by Swartz, rather, by his sister Tsukuyomi. The Time Jacker is furious at this statement, and he proceeds to overpower both Geiz and Decade. He prepares a Rider Kick aimed at Geiz, but Geiz suddenly disappears (He is summoned by Zi-OTrinity), much to his surprise.

Tsukasa continues the battle, but Swartz stops time and freezes him in place, boasting about being the strongest. However, he is counterattacked by Diend, who has been given time powers by Swartz himself. Despite having to fight two on one, Another Decade still has the upper hand against Decade and Diend. He uses a Aurora Curtain to leave the scene, saying that he will erase Tsukuyomi, alerting Geiz (who has just returned after Zi-OTrinity cancels their transformation).

As Mashin Chaser is chasing after Tsukuyomi, trying to kill her, Another Decade stops him, saying that he will finish the job himself. However, Chase suddenly gets in his way, having regained a part of his heroic personality, and tries to fight him. Unfortunately, Mashin Chaser is no match for Another Decade, and Swartz kills him with a Rider Kick. With his obstacle gone, Swartz focuses on his sister again. Sougo runs towards the scene, telling Tsukuyomi to pull out her Ridewatch. It is revealed that Sougo has previously traveled to 2068 to give the Tsukuyomi there a blank Ridewatch. Now that the watch has been imbued with a part of Ohma Zi-O's power, the present Tsukuyomi gains the power of a Kamen Rider herself. Woz throws her a Ziku-Driver, and she begins her transformation, much to the shock of Swartz.

However, to Swartz's delight, Tsukuyomi decides to use her newfound power to freeze Sougo, Geiz, and Woz instead, and she declares loyalty to him. Swartz, while appalled by this sudden change of heart, laughs manically in joy. Later that night, Alpina tells her brother that the reason why their world is doomed to destruction is because it has no Kamen Rider. Thus, by becoming a Kamen Rider herself, Alpina can save their timeline. Swartz asks her whether she has finally accepted him as King, to which she affirms while kneeling before him. The next day, many Heisei Kamen Rider Main Villains such as Evolto, N-Daguva-Zeba, and Utopia Dopant are summoned and they begin to wreak havoc. Woz, Daiki and Tsukasa battle them, but they continously spawn one wave after the other. In the middle of the battle, Alpina suddenly freezes the three of them in place. After that, Another Decade fires an energy blast at them, knocking them back. Before they are completely knocked out, however, Swartz freezes time again, preparing another blast, but Sougo uses his Kamen Rider power to stop the attack. The Time Jacker is confused, as the history of Kamen Riders has already been wiped out. However, Sougo proudly says that Kamen Riders will always exist no matter how Swartz tampers with history. He transforms into GrandZi-O to fight Another Decade.

Another Decade summoned other five final villains to assit him.

Sougo gains the upper hand by summoning OOO Tajadol Combo, Double Xtreme, Wizard Infinity Style and Gaim Pine Arms. However, Swartz evens out the odds by summoning the boss villains from the previous series: Daguva, Gamedeus, Utopia Dopant, Evolto, and Sagittarius Zodiarts. The summoned Riders are destroyed, and Another Decade, along with the other villains, fires a concentrated energy blast at GrandZi-O, knocking him out of his transformation. Just before Swartz can deal the finishing blow on Sougo, GeizRevive Shippu gets in the way of the attack, sacrificing himself to save Sougo in the process. Geiz's death ultimately becomes the breaking point for Sougo, resulting in his transformation into Ohma Zi-O. Swartz becomes ecstatic and announces that by absorbing Ohma Zi-O's power, he'll become the king he desires. He immediately attempts to absorb Ohma Zi-O's power.

Another Decade's last moment

"Sister...! You don't get a say in this...!"
―Swartz's last words[src]

However, Swartz has misjudged Ohma Zi-O's power as the power he is absorbing proves to be too much for him to handle, and the absorption backfires and damages him. Sougo, with his new power, easily destroys the villains the Swartz has summoned, along with some other rampaging monsters with a single strike. Realizing that Ohma Zi-O is far stronger than him, Swartz plans to retreat to his own timeline and rule it as King. Unexpectedly, Alpina, as Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi, stabs him from behind with a white energy blade. Realizing that his sister has faked her allegiance to him, Swartz angrily retaliates and kills her. This enrages Sougo even further as he immediately uses his Ohma Zi-O Hissatsu Geki on him, with the attack successfully connecting. Time stops temporarily as Swartz and Tsukuyomi start to disintegrate. As Tsukuyomi declares that Sougo's World is also hers now, Swartz exclaims that he will never listen to her opinion even in his "last" moments. However, Tsukuyomi ultimately accepts her fate solemnly and asks Sougo to take care of the merged worlds. As Another Decade explodes, a time energy surge sweeps through the area, making all the other monsters vanish.

However, after the battle, Sougo uses his Ohma Zi-O power to reset the timeline, bringing back the deceased characters with no memory of the original events in the series. Swartz is also revived as well, presumably having switched to the good side being a normal person.

Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME

Geiz, Majesty

Swartz New Timeline.png

Albeit not seen in the end of the series, Swartz is seen to be revived too as the result of Sougo's reset, as the principal of Hikarigamori High School.

After the credits, he is seen giving the test results to Heure and Ora before he comments about Geiz being a savior, leaving him in sinister laugh.

Rider Time: Kamen Rider Decade vs Zi-O

An alternate version Swartz from a different reality, along with Sougo, Ora, Heure and Yusuke Onodera, and some other people, finds himself in a house stranded on an isolated island. A mysterious figure wearing a clown mask suddenly shows up on TV and tells them they are in a "King Game", and whoever wins will be crowned "King of the world"

The masked man's first challenge is: Everyone must each find a chair from outside the mansion and bring it back to the mansion. Everyone easily completes the task, except for one man. The man is consequently punished by the masked man, as Another Ryuki walks out of a mirror and kills him on the spot.

In the evening, the masked man gives everyone the second task: This time, each person is to find a pot and bring it back. This time, a housewife fails to find one, and is killed by Another Ryuki again. However, just after finding the body of the housewife, Swartz and the others also discover that an old man has been killed. The death of the old man alerts them to the fact that Another Ryuki may not be the only killer in the mansion. As Swartz and the others are still confused, Tsukasa Kadoya walks into the mansion. He then explains to everyone that the "true Sougo", who is destined to beome Ohma Zi-O, is the one behind the Game. He has traced the "true Sougo" until he ends up at the mansion. The "true Sougo" is also revealed to have been weakened because of having used too much power.

The next day, the game continues and Tsukasa joins as a player. The challenge then is to play rock-paper-scissors with everyone and the loser will die. However, if after 5 games and no loser can be found, the masked man will have everyone killed. Misa Kudo, to everyone's surprise, volunteers to be the loser of the 5th game and is subsequently killed by Another Ryuki. Swartz mocks her for being too weak to continue, but is silenced by Tsukasa.

The Game advances to the fourth stage: Everyone must play hide-and-seek, and the first one found by Another Ryuki will be killed. While Swartz safely hides from the monster, he is killed by a hidden person who wields an axe. Before dying, he states he wants a poisoned dumpling, presumably for the murderer.

Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O vs Decade

In the series, Hikarigamori High School has somehow become located in the middle of a wasteland filled with monsters. Swartz has forbidden anyone from leaving the school to preserve their own safety. However, three students disobey him and attempt to escape. Unfortunately, they are mauled by a group of Inves soon after. Swartz laments that the three are not the only ones to have tried to escape, and that their getting killed is just desserts for disobedience. He then tells the students to try enjoying school life because that is the only way to survive together in such a situation. After witnessing Heure's admiration towards Sougo, Swartz decides to open the schools's "Romance Club".

Later in the evening, a group of students hold a female schoolmate hostage to force Swartz into giving them more food, as food supply has been more and more diminished. Swartz berates the group for their selfishness and proceeds to disarm them. One student cannot endure anymore and jumps out of the window, only to fall prey to the hungry Inves outside. Swartz is worried the rest of the school cannot stand hunger for more extended periods.

The next morning, Swartz's "Romance Club" has started. He advises the members to look for a lover, then develop their relationship into a marriage and start a family. He further states that the quickest way to get to a woman's heart is not seeking her advice, but rather, just showing off one's own sense of masculinity. Ora interrupts him, however, saying that Swartz does not understand women at all. He is later "seduced" by Ora in a comical fashion.

Swartz later meets two other different versions of Sougo Tokiwa, whom he dubs Sougo B and Sougo C to differentiate with the original one (Sougo A). Upon hearing Sougo B and Sougo C's desire to become student president, he plans to organize a competition among all the Sougos to select the worthy one to do so.

Due to the shortage of food on campus, Swartz decides to cook Inves meat for the school. Sougo A is horrified by this at first, but ends up helping Swartz with his cooking.

When Heure is dragged by Sougo C into the ground, Ora shows up to protect him from the Inves, accidentally wiping them out in the process. Swartz, having seen everything, notes that Ora is finally beginning to remember her power.

As two more Sougo Tokiwa show up at school, Swartz dubs them Sougo E and F, only for Misa to correct him and says they are Sougo D and E instead. He complies, and invites them to join the race for student president. The following day, Tsukasa Kadoya lets the Inves outside invade the school to declare war on all the Sougo. Swartz fends off some monsters to protect a student, who gives him a piece of paper voting for the student president. At the same time, a child identifies himself as Ohma Zi-O, who has become weakened due to having destroyed and created too many worlds. The child has killed Sougo E, and with Sougo A and B being the only versions left, the child orders them to fight.

Just as the two are about to fight, Swartz suddenly arrives at the scene to announce the winner of the student president position: Sougo A, whose name is written on the piece of paper given to Swartz beforehand. Sougo B, realizing he has lost, walks away and leaves everything to Sougo A. The child, seeing that the only Sougo left is Sougo A, transforms into Ohma Zi-O. A massive battle breaks out, and Swartz joins the fray to help Sougo as Another Decade.

After Sougo manages to defeat Ohma Zi-O, the world returns to normal. Swartz and Ora, apparently with their memory fully restored, part ways, with the former saying they will meet again.


Of all the Time Jackers, Swartz is extremely cold and calculating, always having tricks up his sleeve. He is also very arrogant and does not leave room for anyone "lower than him" to express their opinion. At first, he appears to be solely motivated on creating the new King replacing Ohma Zi-O in the future by creating Another Riders by force. Any Another Rider hosts are nothing but mere guinea pigs to him, and even Heure is no exception. As the series progresses, Swartz's actions makes it more and more evident that he is secretly preparing for a personal agenda, a fact that even the Time Jackers gradually and vaguely become aware of. This is even further affirmed by White Woz, who shortly before his disappearance has warned Sougo's team that Swartz is up to something dark. Eventually, it is revealed that Swartz wants to set himself up to be the new King, reclaiming the throne he has been denied from his royal family by amassing as much power as possible. Furthermore, by merging the Riders' worlds together, he is able to save his own timeline from destruction. Most of the events in the series is the result of Swartz's meticulous calculation: The Another Riders, for example, are purposely made for Zi-O to defeat so that he must gather the power of other Kamen Riders. When Zi-O has collected such power, Swartz will come in and steal his power at its most powerful state for himself. Also, the gathering of Ridewatches have made the merging of the timelines of other Kamen Riders complete, impeccably bringing Swartz's plan into effect.

Swartz is a no-nonsense, serious and ruthless man who is more than willing to go through extreme lengths to achieve his goals, even if it means hurting his allies, his own blood, and innocent people (including children). This is shown by his actions in 2009, where he sabotages the bus just to "test" the children and indoctrinate Sougo into becoming a king. He is cruel, heartless, and treacherous enough to betray and steal the powers of his own allies Heure and Ora, even making the Another Riders and Daiki Kaito go after them to kill them just to be certain. This is further extended to the point where he shows no remorse or guilt in hurting his own sister to get what he wants, and simply laughs in joy after he steals her powers. In fact, he is even slightly surprised when his sister does not get herself killed in Ohma Zi-O's timeline. In yet another proof of how cruel he can be, he ends up killing Ora when she tries to kill him to survive, showing that for him to become king, he does not mind killing one of his own, a proof of his facinorous depravity.

On a couple of side notes, he becomes flabbergasted if someone with higher authority than him appears, and he does not mind allowing that person to voice out their opinion, much to Heure's amusement. In fact, he even politely addresses them with honourifics, and is perfectly willing to listen to their demands. The two prime examples of this are Yuko Kitajima and Hiryu Kakogawa (as Another Zi-O II). He shows no hesitation in obeying their commands, and doing their bidding, to the point of forcing his Time Jacker allies to comply with him (He forces Ora to kneel before Yuko along with him and Heure). However, all of this so-called "obedient" manners only last as long as the person(s) in question proves to be an asset for him to further his goals. The instant he sees them as expendable and hindering to his objectives, he returns to his cold, ruthless self, and is more than eager to discard them. This goes to show how tolerant Swartz can be to manipulate others for his own sake.

His evil intentions as well as his disapproval of Alpina being chosen instead of him has actually taken root since his teenaged years. By then he had already been mentally prepared to wipe her memories and dump her into an another timeline, when she began to pose a threat to his own ambitions. However, Swartz did not completely disregard Alpina's powers as he believes that if he can control them, it would prove beneficial for his plan to "save the world", though he is completely willing to kill her should she ultimately become an hindrance to his plans. This implies that despite his noble intention of saving his kind, he is rather selfish and only cares for his own well-being and no one else.

Swartz, while confident in his ability as a Time Jacker and schemer, is not beyond being cautious and vigilant. Whenever something that is not within his calculation appears (White Woz, Kamen Rider Ginga, Tsukuyomi's awakening time power, Tsukasa Kadoya), he would not take his chances with it hastily, but rather chooses to wait and see whether he can use such things to his own advantage. In fact, most of the times, he is successful at doing this, further emphasizing his cunningness. Despite this, Swartz is not without weaknesses, with his own hubris ultimately leading to his downfall -- to which his own sister taking advantage of his delusions of grandeur, allowing Sougo, as Ohma Zi-O to defeat him once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


Swartz never engages in close quarters combat which is normally done by the Time Jackers as they have neither the forms of a monster nor a Kamen Rider. He often resorts to dirty attacks, which at one point included freezing time and attempting to throw Geiz off a cliff. After becoming Another Decade, Swartz continued using dirty tactical techniques. Every time his opponent is about to land a deadly blow, Swartz will always create a part or full scale of dimensional wall to teleport the blow, something that not even Tsukasa and Daiki will do.

  • Time Travel: Swartz is the only Time Jacker with the natural ability to freely travel back and forward in time. He can even travel to points in alternative timelines, which not even a Time Mazine could go to. Apparently, he does not seem to need a Time Mazine to do this, as shown when he teleports the children on the bus to another space/time.
  • Temporal Awareness: He is the only one who somehow knows about GeizRevive's timeline and other ones.
  • Time Manipulation: Being a member of the royal family, he possesses the innate power to stop the movements of everything around him. When this ability is on, he can, completely or partially, spare people of his choosing from its effect. He states that his time manipulation power is the strongest in his family.
    • Power Bestowal: Swartz can bestow time manipulation powers to others through a painful method, albeit a weaker version of his own. It is unknown what happens to those powers whose users die (say, Heure).
    • Power Absorption: Swartz can absorb time manipulation powers from any person who possesses them, like Ora and Tsukuyomi. Doing so also results in an exponential increase in his own powers.
  • Memory Alteration: Swartz also has the ability to alter and or erase memories. He altered Sougo's memories in 2009 so that he'd only recall such an event as a dream. He also erased Tsukuyomi's memories before dumping her into a different timeline.
  • AI Reactivating: Swartz demonstrates the ability to revive and put Kasshine under his control with a touch in the head in order to kill Sougo Tokiwa.
  • Telekinesis: Swartz is also able to use telekinetic powers as means of offensive ability.


  • Expert Tactician:
  • Expert Manipulator: Over the course of the series, Swartz has proven himself to be more than capable as a schemer. In fact, a majority of the events that has happened in the series is the result of Swartz's manipulation so that he is able to crown himself as the new king.


  • Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi is also a member of the royal family, her time manipulation abilities rivals Swartz, something that Heure and Ora cannot do as they are not royalty since he has bestowed them these powers to begin with. Tsukuyomi also can steal time manipulation abilities from others as well, and can very well do it to Swartz.
  • Tsukasa Kadoya: Whether contingent or precautionary, Tsukasa had partitioned half of his Rider Powers into the Decade Ridewatch before entrusting it to Sougo. This limited Swartz's control over Tsukasa's Rider powers when he stole them and also unknowingly established a remote connection with Tsukasa. This enabled Tsukasa to freely manipulate any active Aurora Curtains produced by Swartz and with greater skill.


Another Decade

Another Decade

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Rider Height: 192 cm[3]
  • Rider Weight: 83 kg[3]
  • Creator: Himself
  • Year of Origin: 2019
  • Position of year: Right Pectoral (Underneath Name)
  • Name and position: "DECADE"; Right Pectoral (Above Year).
Powers and Abilities
  • World Creation: Another Decade's existence brings forth the materialization of the World of Lost Possibilities known as Another World, a world under Another Decade's control with an army of Dark Riders that follow his will[3].
  • Summoning: Another Decade can summon Dark Riders from his Another World. They're copies of their counterparts from the main universe, but loyal to him. Another Decade can also summon the final villains of different Kamen Riders. Like the Dark Riders, they are loyal to him.
  • Dimensional Teleportation: Another Decade can teleport themself and their opponent to a random location of their choosing using Aurora Curtains.
  • Strong Resistance: Another Decade's armor is strong enough to block most attacks, such as Geiz Revive Goretsu's Zikan Zaclaw. He is even able to (at least) defend against Ohma Zi-O's Ohma Zi-O Hisatssu Geki, whereas other monster simply destroyed within one hit.
  • Dimension Kick: Another Decade is capable of executing a Rider Kick based on Kamen Rider Decade's Dimension Kick. The kick is powerful enough to kill an armored warrior, such as Kamen Rider Aqua and Mashin Chaser, with the resulting explosion strong enough to knock Sougo out of his GrandZi-O form.
  • Dimension Blast: Another Decade can be able to generate a purple energy ball that is powerful enough to crack Geiz's helmet open and mortally wound him.
  • Rider Punch: Another Decade uses a Rider Punch based on Kamen Rider Decade's Dimension Punch. However, the force of his punch was backfired by the initial Ohma Zi-O's Ohma Zi-O Hissatsu Geki.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 41-43 (statue), 44-46, 48-49, Zi-O VS Decade



Time Jackers:

  • Heure: Swartz sees Heure as nothing but a mere child. He also does not mind using Heure to be the host of Another Kikai. After Swartz reveals his true intentions and takes Ora's powers, Heure begins to see Swartz as an enemy, vowing to get even with him for his manipulation.
  • Ora: Ora sees Swartz as her superior, and shows some dislike towards him. On the other hand, Swartz allows Ora to do as she pleases, even going as far as to reuse Heure as Another Kikai's host. However, Ora is not beyond being spared by Swartz, as after he takes away her powers, he sent Another Riders and Diend to kill her and Heure. Ora comes to resent Swartz because of this, even returning the GrandZi-O Watch to Sougo to thwart Swartz's plan. She becomes one of his victims, because trying to kill him with her own hands, she ends up being murdered by him.


  • Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O: Perhaps the biggest obstacle to him, he works to dethrone him. Despite this, Swartz is the one responsible for putting Sougo on the path to become a king. It is eventually revealed that he has purposely created enemies for Sougo to fight, just so that he can steal Sougo's power for himself when his power is at its peak. After Sougo learns about his malicious schemes, Swartz gives Sougo a triple-lose condition, prompting the former to consider him his primary enemy that he has to defeat at all costs. In the end, by killing both Geiz and Tsukuyomi, an enraged Sougo embraces his destiny as Ohma Zi-O and successfully killed him.
  • Geiz Myokoin: Originally these two have the same goal and Swartz, along with Ora, even invites Geiz to join the Time Jackers. Thankfully, Geiz wises up and views the man as his enemy.
  • Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi / Alpina is Swartz's younger sister. Not much is known about their relationship in the past, though it is implied that they used to have a good relationship until some point. When Tsukuyomi is chosen to be the new ruler of their bloodline, Swartz's jealousy gets the better of him, and he erases Tsukuyomi's memories and sends her into a dystopian timeline, hoping she will get killed. However years later, Swartz is unaware that she had managed to survive until her powers reawaken. With Tsukuyomi unprepared to face the facts of their relationship, Swartz takes advantage of this and strips her of her powers. Tsukuyomi genuinely desires to put a stop to her brother's evil schemes, to the point of feigning loyalty, only to backstab him in the end. With the death of Swartz, Tsukuyomi also disappeared, but she's revived thanks to Sougo's use of Ohma Zi-O's power.
  • (Black) Woz: Seeing the man as nothing more than a nuisance, Swartz does not care much about Woz, yet when he offers to help, if their goals are lined up similarly, he will work with the record keeper until their objectives are met. Woz is also seemingly the only one wise enough to be aware of Swartz's tricks, as shown when he steals the Ginga Watch from Swartz before the latter could make use of it.


  • Hiryu Kakogawa: Using him to try and destroy Sougo, Swartz creates Another Zi-O using a child from the bus incident that he himself caused, using his own hate and rage to control him. Hiryu is unaware of the fact that Swartz was the one who caused the accident that cost him his parents. In fact, Swartz only sees Hiryu as nothing but another means to an end. When he has outlived his usefulness, Swartz discards him at once, even allowing Diend to take away his Another Zi-O II Watch and mocking him for his failure, saying that he has never had any qualities of a King to begin with.
  • (White) Woz: Swartz and White Woz joined forces in discreet after the latter loses his power as Kamen Rider Woz to his counterpart. Both are now hellbent to create a future they desire. However, after several repeated failures, Swartz gives White Woz one last chance and exclaim that whether he was using Swartz or being used by Swartz is up to him. Upon Zi-O acquiring the Zi-OTrinity Ridewatch from White Woz and he himself was about to be erased, he warns his counterpart about Swartz’s plan and to be cautious to him, effectively betraying Swartz.

Behind the Scenes


Swartz is portrayed by Kentaro Kanesaki (兼崎 健太郎 Kanesaki Kentarō).


  • Swartz is a portmanteau of Swatch, a brand of Swiss watches, and quartz, the mineral used to regulate the electronic oscillator installed in clocks and watches.
  • Swartz is also referring to Aaron Swartz, a well-known computer scientist, in the same way Woz is referring Steve Wozniak.

Concept Art

Another Decade concept art

Another Decade was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


The statue of Another Decade.

  • Another Decade's designation is likely to completely fulfill his Rider Counterpart's role of being the destroyer, as analogus to Ohma-Zi-O's designation of being the perfect superior counterpart to Zi-O, the protagonist who serves as the heroic monarch.
  • The existence of Another Decade was foreshadowed by the erection of his statue shown outside Another Zi-O II's residence.
  • As with most Another Riders, Swartz as Another Decade is both opposite and similar to Tsukasa Kadoya in many ways:
    • Both possess the ability to warp time and space; Tsukasa having the uncontrollable ability to merge the A.R. Worlds he travels to and Swartz altering the Kamen Riders' history by creating Another Riders whom he can control.
    • Both are leaders of their season's evil organization. Tsukasa was formerly the Great Leader of Dai-Shocker and Swartz is the leader of the currently disbanded Time Jackers.
    • While Tsukasa doesn't bother or is annoyed about people asking him about anything, Swartz is willing to silence anyone who questions him.
    • Their roles towards Sougo also parallels each other. Tsukasa, initially an enemy to Sougo, was secretly trying to guide him to a better future, while Swartz was secretly trying to manipulate Sougo to become Ohma Zi-O by creating Another Riders for Zi-O to defeat.
    • Both have a younger sister who opposes them (Sayo Kadoya and Tsukuyomi), although Swartz is willing to hurt his sister for his own goals.
    • Although Tsukasa unintentionally merged the A.R. Worlds into one world, Swartz is deliberately merging the A.R. Worlds for his own purposes. However, unlike Tsukasa who has the (uncontrollable) power to do so, Swartz have to manipulate Sougo and use his power instead.
    • By extension, he is similar to Daiki Kaito as well. Both commit acts of thievery, mostly stealing a Rider's power. Both riders can summon past riders. Daiki also has a sibling who opposes him as well.
    • Like Narutaki, Another Decade has the ability to summon Riders by shifting dimensions, either transporting them to the dimension where his targets are. Both share the ability to summon dark-type villain Riders who can be hostile enough to fight their opponents, but the difference is while the dark-type villain Riders summoned by Swartz become his loyal servants, those summoned by Narutaki have questionable loyalty.
    • His demise also mirrors the way Tsukasa himself fell in Movie War 2010, as both died/fatally wounded in the "end" of their series by the hands of a female Rider, incidentally via a fatal stab through their torso (Tsukasa by Kiva-la and Swartz by Tsukuyomi). Coincidentally, both are heroines of their respective series, obtained their Rider power just for that purpose (defeating Tsukasa/Swartz), and both failed to properly kill their targets (Tsukasa was revived and Swartz was killed by Ohma Zi-O's Rider Kick).
  • Another Decade's demonic design reflects to Tsukasa being called a "Devil" by the Decade cast several times.
  • The legs of Another Decade resembles that of Decade Complete Form.
    • Incidentally, most of the Riders that Another Decade summons come from their respective seasons' movies, mirroring Diend Complete Form's ability to summon movie Riders via the Attack Ride: Gekijyouban card.
  • Another Decade's belt is the twisted version of Decadriver that is shaped as an eye. It vaguely resembles the cyclops' eye of Great Leader of Shocker (and up to the extent, the true form of Great Leader of Delza Army).
  • The head of Another Decade resembles Decade's logo due to the barcode-like lines, as well as his eyes resembles the eyes of Decade Violent Emotion Form.
  • Interestingly, out of all Kamen Rider Zi-O characters to appear in Battle Spirits, Another Decade is the only Another Rider to appear.
  • As of Zi-O VS Decade, Another Decade is the first and only Another Rider to be an ally.

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